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CAR RENTING IN PORTUGAL- things to know before renting a car in Portugal

Portugal is a small country in South Western Europe that shares a border with Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a country that welcomes foreigners as investors and tourism. Its capital Lisbon and other major cities in the country in the likes of Porto, Braga, and Almada, Coimbra and so on have great tourist attractions like the Castelo de Guimerães, Bom Jesus do Monte; the grandest Religious sanctuary which visitors may want to take  time out to explore. Whatever your visit to Portugal might be, you will require a good transportation system from the airport to the Hotel and to different locations that you may want to visit in the quest to make the most of your stay.

Portugal like other Countries in the world uses Public transport system like the Train and bus services for easy movement which is relatively affordable, fast and comfortable for anyone. The public transportation system is very good and affordable but for the sake of flexibility and comfort, you may want to consider Car Renting option which you will not really find easy at your arrival in the country. The purpose of this article is to give you the assurance that Considering Car renting option for your comfort is a wise decision as you make the most of your stay in Portugal and it will get you acquainted to information and guidelines regarding having the best Car Rental services, your required documents regarding renting a car, Road laws in Portugal as a tourist when renting a car.

List of necessary questions often asked by tourists considering Car renting Option in Portugal have been listed below and answers have been provided in order for you to have the best experience of your stay in Portugal.

Would it be a bad idea to rent a car in Portugal?

Portugal has the most affordable transportation systems in the world compared to other countries in Europe but public transport system such as the train and buses might not be the best option for some tourists –you might just want to ease yourself of the little discomfort that might be involved by considering Car renting option.

Renting a car in Portugal is a necessary and a wise decision that will give you an added advantage as you make the most of your tour. Driving in Portugal is a must if you are to enjoy and make exploration of the country to the fullest, most especially the towns and villages instead for opting for the public transport system that will only take you from one location to the other. This is best explained in the case of siting amazing views as you drive by, pulling over to have a perfect view of them taking in pictures in those settings which you can’t do as you travel on public transport.

As you tour some distant locations in the country or some of the remote parts of Portugal that is not easily accessed by the public transport systems like the train and buses, you may need to take a taxi to drop you at the location or in some cases walking some distances on foot from the bus stop which may command more spending and stress as a result opting for Car renting at will serve the situation better. In the case of group tourism like friends and family on vacation, you are advised to opt for Car renting options as a means to maximize spending on transportation as you move around about the cities of Portugal.

Different thoughts may be running through your mind regarding the decision to rent a car or issues that may be associated with driving in Portugal, relax and enjoy flexibility, luxury, and comfort that Car rental option services offer.

Having a good driving experience in Portugal also means abiding by the driving laws like driving in accordance with the speed limits which varies with locations, obeying traffic regulations and making use of the packing options in the country. There are free public parking lots in the cities and towns of Portugal unlike some Other European countries but you are however warned to be conscious of wrong or illegal packing such as leaving the car in the driveway, parking close to bus stops that might attract a fine or having your car been towed which will be a menace on your side as the driver, so it is on this note that drivers are advised to advantage of the free car parks  around the country.

Car Rental Issues in Portugal

This question is very vital if you are to have the best deals in your quest to rent a car. You may be required to state the hours of use, know the pickup and drop off locations as well as the size and your preferred transmission. Price fluctuation is one of the issues you might encounter in your quest to hire a car but however, you are required to make online bookings ahead even before your arrival in the country in order to enjoy discounts in prices. Other charges may occur in your quest to rent a car such as insurance, in order to limit these charges you should look out for the general condition of the car such as dents and evaluate the choice of the insurance options you are provided with.

Best and worst car renting companies in Portugal

A prerequisite knowledge of the operations of your choice Car rental company in Portugal is vital so as to have the best services for your money. In booking a car online you may be required to book directly from the company’s website rather than an Affiliate Company which may command higher prices. You may be required to know their charging rates, qualities of fleets they offer, their working hours in a day as well as drop and pick up terminals within the country.

List of rental companies in Portugal that may offer you the best services to make your visit a memorable one has been listed below;

Best car rental companies in Portugal

  • Europcar: is simply one of the best in the country known for their good rates even for the Luxurious cars, they having several drop-offs and pick up locations within the country. It offers daily, weekly, monthly and long-term services with new and comfortable car rental fleets
  • Amoita Car rental Lisbon: is a small care company in Lisbon that offers quality services at just little cost. Many costumers’ feedback on google attesting to their quality deliveries which do not compare to the stipends they charge in return
  • AVIS: you should be ready to get the best deals and quality service from AVIS rentals which is one of the best brands in the country.
  • Goldcar: is one of the leading brands in Portugal known for its quality, 24hours services and possesses multiple pickups locations in the country.
  • Sixt Car rental provides one of the best services and rates in the country. It offers 24 hours services, free cancelation 48hours before pick up and no credit card charges.

Worst car rental companies in the country

  • Yes Car Hire. This car rental has one of the poorest car rental services in the country which I won’t recommend for anyone who is to enjoy the best services regarding car rental

Renting a car in Portugal; Manual vs Automatic

This greatly depends on individual preferences. Some may fancy manual while others may make do with the automatic transmission and in some rare cases, some might for any of the two. When renting a car in Portugal, one may need to consider the fact that cars with automatic transmission commands higher prices compared to the manual transmission which will be advantageous to people who have no preference with the two options when it comes to cutting pocket cost.

Is credit Card needed when renting a car in Portugal?

A credit card is highly needed in renting a car in Portugal because of the insurance policy place cars being rented. Additional charges resulting from damages will be deducted from your credit card on your return of the car but no charges will be made if there is no damage recorded on the return of the car.

What is the minimum age to rent a car in Portugal?

Like most countries in the world, Portugal’s minimum age requirement for car hire is 18 years after which individual must have obtained their driver’s licenses for at least a year. However, age limits and driver’s license requirement varies depending on categories of the car that is to be hired and the car rental companies. Some rental companies have the minimum age limit on car hire up to 25 years to command additional cost from customers.

What is the average cost of renting a car in Portugal?

The first consideration you should make before hiring a car in Portugal is the cost which is mainly influenced by insurance in some cases, as a result of this, it is required you consider first the insurances policy that you are opting for . In your online booking ensure you don’t book your cars through affiliated websites as it may command higher prices than when you book from direct company’s website. The transmission system of the car also influences the price as automatic transmission commands higher prices than a manual transmission. There may also be some minor charges such as taxes that can reflect to increase the cost of hiring a car.

Road Laws domineering Portugal as a tourist when renting a car

The Portuguese government has made adequate laws that guide tourist drivers in Portugal as all through their stay in the country. Some of these laws include the following;

  • You must be at least 18years of age to drive in Portugal and a minimum of 23 or 25 to hire a car.
  • Children younger than 12 years cannot travel on the front seat.
  • Possess an international driving license and an international passport for identification
  • The use of mobile phones is prohibited unless you use a hands-free kit
  • The use of a seat belt is a must to ensure safety while
  • Don’t drink and drive
  • Avoid illegal parking that is 5 meters from the junction, 25 meters before and 5 meters after a bus stop.
  • Maintain national speed limits that are 120Km/h on freeways, 90km/h on main roads and 50km/h on urban roads.

Documents needed to rent a car in Portugal

Some of the required documents in renting a car in Portugal  include the a driver’s license which requires that you must be above the age of 18 and at least 23 years of age to rent a car, an international passport, your credit card which will be required for insurance charges in case of damages and vehicle particulars which you will be provided with at the point of hiring.

Toll Gates and other information

Portuguese motorways are toll roads in which you pay toll fees by cash or through automated systems that require the use of transponders. So when you rent a car, the transponder will be given to you which cost might be added to your car cost. The transponder takes into account all your toll charges which you will be required to pay when you return the car.

Renting a car in Portugal as an American driver (USA)

Driving in Portugal as an American driver won’t be a big problem except for the fact that Portuguese drivers drive on the right and overtake from the left which opposite is the case in the United States. United State drivers should also consider the transmission of the car they are being offered from Rental Company so as to choose the one they are conversant with. Be extremely careful as you drive because some roads lack road signs and the use of Dashboard cameras are prohibited in Portugal.

What not to do when returning a rental car in Portugal

Car rental companies will be looking forward to surcharging you based on the insurance policy you chose before renting and the toll fees you incurred all through  when you return the car. So minimize incurring damages and scratches as you use the car in order not to be charged too much on your car return, also endeavor to refill fuel to the level it was when you rented the car.

Tips to avoid car rental companies RIF-OFFS

  • Know the car hire company
  • Check and take pictures of the car before you leave
  • Check the fuel policy
  • Do full check and take pictures of the car before you return it

Important contact numbers

Concerning any emergency case during your stay in Portugal, please endeavor to dial 112 which will get you across to the local police, Medical service and ambulance, fire services and so on.

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