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History Rosslare Harbour

Rosslare Harbour is often credited as the gateway to beautiful Ireland. This small town is located in the south-east region of County Wexford. Recently the town is getting more importance and developing in tourism. It is a significant place among Ireland's youngest localities. The history of Rosslare Harbour is not too long. But this short story of this place has some important contribution to country's economy and communication. The major part of town's history is establishment of Rosslare Harbour(known as Rosslare Europort now). In 1906, the combined effort of Great Southern and Western Railway and Great Western Railway managed to inaugurate ferry traffic between Ireland and Great Britain.

The Rosslare Harbour was opened that year. To support the harbour, Rosslare Harbour (the town) was alleviated to a new height. New housing scheme, hotels, shopping facilities, church and tourist facilities started to develop after that. With ferry services only 4 KMs away (8 Kilo Meters by road), the communication and transportation system of Rosslare Harbour also developed. Other social services started to improve with that. The history of Rosslare Harbour is not a long one. This place hasn't got huge historical value like some other places of Ireland. But it can be assumed, if the current thriving status of this town continues it will become truly historical in future.


The best time to visit is during the summers when the weather is mild and enjoyable. In the months of June and July the temperature goes up to 17C highest, which makes the holiday pleasant.

Best Rosslare Harbour

If anyone wants to have fun in Ireland, they can have it from the gateway of country Rosslare Harbour. This place provides tons of opportunities to tourists to explore and enjoy. Let us focus on the best stuffs about Rosslare Harbour. Rosslare Harbour is a little town. But it still has some excellent hotels like Hotel Rosslare and St. Helens Hotel, and Carragh Lodge or Clifford House for proper accommodation. It has some good restaurants, pubs and bars. Visitors should check out The Lobster Pot. Tourists in Rosslare Harbour should visit the gorgeous parks and beautiful towns around it. Rosslare, a resort nearby has nice beach. It also has facilities of golfing. A Norman castle in town of Enniscorthy is occupied as museum now. Wexford, famous as Viking town provides a distinguished view.

Waterford Crystal Factory of Waterford town should be visited at least once. Irish National Heritage Park is a fine place to drop in. The wild region of Hook Peninsula is not too far away. So, there is no bar to be lost in pure natural beauty. One can have great fun by fishing, sailing or angling through the blue water. The fact is, Rosslare Harbour can provide best entertainment with resources inside and around it. With friendly residents, it can be great place to take a trip.

Exploring Rosslare Harbour

Rosslare Harbour and the places near to it have plenty to offer for satisfaction of one's eyes and heart. This welcoming town is a part of county Wexford. It can be a great place to stop for a night. Also, with the beautiful countryside plus marvellous towns and villages around it is a wonderful place to stay and explore for couple of days. The Harbour is only 8 km from Town of Rosslare by road. It has link with continental Europe and Wales through ferry services. Anybody would love to Rosslare resort in county Wexford. The place is popular for its excellent water services and pristine beach. Near Rosslare Harbour, there is town of Enniscorthy on Slaney River.

Beautiful Vinegar Hill, an old Norman Castle (a museum now), Blackstairs Blues Festival, Strawberry Fair and local pottery industry makes it great place to move around. The Hook peninsula is not too far away. With its wild landscape and one of the most ancient active lighthouse of world on top it provides a spectacular view. That's not all, Irish National Heritage Park, town of Wexford signifying Viking dominance at older days, world-famous Waterford Crystal Factory and Kilmore Quay can be a huge attraction for anybody. With all these natural beauties and remarkable man-made facilities around, it is hard to leave Rosslare Harbour in a short time.

Eating drinking Rosslare Harbour

Rosslare Harbour has some excellent deals for eating and drinking the heart out. The town has number of restaurants, bars and pubs. Some hotels also serve their boarders with quality foods and drinks. Some towns and places around Rosslare Harbour have great deals of mouthwatering treats, too. Let's check out what Rosslare Harbour has for its visitors to eat and drink.

Rosslare Harbour welcomes the tourists with a range of excellent local foods and drinks. The traditional foods of Ireland like Champ, black pudding, coffee and top quality local drinks can be found in local bars and restaurants. Galley Restaurant & Coffee Shop is a place where anybody would enjoy eating and drinking. Anybody will have a good time dining at restaurant-come-pubs like The Lobster Pot, Culletons, Kilrane Inn or Harbour View. Hotels like St. Helens Hotel and Hotel Rosslare are great for eating out. As for drinking, all the restaurant-come-pubs mentioned before serves excellent drinks. There is a members bar in Railway Social Club, the nearby Kelly's Resort hotel in Rosslare with restaurants and bars of Wexford town provide more places to eat and drink. This can be said without a risk that nobody will be disappointed with foods and drinks services in Rosslare Harbour.

Shopping Rosslare Harbour

Rosslare Harbour provides plenty of opportunities for shopping. There are numerous spots for shopping in the town. The range of product is somehow impressive. Let's get to the details of shopping in Rosslare Harbour. The shopping places can be differentiated by types of product. Many types of products are available here. From all the essentials of daily life to fashion products can be found in stores and supermarkets of Rosslare Harbour. There are numbers of retail shops serving customers with wide-ranged products. Some of the town's top shopping outfits are Quick Pick Convenience Shop, Morgan's Shop& Save Convenience Shop, Terminal Shop Convenience Shop and Londis Supermarket. These shops not only provide excellent products, they also offer reasonable and cheap price for those.

There are some other places people would like to shop. Shops with specialized products like Eugune Ferguson Carpets, Etta J Boutique Ladies Fashion, Henneseys Garden Centre, Mace Food Retail or Rosslare Fuel Home Heating oil are always ready to meet customer demands. Foods, cloths, stationary and other stuffs for leading life are found in low price. Gifts and fashion products can be found everywhere, too. If Rosslare Harbour doesn't feel enough, nearby towns will certainly fulfil all the needs.

Disabled visitors Rosslare Harbour

Rosslare Harbour is always ready to treat its disabled visitors with special care. The best facility that any disabled person will find is behaviour of local people. Residents of the town are really friendly with people. They can be great support to the disabled visitors. However, disabled visitors can be facilitated on their way to Rosslare Harbour. They will find excellent facilities in their way to Rosslare Harbour from Dublin International Airport. Dublin International Airport authority and staffs have it covered up. If any disabled visitor wants to reach Rosslare Harbour by ferry, they will still enjoy some necessary facilities from all operational ferry services.

Most of the quality hotels of town are aware of disabled facilities. Hotel Casey's Cedars, Hotel Rosslare, St. Helens Hotel and many more provide disabled facilities like room service or toilet. The self catering services are also good enough to provide adequate support to disabled visitors. However, the landscape of Rosslare Harbour is not best suited for handicapped people. Specially, some places outside town can prove to be risky. Still, it can be said with confidence that disabled visitors would enjoy their trip here. The sources of entertainment here are many and people's attitude is something to remember.