Best Car Rental Oman

Oman is the Oriental dream come true. You can go on camel treks, for example, or go on wadi safaris, or go camping in luxury and style under the stars. Oman has everything to offer from very small and quaint mountain villages to beautiful forts listed on the UNESCO world heritage site. There are plantations for dates, blow holes and the most gorgeous beaches. It is a fantastic place for holiday makers, who can enjoy some relaxation on the beach or explore any of the hundreds of ancient forts that can be found all across Oman.

Although once incredibly conservative and isolated, the savvy of Sultan Qaboos has made the country far more modern, mainly due to the export of myrrh and frankincense. Years ago, copper was also found in Oman. The country is fighting to modernize itself as much as possible whilst retaining the traditional feel hence the country is also heavily involved in sustainable development. This means that government support is provided to those involved in ancient crafts and much money has been poured into restoring historic buildings.

Muscat, the capital of Oman, does offer some high rise buildings, but don?t expect anything like Dubai. Many resorts are well outside of Muscat and are placed on secluded beaches. This means that you may want to consider car hire Oman for the duration of your visit. will be very happy to find the vehicle that meets all your needs and requirements, including your Budget , of course. One of the great benefits of driving in Oman is that it is very safe, even for women. Roads are well maintained and driving is very quick. Do remember that there are large distances in Oman and that you may want to opt for a 4x4 vehicle to give you more opportunities to see the country fully.