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Pamplona History

The people in Pamplona are very traditional people and this is because of the various cultural traditions in force in their place. There are many kinds of people who throng Pamplona these days because of the bull run and also the bull fights that take place here, but most of them do not know anything about the various historical facts about this place. The bull run and also the bull fights are no doubt very important for the tourists to come to this place, but the presence of the historical sights in this place adds to the beauty and also enriches the culture of the place.

The San Fermin festival itself is not as historical like the bull fights that are part of the Spanish culture. Bull fights were conducted regularly in various parts of Spain for many years and Pamplona was no exception. The bulls were grown in their pens and they used to be led from the bull pen to the bull ring for the evening fights. History has it that someone had the idea of running in front of the bulls to add to the fun as the bulls were being taken to the bull ring for the fight. This became an integral part of the culture and the Spanish people started enjoying this too as a regular feature of the bull fights and the festival of San Fermin or the bull run was born.

The history of the city itself is very interesting too. The name Pamplona for this city has a history and this is because Pompey was in this place in 74 B.C when he camped in this place and a city has now developed in the place where he camped and the place is named after the man Pompey and the city is named Pamplona because it means that it is Pompey?s city.

People visiting the place can also visit the various historical sites in and around Pamplona. This is possible because of the various car hire services that are available in the city itself. People can also hire cars from the car rental services at the airport itself and they would be driven to all the historical places around Pamplona. There are many car rental companies.

Pamplona WeatherPamplona is one of the most famous places in Spain and each year there are millions of people who throng the place for the San Fermin festival that occurs annually in the month of July. The festival goes on for about ten days and all the fun starts from the fourth day of July. This is the most important of the festivals that is present in the tradition of the people of Pamplona. The time when these festivities occur is one of the times when the weather in the place is hot compared to the rest of the year. The months of July and August are considered to be the hottest in all of Spain and Pamplona is no exception from this.

The temperature can vary from anything between 28 degrees to about 35 degree Celcius and though the heat is not very much, it is not very pleasant either. The San Fermin festival is probably held during this time of the year because it is most comfortable for the tourists to visit the place. This is because the number of tourists in Pamplona outnumbers the locals during the San Fermin festival.

The weather in Pamplona is greatly influenced by the presence of the Mediterranean Sea and also the Cantabrian mountains. This causes various changes in the weather of this place.? The climate changes from time to time and is very unpredictable because of the various influences of the weather of the city. The place rarely gets very cold, but it does not get very hot either.

The weather is mild almost all through the year and the lowest temperature can be around minus 15 degree Celsius in the winter in January. The location of the place is the main cause of the variation and also the unpredictable nature of the climate of Pamplona.

In spite of the unpredictable nature of the weather, there are various car rental services that operate throughout the year to cater to the needs of the tourists who visit Pamplona. The various airport car rental services also provide frequent tours for the benefit of the tourists so that they will be able to enjoy the beauty and also the festivities of Pamplona unhindered by the changes in the weather. There are many car rental companies.

Arrival to Pamplona

Pamplona is the capital city of Navarre and present in the northern part of Spain. It is connected with many other Spanish cities for example; Pamplona is present 500 kilometres from Barcelona and Madrid. There are many mode of transportation to get in the city of Pamplona.

The best and convenient way of transportation for tourists is by plane. Pamplona airport is 5 kilometre from the main city and considered as the busiest airport of Spain. However, this way is easy only for foreign visitors. To move within the country, two ways are available including rail and road.Pamplona receives three-three trains daily from other cities connected with it. The railway station of Pamplona is situated near Plaza de la Estacion.

The telephone number for the train services is 0034 90 224 02 02. Bus services are also available to move around the city. These buses charge less as compared to the train services. To get any information about the schedule of these buses, you can contact 0034 948 42 04 20. The public transports are usually crowded with people.

Therefore, taxis are the best option for the visitors who can afford high rates. There are proper taxi stands for taxis.

City Transport

Pamplona is a well-developed city of Navarre and one of the best tourist cities of Spain. You can spend the best and most memorable moments of your life by setting a trip to Pamplona.

Transportation is the main problem for tourists during their tours. However, getting easy transportation services in Pamplona is not a big deal for visitors. Pamplona has a well-developed transportation system. Taxis, buses and private transports are easily available in Pamplona. The rates of these transports depend on various factors.

Public transports like buses provide cheap transportation services. Buses have their strict time schedule and stop on their specific bus stops. These buses operate their services on all the areas of the Pamplona and connect different parts of the city. These public transports are crowded. Moreover, buses, taxis are also easily accessible in Pamplona.

Taxis provide reliable and comfortable services. However, the rates of taxis are usually high as compared to the buses. Taxi is the best option for the visitors who want to avoid crowded transport and can manage high rates. Cars for full day are also available in Pamplona. These services charge day wise. If you do not want to miss any place in Pamplona and can manage high expenses of these transports, you can opt for private car services.

To have more fun and entertainment on your trip, you should get a Car Hire Pamplona. It provides you a comfortable and reliable mode of transportation.

Pamplona Attractions

Pamplona is one of the most famous places in Spain. This is mainly because of the festival of San Fermin which is also called as the annual Bull Run. The annual Bull Run is very famous now, though a few decades back, the Bull Run was not as famous. The Bull Run at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona is held in the month of July for duration of 10 days. This festival goes on from the fourth of the month to the fourteenth of the month making it one of the longest festivals. In this festival other than the important and famous Bull Run which is a major attraction, there are also many bull fights that are held. These bull fights are by many famous matadors. This again is a great attraction in Pamplona and draws a large crowd.

The top attractions in Pamplona does not end with the ten day spectacle in July, there are also many other smaller festivals that are held around the year. Even these smaller festivals draw crowds from many places, though the Internationaltourists arrive in Pamplona mainly for the bull fights and the Bull Run. All the other festivals and attractions are graced by the local population and those from other parts of Spain.

People who have missed the festival of San Fermin on their visit to Spain, sometimes just visit the place to look at the place and walk on the roads where the bulls used to run. The Christmas season is also celebrated with great vigor in Pamplona and people from other parts of the country come to Pamplona to look at the celebrations and be a part of it.

There are various means of transport to Pamplona and one can come here by all means of transport including train, bus, and car and also flights. Arriving in Pamplona to be a part of the celebrations is very simple and one can just use the Pamplona car hire services or the Pamplona airport car hire services to make sure they have a comfortable and safe travel to the place to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Eating in Pamplona

The aim of a tourist is not only to explore the beauty of the place but also to know the speciality of that country or city. It is very difficult to find the specialty of a place on the other region in original taste. Pamplona is very famous among its tourists because of its delicious foods.

There are many restaurants, bars and food shops in Pamplona, from where you can get the traditional food of the city in very reasonable rates. The most favourite food of inhabitants of Pamplona is seafood. The region is well-known for its vegetables. The most famous vegetable dishes are Borrajas with potatoes, cogollos of Tudela and chistorra.

The people of Pamplona also like cuisines made up of cheese. Different hotels and restaurants are also providing fast food for the visitors who do not like traditional food products. There are many shops for chocolates, snacks and cookies. “Pinchos” are the most common snacks bars of Pamplona. Most of the restaurants in Pamplona open 9.00 am and remain open till late night.

You can also get the specialities of other regions from these restaurants at very low rates. These rates are affordable for every visitor. On the other hand, Pamplona bars also offer a variety of drinks to their consumers. To visit all these places you need a comfortable mode of conveyance.

Pamplona Nightlife

Pamplona offers a lively and thrilling nightlife to the people. The nightlife of Pamplona offers various ways to get fun. There are various places where you can spend thrilling nightlife in Pamplona. Most of the locals in Pamplona spend their nightlife in Pamplona?s Old Quarter, the Navarreria, San Cernin and San Nicolas. The pintxos, wine and beer are the most appealing things of Old Quarter. You will find many clubs and bars in Nicolas and Calle Estafeta. The young crowd in Calle de Jarauta enhance the appeal of this bar. After enjoying the excitements of Old Quarter, you can visit modern neighbourhood of San Juan. The best thing about the Pamplona nightlife is the versatility in themes and activities. For example, you can visit trendy dance clubs, English pubs, live rock bars and Internationalpop music concerts in Avenida de Bayona. A huge nightclub is Marengo which features Latin music and local of Pamplona love to spend their lives there. The nightclubs of Pamplona are always crowded with people and you can have a lot of fun in these clubs. The nightclubs usually open after 11:00 pm and remain open till early morning. Most of the nightclubs in Pamplona charge between 6? and 12?, which also includes the charges of drink. For visiting all major nightclubs and bars in the city, you should get car hire Pamplona.

Shopping in Pamplona

Pamplona is considered as the famous destination of Navarre for tourists. Tourism industry of Pamplona is growing very rapidly. The city is well known for its traditions, culture and life style. Tourists are attracted towards Pamplona because of its local specialities.

Shopping in the city of Pamplona is full of fun and entertainment because of the trendy and modish fashion items. There are many shopping malls in the city from where you can buy every type of products. Stylish and modern boutiques are present in the city. You can get the traditional products as well as imported products from these shops.

A large variety of dresses, shoes and jewellery are available at big shopping malls. Winter and summer collections are available in large varieties and in very affordable rates. Beside all these, there are many gift centres present in Pamplona. Cosmetic products are also present in high quality and at reasonable rates. However, the shops present in main city are more expensive then the shops present in small streets. On the other hand, branded object are also costs high.

The general timing of these malls is 9:30 am to 1:30 pm and then 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm but some shops open in 9:00 am and remain open till late night. One of the best shopping plazas is Del Castillo. To move around the shopping mall of the city you require transportation. Public transport is available but they are usually crowded.

Pamplona Disabled Visitors

Pamplona is one of the most famous places and the fame of the place is increasing with the increased media coverage of the various events held in this place. Pamplona is very famous for the annual bull run festival that is also called as the San Fermin festival where there are many bulls that run through the streets of the place. There are also many people who try to run along with the bulls. The men who run with the bulls are considered to be the bravest of the brave. Many men try to keep up with the bulls and even try to subdue the bulls, though many men are injured by the sharp horns of the bulls.

Other than the bull run, there are also many bull festivals that are held during the ten days in July when the bull run is held. The increasing number of tourists to this place has also increased the number of disabled people who visit the place. Though the proportion of the disabled people is very less compared to the great number of people without disabilities, it is difficult for the disabled people if no provisions are made for their care.

The airports of Pamplona have been made disabled friendly, tough there is only a small domestic airport in Pamplona. All Internationalflights to the nearest International Airports have their disabled friendly ramps and other details in place. This makes it very easy for the disabled people to have a nice time in the San Fermin festival without missing out on the fun. Though these people may not be able to participate in the bull run as such, they will be able to enjoy the festivities by being part of the spectator group.

The disabled people should also make sure that they get to the viewing places early enough so that they are able to get vantage places to watch the bull run without any problem. There are also various Pamplona car rental services that help to make sure that the disabled people have a safe and comfortable journey to Pamplona. Pamplona airport car hire services also provide disabled friendly cars to the place. There are many car rental companies. So you can easily take a cheap car hire at Pamplona.

Accommodation in Pamplona

The main problem faced by the tourists during their tour is accommodation problem. In Pamplona, accommodation is easily available. It is not a big task to find a good accommodation at reasonable rates, in Pamplona. The accommodations in Pamplona are affordable for every tourist.

Hotels, hostels, private apartments and resorts are easily accessible in almost every region of Pamplona, even in the main city. Different factors affect the cost of these accommodations. The hotels present in the main city have high rates. On the other hand, you can stay in hostels and small apartments at very reasonable rates. Five star hotels provide more facilities as compared to private accommodations but their expenses are large. Maisonnave, Gran Hotel La and abba Reino de Navarra Hotel are considered as the famous hotels of Pamplona.

The former is a three star hotel and later two are two stars hotels. The names of some other three stars hotels in Pamplona are NH Aqustinos, AH San Fermin Suites, Sercotel Leyer and Hotel Zenit Pamplona. The behavior of staff of all these hotels is very nice and kind towards their customers. Beside these accommodations, guest houses are also easily available. Transport is very important, to move around the city, during your tour. Public transports are available but usually they are crowded with people.

The city of Pamplona

Pamplona is one of the favorite cities of the tourists. The city is the capital of Navarre, which is located in the northeastern Spain. Pamplona is also known as Iruna. Pamplona is ranked as the capital of the country in 10th century. Pamplona is a historical city and famous because of its historical values. Tourists are attracted towards city of Pamplona because of its culture and traditions.

Festivals of Pamplona are another appealing factor for visitors. The area of the city is 23.55 kilometer square, which is approximately equal to 9.1 square miles. According to the population estimation of 2006, the total population of Pamplona is 195,769. The population density of Pamplona is 8,516.73 per kilometer square. Pamplona is present in the center of a basin known as Cuenca de Pamplona. The coordinates of city Pamplona are 42 degrees, 49 minutes and 1.2 seconds towards north and 1 degree, 38 minutes and 34.08 seconds towards west.

The city of Pamplona is surrounded by a wide range of mountains. San Cristobal Mountain and Pena Izaga Rock are present in the north and east of Pamplona respectively. To the west of Pamplona, mountains ranges named as Sarbil and Satrustegui are present. Perdin and Alaiz-Izco are located towards the south of the city. If you want to explore the beauty of Pamplona you should go for aCar Hire Pamplona.

Pamplona Useful Contact

Pamplona is one of the famous tourist spots in the country of Spain with thousands if not millions of people thronging the place to spend time watching the bulls run on the festival of San Fermin. This festival is held annually in the month of July for about ten days starting from the fourth of July. The people who live in Pamplona welcome the strangers as if they have known them for years. The visitors to Pamplona not only enjoy the bull run, but they also have fun watching the bull fights and the matadors who are famous in Spain.

The most useful contact number is that of the police force that can be contacted on the number 092. One can contact this site at any given time of the day. Moreover one can get assistance in case of any problem as well as help in knowing about the particular area.

Emergency Contact numbers

Taxi 232300

Bus telephone 948 223 854

Ambulance 112

Fire brigade 848 423 010

Pamplona Airport Contacts

Pamplona airport 948-168706.

The National airline, AVIACO - 948-168751.

Regional Airline, LAN 948-168722.

Tourists important contact numbers tourist health care center 112

Transport 010 (948 420 100

Yoldi +34 (0) 9482 24800

Therefore one can enjoy the best possible time over here with different services and assistance with the useful contact numbers.

There are regular car rental services from the airport and also the various local car hire services can be contacted. The number of these companies can be got from the various tourist information centers in Pamplona.

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