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Car Hire Nicosia

History Nicosia

Nicosia the capital of Aphrodite's Island Cyprus is a significant name in history’s page. It has the biggest impact on Cyprus’s history. This long enduring city’s history began with Cyprus’s geographical birth. It is assumed that Nicosia surfaced from sea 1.8 to 5 million years ago. The history of habitation in this region is known to begin 2500 BC, in Bronze Age. The kingdom of Ledra initiated on 1050 BC and lasted until 330 AD. Then there was the period of Byzantines.In 1191 AD Richard the Lionheart seized Nicosia and became its ruler. He later sold it to Templers. Later, it was under the capital of Lusignan Kingdom. The Lusignan period lasted for 297 years after its start on 1192 AD.

After this period until 19th century Nicosia was under reign of Venetian administration, Ottomans and British Empire. The city developed in the time of British rule. With that concept of old and new city came up. Struggle for liberation lasted for 1955-1959. In this period Nicosia became a point of violence and death. In 1963 due to a constitutional crisis, clash between two major communities of Cyprus � Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots divided the city. Situation was worse in 1974 during coup and invasion. The history of tears and sufferings has its affect to this day. So, Nicosia remains the city that waits reunion of its two parts.


During the summers the weather can get quite unbearable for some people as the temperature hits almost about 33 degree C whearas in the winters it is mild and pleasant. Therefore it is recommended that you visit Nicosia in the months of May – September.


Best Nicosia

Nicosia can be a great place for a tourist to visit. It has a lot of places to travel around. The main attractions are near and around old city. There are numbers of locations which travellers would love to visit. Plus there are scopes for great fun. Nicosia has a rich history. As a result, numbers of museums are seen in the capital of Cyprus. Cyprus museum holds some of the greatest archaeological documents and symbols. Some other excellent museums are Byzantine Museum, House of the Dragoman Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios, Museum of the History of Cypriot Coinage, The National Struggle Museum and more.

Past is not Nicosia has in store. Famagusta Gate and The Nicosia Municipal Theatre is a great place for tourists. The beaches are excellent and provide excellent natural view. Also Nicosia is the place where visitors will find sports entertainment and cinema complexes. Tourist would surely love the spa over here. There are a number of cool hotels in the city like Averof Hotel and Hilton Cyprus. Kebab and local wine can satisfy anyone’s appetite. Shopping is not the best thing to do in Nicosia, but shops and marketplaces provide a lot of options. In total, Nicosia can be a hell of a place to visit.

Exploring Nicosia

Now, the main way of travelling to Nicosia is bus. The bus services run all day long. The buses are not too impressive. Even some look shabby. However, the main benefit of those buses is their cheap rate. However, bus is not the only way Nicosia has communication established with other parts of Cyprus. Taxi is another common form of transport to Nicosia. There are numerical taxi services in the city. Those can be complemented good enough to travel across the city. There is another alternative source of taxi, the taxi rank of Eleftheria Square.

Taxi fare is fixed by local authority. So, the tourists don’t have to face any troubles with paying fares. There are some rental services available as well. Car can be rented from local rent-a-car services like Hertz or Europcar. If car sounds boring then rent-a-motorcycle or rent-a-bike services can bail the tourists out of that. The city doesn�t have any train or metro service. No plan is seen to develop one. Considering this lack and other problems, overall transportation system of Nicosia can be described as inefficient. However, steps are taken to develop this miserable situation, which is a good news for both locals and travellers.

Eating drinking Nicosia

Nicosia provides a lot of options for foods and drinks. Tourists and explorers from other countries will find it enjoyable to check out the diversity of menus. There are many restaurants and cafes with foods of Turkish and Italian flavour along with local menus. Numbers of bars and pubs are all around the city serving quality drinks of different categories. Restaurants and cafes are found in almost every location of Nicosia. However, most of them are situated in George Grivas Avenue. Restaurants in Nicosia usually serve kebap and meze. Other than those manti, molohiya, katmer, bulgur koftesi, hellim and kiyma borek etc. are some really tasty dishes.

The foods are usually very delicious. With several Turkish and Italian cuisines, quality Spanish dishes are found in most of the restaurants. In Nicosia it is often seen that waiter at the doorsteps of restaurant trying to encourage passers-by to check out their foods. This is no force, just a business strategy. Restaurants in Nicosia are a bit expensive, but they really have some mouth-watering menus. About drinks, tourists would love to check out the Greek coffee, house wines and traditional yoghurt. Overall, Nicosia is a great place for food-loving people to venture in.

Night-life Nicosia

The nightlife in Nicosia is quite interesting, just like many other cities of Europe. The nights of Nicosia has its own nature and features. Let�s take a look what Nicosia has to offer at night. The night-time entertainment of Nicosia is generally based on western side of centre, Laiki Ytonia and George Grivas Ave. But other parts of city are also cool and attractive for partying. Music is the most common thing of night-time entertainment in Nicosia. In some cafes the music is the main attraction for people gather around.

There are many types of music shows held in different public places. Cafe is a significant element of Nicosia’s night culture. There are numbers of cafes where people get together. There are many bars, pubs and night clubs where people would love to hang out. Apparently, The Zoo is the most famous club in Nicosia. There are some great alternatives like PLATOS bar or Sinema Nostalji. Octana and Babylon Bar can provide a different taste to visitors. Most of the pubs are situated in Eleftheria Street. There are two discos: Scorpios Disco and Africana Disco. There is a ten-lane bowling alley heavily crowded on the weekends. With all these sources and forces of entertainment Nicosia is obviously hell of a place to visit.

Shopping Nicosia

The options of shopping in Nicosia are quite well. There are plenty of shops in the city. They provide a lot of varieties. Latest clothes, shoes, jewellery, antiques, music and other stuffs are available in the market. But the problem in Nicosia is price. Many products are highly expensive and hard to afford. Still shops and marketplace spread around both old and new part city have a lot to offer. One of the prime shopping areas of Nicosia is Makarios Avenue. Tourists should also check out Ledra Street and Stasikratous Street. Later one is particularly famous for its high priced boutiques. Though those boutiques are expensive, buying them can be worthy.

Other products like fine porcelain and silverware are also available there. The famous Laiki Yitonia can be the main attraction of tourist buyers. Also, modern and efficient commercial centres can be a great option for visitors. Some pottery, embroidery and perfumes are less expensive than in most of the European countries. Eleftherios Venizelos Square is also a shopping place to step in. The shops are kept open for quite a long time. Time period varies with season. However, shops are kept closed on afternoon of Saturday and Wednesday. Shopping in Nicosia is not just buying something; it can provide a good glimpse of local life.

Disabled visitors Nicosia

Cyprus has quite a reputation for providing good care for disabled or handicapped persons who wish to visit the country. As capital of Cyprus, Nicosia maintains that practice as good as any other regions of the country, if not better. Disabled visitors or tourists get their deserved facilities here and more. Pancyprian Organization for Disabled Persons is situated in Nicosia, which supplies Internationalstickers required for disabled persons. This ticket is compulsory in Cyprus. Other than this organization there are more institutions for handicapped people in Nicosia, which can be a big time help to disabled visitors. In Nicosia, many arrangements are available for disabled tourists and travellers. Numbers of hotels in Nicosia offers facilities to the disabled visitors. The names of those hotels can be found from Cyprus Tourism Organization’s annual Guide to hotels, Travel Agencies and other Tourist Establishments. The taxi services for disabled are also adequate. Any disabled visitor can call a nearby taxi service and get all the help he needs to explore Nicosia. However, the overall transportation system is not too supporting for them. Just like all other locations of Cyprus, Nicosia has all the arrangements for disabled. So, disabled tourists and adventurers would love it in there.