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Poland’s location, 1000 years of tradition and ethnic diversity has made her the unique place of western and oriental cultural mix, creating personalities and their masterpieces. Poland is the place for nature lovers with the golden sand of the Baltic coastal beaches on the north and the rocky crags of the Tatras in the south. The gorgeous network of the great Mazurian Lakes and the green wilds of the Bieszczady mountains.

Poland Attractions

The Royal Castle : the Royal Castle located in Warsaw was built by the order of the King and was the seat of the kings from the 17 th century. The castle was destroyed during the WW II and has been restored to its former beauty in the 1970’s. The castle now houses a museum.

Spas : Poland has several Spas located in the south, in Carpathian, Sudeten Mountains and also at the Baltic coast with long tradition. Some of the popular spas are Krynica, Zegiestow and Piwniczna in Beskid Sadecki, Szczawnica in Pieniny, Rabka at Gorce and Polanica. The biggest spas in the plateau region are Ciechocinek and Inowroclaw in Kujawy, The oldest spa in Poland is Cieplice Zdroj and dates back to the year 1281.

Eastern Poland : the Polish three provinces bordering UKraine are Chelm, Zamosc and Przemysl and are endowed with numerous historical ruins and monuments of architecture.

Leczynsko Wlodawskie Lakeland : located in the northern part of the Chelm province also called the Polesie is full of marshes, flood waters, marshes, unpolluted lakes and a small river.

The Cathedral Hill : located in Frombork is the highest monument of the middle age architectural. The importance of this place is raised by the historical traditions and by people of Nicolaus Copernicus.

Basilica : the Cathedral Basilica is the eldest building on the hill built in the year 1329-1388. The cathedral has two chapels as additions, which are St. George (as the Polish Chapel built in 1500) and the Saviour (Szembek’s Chapel built in 1735).

Bishop’s Palace : the Gothic baroque building situated in the south eastern corner of the Cathedral Hill. The building was destroyed in 1945 and again rebuilt in 1970, at present it holds the main exposition halls of the museum.

The Copernicus Tower : the oldest element of fortification of the hill built in the 1400 th century with the higher levels built in the 15 th and the 18 th century. The tower was a property of Copernicus from 1504 till 1543.

The Belfry : the tallest building of the Cathedral hill built in the 16 th –17 th century and known as the Radziejowski’s tower. The museal planetarium located in the ground floor and the expositions of modern art is located on the higher level. The Foucault‘s pendulum is the only instrument in Poland to observe the rotary motion of the Earth.

Southern Gate : built in the 14 th century and extended in the middle of the 19 th century.