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History Montpellier

Montpellier, the capital of Languedoc-Roussillon and the administrative capital of Herault, is located in the southern region of France. The probable population of the city of Montpellier is around 531,000 till date. The city, first stated in a 985 document, was at that time under a feudal local dynasty, the Guillem, count of Toulouse, who put up walls and a castle around it, joined together by two settlements. The two towers of the city, the Tour des Pins and the Tour de la Babotte are dated later, though.

Montpellier became well known as a business centre in 10th century with links all across Mediterranean area and for enriched Jewish cultural traditions, tolerance of Jews, Cathars and Muslims and later on of the Protestants. After the reformation of the 16th century, a lot of inhabitants turned into the Protestants (or Huguenots as in France) and the city became a Protestant majority (mainly Catholic) French town. Montpellier became capital of Herault, a small region, after the revolution of France.

In the19th century, Montpellier expanded into a trade centre. During the 1960s, the population grew significantly after the French settlers of Algeria cane to resettle in this city after the independence of Algeria from France. Between the 1980s and 1990s, it came to an attention with many major redevelopment plans, as the Antigone district and the Corum, and gradually has become today's beautiful, historical Montpellier. Its not enough about the history of the Montpellier, there is lot more about the places, statues etc which are of great worth to be known by the people, services of car rental Montpellier is attracting more  people to explore the history of the city.  From around the cities in France, the residents and the tourists used to visit the city by availing the France car hire facility with cheaper rates as compared to other companies. One can visit the libraries to get to know about the local dynasty and usually the college students used to avail the cheap car rental Montpellier service. People can easily hire a car in Montpellier airport to get access of many beautiful places and historical monuments.


The recommended time to visit this city is during the summers when the sun is out and the place is wonderful; as it is filled with tourists and natives enjoying.


Best Montpellier

Montpellier is located at the southern part of France. Montpellier is the region Languedoc-Roussillon: capital as well as the administrative capital of Herault department. It is home to beautiful monuments as well as magnificent historical sights and surroundings. There are also a few sights that are worth mentioning like The Montpellier University is amongst the oldest universities of France, which was granted the charter in the year 1220 by the Cardinal of Montpellier of that time, Conrad von Urach which was later confirmed by the Pope Nicholas IV in 1289 in one of the papal bull. It was however suppressed all through the famous French Revolution. Later, it was again re-established in the year 1896.The places and institutes in Montpellier are so much astonishing that it is worth to visit the places and our company offers the best and cheap rent a car in Montpellier for the tourists (outsiders). Services of car rental in Montpellier offer the tourists all around the world to see the multi culture and diversity in that region by going from one historical place to another.

Exploring Montpellier

Montpellier, the capital of H'rault division, in the region of Languedoc-Rousillon, France, is a lively city. Though not very big, it is quite well known for it�s large number of student population. The old part of the city is very charming, bursting with history from Roman era till now, famous for pubs, shopping and tourists. It is mainly a pedestrian region. Towards the south the beautiful Mediterranean beaches can be seen. During summer times, boating events take place in Palavas, organized since medieval times, full of fun but can be quite nasty. People having passion for the junk foods can have a go at Inno Grocery in Polygone shopping centre. An English book selling store in old town sells second hand books that can satisfy anyone who wants to enjoy reading during the holiday as well.

In Montpellier one will also come across attractive architectures from all age of French history .Sights including a water tower from 18th century, narrow streets with high slender houses, an aqueduct, and an old-styled Courrier (where shopping can be great). This beautiful city can certainly entertain its tourists with different possessions. So gear up and explore the magnificent and splendid Montpellier. It is true that to explore the city like Montpellier, it is necessary to have comfortable transportation and the best way for this is to avail the France car hire services by our company as we offer the best and cheap car rental Montpellier services with the facility of extra comfort.

Eating drinking Montpellier

Just as the sights, the restaurants of Montpellier are also cherished by the tourists coming here, offering courses with smell of the sun, the garrigue, Cuttle-fish Palavas, the Langurdoc bouillabaisse, the supion, stuffed mussels, rouille, Sete tielle (kind of a tiny pie containing octopus in tomato sauce), Lou cararaoulat etc. Local special wines, the exceptional Coteaux de Languedoc and others bring diversity to this sandstone land. The Tamarillos, owned by Philippe Chapon, among France's well known dessert chefs (Double Champion in France), offers very unusual dishes, differing from others like foods based on fruits and flowers theme, taking care to guarantee the variation. The outcome is striking as the eating place itself is decorated with dramatic and dazzling mixture of light and colour. Many colourful lights shine through glass top tables as well as through the glasses and plates making the place more beautiful.

Phillipe, being a professional, acknowledges his working years in Guy Savoy in Paris, France as a Dessert chef, Patisserie and obliged to Savoy for learning modesty and pride for his job and for constant strive for excellence from him. So the visitors should not at any cost miss the great opportunity to taste Chapon's dessert. There is no doubt that the tourists when visit France must visit the Montpellier hotels and restaurants as these offers mouth watering dishes, the tourists from all over the world can come to such hotels even by their own transports and even by the France car rental services.

Nightlife Montpellier

Every city caters various needs of its inhabitants and Montpellier is no different. It meets all its natives' needs starting from food, cloths to even a dynamic nightlife. It has many night clubs, pubs and bars where people can enjoy a great night. In Montpellier nightclubs are most often visited by students and the young people. The University of Montpellier is one of the oldest in France and thousands of students from all over France come here to study. These students study here all year round. A great recreation for these students is of course the clubs and pubs around the city.

Place Jean-Jaurs is traditionally the hub of the students of Montpellier's night-life. In between the station of Montpellier and the 'Place de la Com'die, Rockstore is another such place that can be very easily found among all other buildings. Moreover, it also is very beautifully crafted by a splendid Cadillac grafted onto the front elevation of this place that was previously a theatre and now it is a live venue for music and bar.

Another very dynamic venue is the nightspot complex of Villa Rouge which can accommodate almost 2000 clubbers on its 3 dance floors and is a favourite among the local people. The only recreation for the students and the young people in Montpellier is the bars and many nightclubs, these clubs bring life to the blood of the students, mostly the students get collected as a group and jointly pay for the car rent and avail the car rental Montpellier for enjoyment.

Our company is offering the services of car hire in Montpellier for the Rock store and villa rouge like places. Mostly the students all around the world used to study in the oldest university of France and that is why as they don't have transportation so used to have the France car hire facilities for mobility. Even the airports are equipped with the car rental facilities and our company is at the best offering the cheap car rental Montpellier airport service.

Shopping Montpellier

Shopping in Montpellier, starting from the boutiques lining the cobblestone streets to the supermarkets is a great way for spending time for the tourists during the holidays, especially if someone is looking for designer brands, or some stylish shoes then certainly it's a good idea to explore these boutiques. Its very easy to find the way to these boutiques. One can go towards the Place de la Comedie and start shopping from there. There is also the huge and gorgeous Polygone shopping centre, with 3 floors, about 120 shops, 2000 spaces for parking, central air-conditioning.

Montpellier Hypermarkets: Then there are the hypermarkets, filled up with legendary and unbelievably low-priced beer and wine. Montpellier being a rather huge place has groups of "Out of city" shopping neighbourhoods. There is the Decathlon, for all types of sporting stuffs that can be bargained, some of the big French hypermarket chains like Carrefour and Auchan, also the Alinea, a sort of tiny Ikea. The whole regions is full of large mega stores, so lots of scope for walking around and enjoy shopping from varieties of shops. Thus for visitors it's not just a place of mesmerizing natural beauty but also a delight for shopping lovers.

Shopping is one of the greatest interest in the people, tourists from all over the world used to visit every year to this place, to shop around, and here while shopping Montpellier car hire service plays a very important role, as our company is the best one in offering the cheap car rental Montpellier facility to the people.

Disabled visitors Montpellier

Montpellier, the capital of Languedoc-Roussillon and the administrative capital of Herault, is located in the southern region of France. The probable population of the city of Montpellier is around 531,000 till date. It is a place of great history and is full of cultural and historical sights. Thus, it is a place that attracts many tourists from all around the globe. But to attract more and more visitors and tourists, Montpellier has taken up a measure that is surely going to increase the number of visitors for them. They have created and are still creating facilities for those people who either do not go around visiting many places and even if they do, they do not get the opportunity to enjoy their stay. These are people who are not physically not well or disabled. Most of the disabled people round the world do not get to spend their holidays in some exotic location or a location of their choice because pf the fact that facility for them is very hard to find.

Montpellier is trying to change this and so far, they have a few hotels and lodges that provide facilities especially for the disabled. They have special paths made for those using wheelchairs along with stairs. Moreover, kitchen and toilet tops are made of such height that can be used by the wheelchair users. This act of the city authority is actually an extremely very impressive and with the great effort of attracting the disabled people, our company is offering comfortable transportation to the people like cheap car hire in Montpellier.

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