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History Rhodes

Then the Knights conquered Rhodes in 1307 and finished the invasion in 1310. The island was the seat of the order of Knights of St John of Jerusalem between 1307 and 1522. The city was built up by them, except the Great current walls. In the lower portion, they constructed the palace of the Great Master. In 1522, after a five months blockade, Rhodes fall to the hands of the Turkish emperor, Suleiman the Magnificent. In 1912, Italy apprehended the island which belonged to the Turks then. The island reunited with Greece in 1948.The Colossus of Rhodes There is also a history behind the Colossus of Rhodes for which the island is famous for. After defeating Demetrius Poliorcetes in 305 BC, to give a thank offering to their great patron Helios, the people of Rhodes used their treasure and then Chares of Lindos, built (292-280 BC) a bronze statuette of the unclothed young god wearing a sun-ray crown and looking out to sea.


Rhodes is a place which enjoys long hot summers with less rainfall. Therefore this island becomes the main attraction for the holiday-goers in the month of June to September. The weather chart for more information on weather.

Best Rhodes

Among these spots, Acropolis of Lindos comes first, which is situated 46 km south of the town of Rhodes. The sight from here and the nearby Medieval Castle is undoubtedly attractive. And its calm environment will make your mind refreshed. The Colossus of Rhodes is one of the ancient wonders of the world. He stands no longer, but the columns are still standing strong there. The Old Town of Rhodes is astonishing. The walled city stands strong and is home of the Palace of the Grandmaster. Ancient Kamiros was one of the three dominant cities in Rhodes. It was famous as nobody knows how the city was abandoned and buried underground. That's why it was said The Greek Pompeii. You will be amazed to see the ancient stadium of Rhodes which is situated in the south of the hill of the Ancient Acropolis of Rhodes. Don't forget to visit the Medieval town of Rhodes which is surrounded by a medieval wall with seven gates. Surely you won't be disheartened visiting Rhodes in your holiday trip.

Eating drinking Rhodes

However, if you want to try something traditional like melitzanosalata or big, leafy, tasty salads, then make your way to the Indigo. You'll get to taste some of the finest Greek and Turkish dishes. This is a place where you can't come for once. The Archontiko always welcome the seafood lovers. They provide the tourists with a large number of seafood dishes as well as mezedes (snacks). If you want musical surroundings during your lunch or dinner time, then Mimakos is the best place for you. The smell of sausages, steaks, chops and shick-kebabs here with the traditional Greek music will make you amazed. Or if you want something simple and cheap, you'll find a lot of them in the old part of the Rhodes.

Nightlife Rhodes

It's been said that Rhodes has more bars and discos per person than New York , Paris or Berlin. People of every nationality pass a whole dark night here, dancing on all kinds of music; from Greek, Internationalpop to live rock 'n roll music. And when get tired, refresh themselves with various drinks. Sometime these bars also arrange shows, full of surprising items. No need to mention that you can enjoy your night here within reasonable price. Those who don't like clubbing or want to do something soothing, three multiplexes are there as alternative that shows latest films as well as classics. If you want to make more money by burning your own, then you'll always be welcomed by the Casinos. When the night comes to an end, get mesmerized by watching the sunrise from the sea. Surely, you'll feel like alive again.

Shopping Rhodes

If you want to make your dear ones surprised, then jewellery and ornaments are the best things to give. You can buy both gold and silver ornaments from different jewellery shops and obviously within sound price. Besides, antique fittings, paintings, furniture and pottery are also very outstanding items to give as well as making your collection rich. Don't forget to buy a bottle of Rhodian wine and a jar of local honey. They are so famous that they can be bought from any store all over the island. The lively folklore bazaar in the Old Town , trendy brand name outlets in the New Market, leather-wear, furs, crystals, various souvenirs, sweets, handmade pottery, embroidery and textiles from the villages are accessible locally. No matter what kind of shopper you are, but Rhodes is a place where you will just love to shop.

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