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History Naples

Naples has a very long and interesting history. Earliest records date back to the 9th century BC, when the Greeks started to colonize extensive parts of Italy. It was initially named Parthenope, but was renamed Neapolis (New City) sometime during the 5th century BC. In terms of Greek legends, it is said that the Argonaut Phaleros funded the city. Parthenope was the name of the siren in Greek mythology who allegedly threw herself into the sea after her failed attempt to bewitch the sailor Ulysses with her voice and song.The Greeks became entwined in a bitter feud with the Etruscans, who quickly started to dominate the area.

Parthenope then became less used in terms of commerce and trade. In fact, some history suggests that it stopped to exist for a number of years. However, the Greeks took the city back and renamed it Naepolis, turning it into a city of commerce and culture. Neapolitans are very proud of their cultural history, and some still call themselves Parthenopeans to this day. The Romans used Naples as a centre of Greek knowledge and many scholars came here to learn history. It has a very pleasant, year round climate, which made it very popular as a pleasure resort as well, something that both the Greeks and the Romans enjoyed thoroughly. The Romans really put the city on the map when they built roads and excavated galleries.

Hence, Naples became linked to Pozzuoli, the port became larger and public baths and aqueducts were built to improve the quality of life of Romans living in Naples. It was a city of true decadence, with historical records indicating many spectacles and feasts. It is a beautiful historic city and many ruins still remain. With just a little bit of imagination, it isn?t hard to picture oneself back in the days of ancient Greeks and Romans.

When to go Naples

Naples is incredibly hot during the months of July and August and humidity can be incredibly high. The sea breeze does make the heat bearable to some degree. During spring an autumn, Naples is quite pleasant in temperature, but frequent showers can be expected. This is particularly true for March, April and September. Many people feel the best time to visit the area is March or October. At this time, the place is reasonably quiet, but you do have the best chance of experiencing some warmth in the sunshine.

Between November and February, the weather is crisper. There is still frequent sunshine, but some dreary weather can also be expected. During the winter months, some snow can be seen on the top of Mount Vesuvius, which does form a beautiful picture. If you are considering a visit to Naples, you may want to think about what is on in the city. Naples is a party city and there are many festivals all year round. Many of these festivals have their roots in religion, and there are many events around Christmas, Easter and the Epiphany. Three times a year, a ritual that is said to represent the liquefaction of the blood of Saint Gennaro takes place. Saint Gennaro is the patron saint of Naples. The miracle of Santa Maria del Carmine is also commemorated. July and August are some of the hottest months in Naples and this is when you will truly notice that many buildings don't have air conditioning.

This is why most theatres are closed during this time. However, rather than stopping performances, the theatres host open air shows instead. Naples recognizes a number of public events. Being such a religious city, if these events are based on the Catholic faith, everything will be closed. This includes post offices, public offices and banks. The feast of Saint Gennaro is on the 19th of September, when nothing at all is open in Naples.


Weather Naples

If you are planning a visit to Naples, you may want to know what to do about the weather. Technically, there is nothing that can be done about the weather, but you can at least try to plan your trip in such a way that the weather is most pleasant for you. What constitutes pleasant weather depends entirely on your own needs and desires. On average, Naples doesn?t experience any extreme colds, with the coldest months usually remaining just above freezing point. However, Naples certainly does know extreme heat, making the city unsuitable for people who find heat difficult to cope with.

Some of the statistics tell us that July is the hottest month in Naples and January the coldest. However, July is also the wettest months, with December being the driest. Historically, the highest temperature ever recorded was 99 Fahrenheit in September of 1986. This equates to just over 37 degrees Celsius. The coldest temperature ever recorded was 26 Fahrenheit in January of 1982. This equates to just under -3 degrees Celsius.

If you like the sunshine, the best months to visit are between May and September, but do remember that there is frequent rainfall in July. The cooler months are between December and March. As stated earlier, it never gets really cold in Naples. The lowest ever recorded temperature is relatively mild for other countries in Europe, where temperatures as low as -14 degrees Celsius are frequently recorded, even in central European countries such as France and Austria. The temperatures obviously drop far lower in the more Nordic countries. In terms of rainfall, as stated, July is the wettest month in Naples. When it doesn?t rain, humidity is very high and this can be very uncomfortable. For people who suffer from asthma, as visit during this month may not be recommended in other words.

Arrival Naples

Naples airport, or Capodichine airport, is a reasonably well serviced airport with all the necessary facilities. There isn?t currently a railway link to the airport, although this is under construction. From the airport, however, you are able to take an Alibus that stops at the central railway station and in the town centre only. The airport can be reached from a number of Internationaland domestic destinations, so you should have no problems getting to Naples from anywhere in the world. You can also take a more touristic bus route from the airport that is also a little bit cheaper. It goes through all the backstreets of Naples, which is a very interesting experience. Furthermore, it goes past the town centre and travels all the way to the shopping district and the port of Naples. However, this bus is slightly less comfortable; as it does not have air conditioning.

It is very important to be aware of illegal taxis at Naples airport. It is easy to recognize legal ones by seeing the fixed fares displayed on the cab itself. The word for police is polizia and feel free to use this word if you suspect you are being taken in by an illegal taxi driver. The illegal taxis are usually parked just outside the exit and they will also try to come to you instead of you hailing them. You can also get to Naples via the rail way. From the central station, you can access a myriad of buses, as well as the subway system. The buses will take you in and around Naples. It is also possible to make your way over to Rome for a day trip for a reasonable fair. Naturally, the port of Naples is serviced by a range of different ferries that can take you either on interesting day trips or entire holidays to other areas.

Best locations Naples

There is so much to see and do in Naples that it would be impossible to list it all here. Naples is a city of controversy. Some feel it is dilapidated and ugly, others feel it is full of culture and charm. Only you can judge which side of the argument you are on. It is certainly true that Naples is covered in graffiti, dirt and grime, but some people think this is what makes the culture and character of this city. Interestingly enough, Naples best area certainly isn?t the city centre, which is not elegant at all. The city centre is not in a pristine condition and this is something some visitors struggle with. Similarly, the historical centre of Naples, is not downtown as it would be in other European cities.

The more elegant part of the city is around the lungomare, the Via Francesco Caracciolo and the Riviera di Chiaia. Some of the things you could visit in and around Naples include the Egg Castle, which also holds the Museum of Prehistory. There is also a massive medieval castle built on the shore, where you can visit the city?s main museum. Next, there is the Napolitan National Gallery, which is a fantastic place to see. Here, you will some very famous works of art and you can also enjoy a stroll through the part that surrounds the museum. There is also the National architectural museum, which is the biggest museum dedicated to Roman architecture in the world. You will also see a number of artefacts that have been lifted from Pompeii here.

There are also many religious buildings you could visit, including a Carthusian monastery (Certose di San Martino), the new Jesuit Church, the Angelo on the Nile Church, the Sansevero Chapel, the San Lorenzo Maggiore church from medieval times and so on. For more historical buildings, there are a number of castles, medieval catacombs and a beautiful theatre.

Nightlife Naples

In terms of nightlife, it appears that Naples is becoming increasingly popular for younger people. This is true for both Italians and tourists. Hence, increasing numbers of facilities are available for a good night out in Naples. Some people say the conditions in Naples are not suitable for a good night out, but it seems this isn?t deterring people to flood the city, giving the nightlife renewed vitality. The place to see and be seen is the Piazza Bellini. There are many bars and cafes here where the vast majority of party revellers flock to. There is also the Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, as well as the Piazza Santa Maria la Nova. These two become very busy after 11pm. There are also many bars and pubs near the port area, as well as on the Lungomare (boardwalk) of Pozzuoli.

One other thing that people like to do at night is sleep. Luckily, Naples has a range of hotels, bed and breakfasts and guest houses available. Naples is far cheaper than other cities in the north of Italy, and most certainly cheaper than Rome. However, the quality of accommodation can leave something to be desired. In fact, there will frequently not be any hot water, power cuts are common and the bed linen and towels can be quite old and tough. Furthermore, many of the Budget hotels do not have a bathtub or even a shower, instead offering guests a hold in the centre of the bathroom with a showerhead somewhere along the walls. Naturally, even the most basic of accommodation does offer guests a toilet and sink.

If, after a good night out, you are hoping for a hearty breakfast, you may also be disappointed. Usually, breakfasts consists of powdered orange drinks, hard meats, cheeses and hard rolls. This is not designed at discouraging visitors, but rather at preparing you for authentic Neapolitan culture.

City of destination Naples

Naples is the capital of the Italian Campania region. It is also the third largest city in Italy, and the second metropolitan area, Milan taking first place. The city is incredibly old and was founded somewhere between the 7th and 6th century BC. Its original settlers were the Greeks, who named the city Neapolis. Neapolis means New (Nea) City (polis). The centre of Naples is so historic that it has been placed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. There are a grand total of 448 historical churches to be found in Naples, which is the highest in the world for just one city. It has a fantastic view over the gulf of Naples and Mount Vesuvius, but it offers more images of Italy through its music, atmosphere and food.

Naples is called Napoli in Italian and both can be used when you are going about your ways. The language spoken in Naples is Italian, although many people still speak Napulitano or Neapolitan. This is often described as a dialect, but many people feel it is actually a language on its own. Many Italians outside of Naples are unable to understand it. However, the language doesn?t have the status of an independent language. Interestingly, however, it does have its own literary tradition and it is spoken across the Campania region, as well as other areas. Neapolitan is very close to the French and Spanish languages, which means that people from either France or Spain or people who are able to speak French or Spanish can understand more Neapolitan than they can Italian. Most Italians do speak some English but don?t expect that everyone will understand you or that they will be able to hold a conversation with you. It may be best to learn a few words of Italian yourself, or to bring a pocket dictionary with you.

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