Best Car Rental Romania

Romania is a country situated between Central and South East Europe. It occupies 239 000 square kilometres of land area making it the 9th biggest country in Europe. Romania?s population is just over 21 and a half million people living at 90 people per square kilometre. In Romania, the weather is separated into four very distinctive seasons. In spring, the weather is warm during the day and cooler at night while summer is much hotter. In autumn, Romania experiences little rainfall and cooler temperatures compared to winter that experiences a lot of rain and snow making the westerly mountains a great destination for skiing.

Many of the tourists that visit Romania each year do so for the picturesque and beautiful natural attractions around the country, many of which that would look at home on the back of a postcard. Perhaps the biggest of these attractions is the Carpathian Mountains and the great camping and hiking trails they offer. Still on the mountains, the winter sports like skiing and snowboarding in the Prahova Valley is also popular with visitors to the country as are the Black Sear resorts that offer beaches and seaside activities along the 275 kilometres of coastline on the Black Sea.

If its history you?re looking for, a trip to the Painted Monasteries of Bucovina to the north east of Romania are worth a visit. The walls are elaborately decorated with frescoes from the 1400s and 1500s. There are also many castles and fortified churches across the country that receive many visitors throughout the year.

Because Romania is a big country and tourist attractions can be quite far apart, the most efficient way to get to as many as you can during your stay in Romania by travelling between them by car. Car hire in Romania is very cost effective and can sometimes be cheaper than using public transport, putting the convenience of driving around instead of waiting for trains and busses aside. Use to compare instant quotations offered on car hire by the companies operating in Romania as well as make bookings well in advance of your travel dates to make sure when you land your car is waiting for you at the airport.