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Renting Car In Newquay Airport?

&Ndash; Read Things To Be Considered Before Hiring a Car In Newquay, England

Want to go on holiday to Newquay, England? Do you have a car rental company you want to rent a car from Newquay airport? You will need all the information about hiring a car from the airport and around it.

The United Kingdom has its general driving rules that citizens and tourists must follow while driving on UK roads. Another challenge this article will try to answer is how to choose the best car hire companies in Newquay airport from positive and negative user reviews. Other information includes road rules, signs, age restriction, tolls and toll gates, and documents required to hire and drive a car in the UK.

Driving Directions to Newquay Airport

Finding your way to Newquay airport is very easy and the first step is using a satellite navigation system. Just enter TR8 4RQ and follow the directions or from Newquay city, exit via B3276 and follow it for 2 miles then make a left turn to Watergate Road. On Watergate Road, take the next right which is Tregurrian Hill then make another right turn to connect back to B3276 and from here the signs will lead you to the airport easily.

Car Hire Companies at Newquay Airport




Europcar Newquay Airport

+44 371 384 3415

Newquay Airport, St Mawgan, Newquay TR8 4RQ, United Kingdom

Hertz Newquay Airport

+44 843 309 3053

Carloggas Cl, St Mawgan, Newquay TR8 4RQ, UK

Budget UK

+44 344 544 8930

Newquay Airport, Newquay TR8 4RQ, United Kingdom

Avis Car Rental

+44 344 544 6109

Newquay Airport, St Mawgan, Newquay TR8 4RQ, United Kingdom

The Car Rental Center

+44 20 7193 1202

Car Rental Desk In Terminal, Arrivals Hall Newquay Airport, St. Mawgan TR8 4RQ, United Kingdom

Cornwall Car Hire

+44 1637 850971

 59 Sweet Briar Cres, Newquay TR7 2JP, UK


+44 1637 874449

7A Gresham Cl, Newquay TR7 2LF, UK

Croftlea Car Hire

+44 800 160 1314

Car collection desk at Newquay airport

There is only one terminal at Newquay airport and there are only two car hire stands for Europcar and Avis at the arrivals hall of the airport. But tourists can also book in advance from other car hire companies around the airport.

Best Car hire companies at Newquay Airport

It is not easy to see a car hire company that will offer you the best driving services so it is best to do it by yourself. Getting a good car hire company is another hassle but with the right information and reviews by previous users, you can minimize the risk of hiring a car from bad companies. Below are two companies in and around Newquay airport that have proven themselves based on user reviews and recommendations.


Ann Balmforth on her Google Review said the Europcar rental stand is located directly outside the airport with good service and I quote:

"Great position directly outside the airport, good service but not the car we booked. This always happens to us but the car we got was okay, we never moan".

  • Andreas Schmitt also on Google reviews said:

"Apart from a long queue when picking up the car with a full flight arriving everything was as ordered and easy. Got a brand new car, friendly staff, and even the early drop off (keybox) went without the glitch. I would book again."

  • Another customer Lynette Gibson left a 5-Star rating saying:

“Good place to hire from. A bit of a wait to collect your car. Someone hit our car during our holidays. This company dealt with this, no fuss.”


Jennim123 from Salisbury, United Kingdom writes about the company saying:

last week I hired a car from Cornwall car hire and I was very satisfied with the service that they provided, from the telephone conversation (booking of the car) to meeting me on time with a clean car and a friendly efficient member of staff. I would definitely hire from them again and would recommend Cornwall car hire to others.” See more reviews on Tripadvisor

To get yourself a good car hire company in Newquay or any destination you may be travelling to, always check out to compare local and international car rental company prices and deals and also get yourself the best deals for the trip through Newquay airport, or to Newquay and the United Kingdom as a whole.



Hiring a car from a particular company is a matter of choice even though the company has bad reviews and recommendations from previous users. So you can use the following car rental companies at your own cost. We have listed out 2 companies that have the worst ratings for car rentals in Newquay based on customer reviews.


Dirk, a contributor on Google Reviews gave Hertz a 1-Star rating saying: “Hertz Newquay Airport charged me 90 GBP for a small scratch on one of the alloy wheels after we returned the car without anyone from Hertz being available for the final check. Luckily I took many pictures at the start of the rental so I could prove that the damage was there before. It was extremely difficult to get this sorted out (no proper email address, very slow response). So far I still do not have the final okay from Hertz that everything is settled, it is annoying. It really feels that they want the people to return the cars without proper checks so that they can charge the extra money once they left Cornwall, it is simply untrustworthy - no recommendation.” There are many other bad reviews on Facebook concerning Hertz in Newquay Airport. Check it out here:


Ralf Dieling says: “There is no budget car hire available. Just a box to drop the key. We could not find it driving around, eventually, we asked a man from Europcar, who gave us the missing information. Afterward, I called the Budget call center to reassure and just dropped the key.” More reviews can be found here: Google Reviews

Document required for Hiring a car at Newquay Airport

To hire and drive a car in Newquay and the United Kingdom at large, you need to possess some very important documents which show you are eligible to drive in the country such as:

  1. A valid driver’s license
  2. A valid means of identification (International Passport)
  3. You must be 25 years and above to rent a car in the UK
  4. Non-EU persons must possess an international driving permit if their license is not in English.
  5. You will be required to present a proof of return travel & residency information as an international traveller while in the U.K
  6. You also require a valid Credit Card or Debit Card (Debit Card must have the same details as your means of identification).

Credit Card Requirements at Newquay Airport

To hire a car in the UK and Ireland, people are required to deposit a certain amount of cash which is charged from the driver’s credit or debit card. This cash is held on the credit card and charged on debit cards to be returned after the car is returned. You may be required to deposit between £500-£1000 or more depending on the vehicle which will be held until you return the car. The funds are refundable as long as the car is dropped off in the same condition it was collected.

You can get more information about the required deposits for each car rental companies by checking the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the websites.

NOTE: You may be required to present your return tick & residency, photo ID and an International driving permit before arriving at Newquay airport if your license is not in English.

Driver Min and Max Age requirements to rent a car at Newquay Airport

The minimum car rental age is different for every company and their age requirement policies. It starts from 17-25 years with 25 years being the minimum used by most rental companies. Drivers younger than 25 years will pay a high surcharge which makes car hire cost more expensive. Age requirements are dependent on the insurance provider car hire companies to use. The maximum age limit also varies between companies and is pegged at 70-80 years, where there is no age limit, companies charge extra fees or insurance clearance may be required before renting a car. Sometimes, older drivers may require a doctor's permit or certificate to be able to rent and drive a car. So, make sure you confirm from the car rental companies before you begin the process.

Road Rules & Laws Tourists Should Know When Renting a Car in Newquay

As a traveller, it is very important to stick to the rules and regulations of hiring and driving a car in the destination you are heading to. In Newquay, you must adhere to the following road rules and regulations.

  1. Driving is on the left-hand side in the UK, so if you are used to driving on the right, you might want to reorient yourself. Shifting gears for manual cars are with your left hand and not the right hand as it is in the US and other parts of the world.
  2. Entering a roundabout is on the left as opposed to the right in the US.
  3. Distance and speed limits in England are in miles. The general speed limit on motorways is 70 miles per hour, but speed limits may be reduced to avoid the start/stop situations on the road.
  4. In the UK, flashing of headlights is officially letting other roads users know you are there. But it can also mean “go ahead” or “thank you”, so when you are at a T junction and another car flashes its light make sure it means go ahead before you move.
  5. Seat-belts are a must for driver and all passengers in a car in the UK.
  6. Cell phone use while driving is prohibited in the UK unless you have a hands-free device.

Few Road Signs

  • NO WAITING: This means you can’t wait for anyone on this road, but you can drop off passengers and continue moving.
  • NO STOPPING (CLEARWAY): it means you can’t stop on this road just keep moving unless times are indicated when you can stop in that area.
  • CONTROLLED ZONE: It means you can’t enter or get access to such places from the times indicated on the sign either Mon-Fri and so on.
  • NO U-TURNS: When you see this sign, it means you can’t make a u-turn to the right lane.
  • PERMIT HOLDERS ONLY: This indicates you can’t park in such areas without a parking permit. It is for permit holders only.

You can read more UK road usage rules here

Tips to avoid car rental companies RIF-OFFS

Most car hire companies will rip you off legally if care is not taken. Unless you are in the UK, to pay huge fees because you have a lot of cash and you don't mind or out of sheer ignorance. Here are some tips to help you avoid getting ripped off by this car hire companies. So keep the following in mind when you are booking for a car in Newquay airport, England.


Car rental companies often advertise their insurance policies to customers especially when you are booking for a car on arrival at the airport. Although these insurance policies are to help you pay for the excess fees, in case of an accident or any damage to the car. Without the insurance policy, you would be required to pay a ridiculous amount which will have adverse effects on your bank account. So, if a car hire company presents this offer to you, you will feel excited and covered but in the real sense, it is a rip-off. It costs more than you can imagine and when added to your hiring cost, it goes way up. This is the more reason why you need to always try to compare insurance policies from different companies to see which suits your budget.

To Avoid Rip Off, You Must:

  1. Only buy standalone car insurance policy because they are cheaper than what car rental companies sell to customers.
  2. Never forget your own travel insurance policy as it also covers travel and car hire damages as well.

To get a car at a cheaper rate and conveniently, you need to book for that car ahead either 6 or 3 months ahead. There is no harm in doing so because cars are usually cheaper when booked ahead and online. This will save you time and money, sometimes when you book on arrival you get to queue for a long time.


Never forget to check these cars hire companies and their fuel policies. Always try to get the full-to-full option which lets you hire a car with a full tank and returned back with a full tank. Some companies may give you the car with an empty tank for you to fill up, but in reality, you are paying too much. You may not even use up to a half tank and you return it filled for the next customer giving the company more cash.


Always carry the extras you may need during your trips like satellite navigation systems, baby seats, and others. Getting this from car hire companies means you get to pay more than it costs to get new ones, so be prepared for the trip and pack from home before your journey.

Toll Gates and toll fees in Newquay

The United Kingdom has a limited number of toll gates and all road users entering central London pay a congestion fee on weekdays. Parking your rental car in the city centre of London can be daunting and if you happen to park in the wrong spot, you'll pay a fine or risk your car being towed. You can use this site to check for parking spaces in London's city centre

Newquay Airport Contact Details

For inquiries about Newquay Airport, you can call +441637860600. Alternatively, you can also leave feedback on their website at

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