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History of Perpignan City

The history of Perpignan city dates back to the times of settlement of Romans in the town. This town was founded in the 10th century. The city got the popularity when it became the capital of the counts of Roussillon. Count Girard II donated his land to the Counts of Barcelona in the year 1172. During the 13th century, the city became the centre of cloth manufacturing, leatherwork, luxury crafts and goldsmith work. Peter IV of Aragon seized the Kingdom of Majorca in the year 1344 and become the part of County of Barcelona. Because of the Black Death, the city lost half of its population during this century. During the seventeenth century, a thirty-year war took place in the city and it became the part of France in 1642. Since then the major developments were carried out in the city. There are many historical buildings in the city, where the tourists come to explore the history of the city. One interesting thing about Perpignan is that it has enriched cultural history. It is a strong economic power and the most recent developments in the city, has made it a major fascinating city for the tourists. For exploring the history of the city, planning a visit to Perpignan is a good idea.

Weather of Perpignan

Perpignan climate is very pleasant however, because of the location of the city on the coast and mountains around it make its climate dry. The weather is warm in summers, especially during July and August. The average temperature in summers is between 25? and 30?C during the day and 20?-23?C at night.

September is humid and warm but the days are sunny during this month. Most of the tourists visit the city in summers however; October is the perfect month to visit the city. It is interesting to note that the average number of days in Perpignan in one year is three hundred days. The city also faces thunderstorms because of its location.

Because of the highest winds and hottest summers in the city, the spring and autumn appears as very changeable in the city.

November and December are the coolest months of the year. Rainfall is frequent in January and February. The average temperature during winters is 10?C during the day but can drop to -2?C at night. For enjoying the cooler, cloudy and rainy season in Perpignan, you should visit the city in March and April. You can visit the city in any month of the year because of its pleasant weather. To visit the beautiful attractions of the city you can use public transport. However, the weather of Perpignan is very uncertain and this may distort your plan.

Arrival To Perpignan

Perpignan is a beautiful city and it is linked with various cities of the world. The visitors can enter into the city through various ways like by bus, plane, train and car. Getting into Perpignan by car is possible by three routes including Autoroute A9, from north (France) and south (Spain), from Andorra N116 and D 914 (ex RN114). You can also arrive in the city by train and the city is served by TGV and the IdTGV. Thousands of tourists visit the city every year and major influx of the tourists take place through airport. Flights from different cities come to Perpignan.

Buses from nearby cities also come to Perpignan daily. In other words, you can arrive to Perpignan from various routes. After your arrival to the city, you should report the tourist information office. The Tourist Information Office can always help you out in planning your trip. You can also get free publications from these offices. Sometimes, free coupons and the discounts coupons are also offered to the tourists. You can use such coupons to get discounts in shopping from Perpignan. Regardless of the mode through which you arrive in the city, the more important thing is the selection of mode of conveyance in the city.

City Transport

Perpignan is a wonderful location to spend some of the most memorable moments of your life. The transportation system of the city is well developed and the public transport network is well organized. The city is well served by railway network. The railway network connects the city to Portugal to the south and many other cities of Europe. For the tourists popular yellow train runs in the city. The tourist train passes through the charming valleys and highest points of France. Another common mode of transportation is buses, which run over the city.

Buses are common in Perpignan because they are cheap and average class of passengers can afford them. The only problem of buses is that they are usually crowded and it may become hectic to travel in buses. Buses operate on all routes of the city such as you can take a bus to move from airport to the centre of the city. In addition, buses can also take you to all major attractions of the city. Tourists do not find any problem in moving around the city. Taxis are also common in the city however; they are usually expensive as compared to buses and trains. For exploring the city at your own pace, you can go for renting a car in the city.

Top Attractions of Perpignan

The fascinating destination

Perpignan has many attractions of unique architecture. During your visit to the city, you should visit all these major attractions. Some of the top attractions of the city have been mentioned here. Le Castillet is on the top of the list of major attractions. It was built in the 1300s and after one century, it was converted to a prison. The second major attraction is Eglise Saint Jacques, which is a church that has been built in two parts. The first part of the church was constructed in the 14th century while the second part of the church was built in the 18th century. You should also visit Casa Pairal Museum in the city because it depicts the culture and history of the city.

This museum has the collections of historical agricultural life items, furniture and other things. The palace of king of Majorca, La Palais des Rois de Majorque is another attraction for the tourists. This palace was built in 1200 and it is the exhibit of medieval Catalan architecture. If you are interested to view the unique collections of France?s occupation in Algeria then you should visit Musee de l? Algeria Francaise. Most of the city attractions remain open twenty-four hours however, it is always better to know about the timings of opening of major attractions.


Perpignan is a place which is very welcoming to the Internationaltourists and the locals of France as well; it is one of the centres in the regions of Catalan. There are many places to explore in this city like the Palace of Kings de Majorque is a palace which will give you the representation and heritage of the Majorca Kingdom.

If you visit the Old town you will still see the historical streets and building well preserved where you can just walk and explore on foot.

Eating in Perpignan

Eating out in Perpignan can be great experience for you. There are various restaurants and cafes where you can taste the delicious local and Internationalcuisine. The selection of the right restaurant in the city can influence your experience because restaurants in Perpignan can be very expensive for you. There are some major restaurants in the city where you should go during your visit to Perpignan. According to tourist ratings, Buffalo Grill is the best place to try steak in Perpignan.

Among the Lebanese restaurants, Temple de Bacchus is top on the list. If you are in a mood of tasting sandwiches and other fast food, then you should visit Flunch, which is a Fast-food Takeaway in Perpignan. The similar menu is also offered by Cafeteria Crescendo, which is another famous Fast food restaurant. Another famous restaurant in Perpignan is Le Figuier, where you can taste cuisines of various countries. For light food and coffee, you can visit Paradis Foullis, which is located in 17, Rue de l'Ange, 66 Perpignan. The best Italian food and Pizza restaurant in Perpignan is Pizzas Del Arte. The two other famous cafes and Coffee shops in the city include Cafeteria La and France Neige.

All these restaurants are always crowded with visitors including both local and Internationalvisitors.

Perpignan Nightlife

Perpignan is a fascinating destination for the tourists and the city shows Spanish and Catalan side. It is interesting to note that nightlife of Perpignan features bars and clubs. Most of the bars and clubs are found in Place de la Loge. You can spend an evening in one of the bars de nuit and you may also visit the disco. There are various bars and cafes options from where you can start the fun of your night like you may start from Le Habana Bodegita-Club, 5 rue Grande-des-Fabriques (tel. 04-68-34-11-00). You can enjoy salsa and merengue play.

For enjoying the small community of Irish expats wax nostalgic, you should visit Le O'Shannon Bar, 3 rue de l'Incendie (tel. 04-68-35-12-48). Most of the discos in the city open around 11 pm. A modern spot and mirror-sheathed space is Le Napoli, 3-rue place de Catalogne (tel. 04-68-51-25-02). Another option is to spend an exciting night in Uba-Club, 5 bd. Mercader (tel. 04-68-34-06-70). For enjoying the seasonal bars and dance clubs you can visit Canet-Plage, 12km (7 1/2 miles) east of Perpignan's historic core. In addition, you can also visit various other exciting and thrilling spots in the city.

Generally, the buses run on the routes of the bars and clubs to facilitate the tourists.

Shopping in Perpignan

The beautiful city of Perpignan does not only provide you various major attractions in the city, but it also gives you an opportunity to buy latest and trendy products at reasonable rates. Most of the tourists go for shopping in the city. The city is considered as a good town for shopping because of its storefronts and pedestrian streets. The textiles, pottery, geometric patterns, furniture and carpets of Catalan are very popular in the city. For getting the attractive patterns and textiles, you can visit Languedoc Roussillon area. You should also visit Centre Sant-Vicens on the rue Sant-Vicens, which offer carpets and furniture and is run by twelve merchants.

For buying the fresh fruits and vegetables in the city, you should visit the open-air market in Place Riguad, which is organized on Wednesday and Saturday. You can also buy the organic produce from these markets. A huge supermarket is located in Auchan hypermarket, which you should also visit during your trip to Perpignan. The visitors who visit the city in summers do not miss Vide Grenier, which is a street market selling jewellery and second hand clothes.

The largest wine producing region in the city is Languedoc-Roussillon region. You can find all kinds of wines in this region.

Disable Visitors

Disabled visitors always find it difficult to visit any city of the world. In the case of Perpignan, there are special facilities, which are provided to the disabled people. In fact, it is interesting to note that the city shows a great concern towards the disabled people. You will notice this thing right from the airport. On Perpignan airport, wheelchairs are available which can freely move on the airport. In order to make the movement of wheelchair easier, special paths on airport have been created. Many buildings in the city are old and many of them do not provide support to the disabled people. Therefore, disabled visitors will only find difficulty in the old buildings. On the other hand, in the new buildings special facilities have been designed for the disabled people. A bookable minivan service has been provided to the disabled visitors, where the space for wheelchairs has been given. According to the comments of tourists in the city, the number of wheelchair friendly hotels in the city is limited however, the quality of the services provided are of high quality. Disabled visitors are usually given rooms in the ground level and if they are given rooms on the upper floors then electronic lift facilities are provided.

Accommodation In Perpignan

Perpignan attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. The tourists in the city want to accommodate in such a location, from where they can easily visit the major attractions of the city.

There are many apartments, hostels and hotels in the city, where you can stay during your visit to the city. In order to make the selection of accommodation easier for you, we have listed some of the best-rated hotels in Perpignan. Most of the hotels and apartments are targeting middle class tourists to provide affordable accommodation to the people. Myperpignan include the serviced apartments located in the centre of old Perpignan. These apartments are famous because they provide easy access to airport and trains. Secondly, there is Hotel De France, which is another best-rated middle class hotel. It is located in 26 Quai Sadi Carnot, 66000 and surrounded by mountains. This hotel is popular among the tourists because of the presence of museums, conference centres, transportation services and shopping centres near the hotel.

Some other best-rated hotels and apartments specified by the tourists include Premiere Classe Perpignan, Best Hotel Perpignan, Campanile Hotel, Villa Duflot, Hotel Balladins Perpignan Confort, Campanile Perpignan and Comfort Inn Perpignan Aeroport.

The City of Perpignan

The beautiful city Perpignan is the major attraction for the tourists because of the picturesque views and appealing spots of the city. The city is a commune and the capital of Pyrenees-Orientales Department. The city is located in the southwestern of France. The elevation of the city is 8?95 m (26?310 ft) and the average elevation is 30 m/98 ft. The estimated population of the city in 2008 was 300,000. The population density of the city is about 1,726 /km? (4,470 /sq mi).

Perpignan is considered as one of the most popular cities of the world because of it traditional commerce in wine, corks, wool, leather, iron and olive oil. Perpignan offers many attractions to the tourists. There are many historical places in the city as cathedral of St Jean was begun in 1324 and finished in 1509. The culture of the city is also appealing and the living standards are high in the city. Despite the modern developments in the city, the city has not lost its cultural heritage. The city is earning a major portion of its revenue from the tourism industry therefore; the city shows a great concern to the visitors. The infrastructure of Perpignan is well developed such as transportation system is well organized.

For visiting the entire city, you can get a car hire Perpignan. A car rental can provide you more fun by enhancing the comfort of your journey.

Emergency contact numbers

Perpignan is the most beautiful city of France. It is the best option for those tourists who want to explore different and new places. The tour to Perpignan is a great source of pleasure for visitors. There are many tourist information offices in Perpignan.

Some useful emergency contact numbers are given below:

Emergency Contact Numbers

National police: 17

Perpignan police station: 00 33 468 66 44 00

Medical help: 15

Fire services Helpline: 18

For all services: 112

Red Cross: 0800 858


Perpignan Hospital: 00 33 468 61 66 33

Directory enquiries

Directory enquiries: 12

InternationalDirectory Enquiries: 32 12

Youth information centre: 00 33 468 34 56 56

Custom offices: 00 33 468 66 29 00

General council:

00 33 468 66 45 67

Internationalmaster card: 00 33 800 90 13 87

Local weather report: 00 33 836 68 02 66

Other services

Electricity services: 00 33 333 066

Gas services: 00 33 810 433 066

Youth information centre: 00 33 468 34 56 56

Custom offices: 00 33 468 66 29 00

General council:

00 33 468 66 45 67

Internationalmaster card: 00 33 800 90 13 87

Local weather report: 00 33 836 68 02 66

Transport services

Perpignan taxi services: 04 68 34 15 15

Station: 04 68 34 59 49

It is very important for tourists to note emergency contact numbers to have a comfortable and safe journey.

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