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The Republic of Panama is a country located in Central America, bordering the continent of South America. It’s bordered by Costa Rica and Columbia and the capital is Panama City. It’s one of the fastest growing economies in Central America and a lot of this growth is made up from the Panama Canal toll revenues. The official currency is the Panamanian Balboa, although the U.S Dollar is used for all paper currency, whilst Panama uses the Balboa for its coinage.

The official language of Panama is Spanish and this originates from when Panama was part of the Spanish Empire. For nearly three centuries the country was under Spanish control, however the native Panamanians didn’t take to this well and many parts of the country held out from colonial rule well into the three centuries of Spanish control.

In 1821 the Cry From the Town of Saints occurred when the residents of Azuero declared their separation from the Spanish Empire, this precipitated the formal declaration of independence from Panama, which occurred a few weeks later in 1821. After this the country became a department of Columbia and stayed this way from more than 80 years, despite attempts in 1831 and 1899 to secede. After the United States supported the Panamanian independence movement the country declared its independence in 1903.

One of the biggest U.S influences on Panamanian culture is the sport of baseball. It has been the National sport of Panama for the last century and dozens of great Panamanian players have played in Major League Baseball, such as Mariano Rivera and Rod Carew.

The weather in Panama is of the tropical variety, with high temperatures throughout the year. The temperatures on the Pacific Ocean side of the country are much cooler than those on the Caribbean side, however despite this the average temperature in the country is around 26C in the summer months. The rainy season in Panama is from May to November, so if you would prefer a more drier vacation then it’s better to avoid these months.

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