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A city which experiences all four seasons hence it?s a mild place with extreme temperatures not seen that often. But Salzburg is a rainy city and most of it during the summer months. The hottest temperature during the summer month is 2l to 22 degrees centigrade.

Weather of Salzburg

Weather plays an important role which ultimately affects human behavior. Whereas, it is an important factor to consider while any one plans to visit anywhere. However, It is advisable to keep the essential things according to climate. Salzburg is considered as the friendliest city and situated between Austria and Germany. Due to its closeness to Germany it faces moderate climate throughout the year. Therefore, its weather is fairly pleasant whereas, the summers in the city are most appealing and inviting. Therefore, it sees a noticeable climb in number of visitors during the season. During the moths of juke, July and September people can experience rainy weather. Winter is considered as the driest time with a little rainfall. Salzburg is a lovely city to visit during winters with snow covering all the areas. Mainly it reaches temperatures that hover at freezing points whereas; snow is plentiful in alpine regions.

City transport

Salzburg is very much famous due to its beautiful places and considered as tourism industry whereas, it is the fourth largest city of Austria. Due to its tourist strength it provides man facilities to them in a way to boost their economy. However, it has an extensive transport network to facilitate it tourists therefore, the transportation system of the city has become very modern and advanced that’s why it helps people to touch nearby areas easily.

 Salzburg offers travelling in friendly trolley buses powered by overhead electrical wires and different bus lines. These trolley buses run after 10 minutes; these buses are specially designed to keep in mind air pollution and environment care. Moreover, it has a well organized bus network whereas; it takes from origin and drops then to their destinations. Whereas, the best way to travel around the city is by foot because very soon the city is becoming pedestrianised. Moreover, comprehensive network operates within the city with an easy accessibility of buses. The hauptbahnhof is the train station operates with speedy hourly intercity trains.

Top attractions of Salzburg

Salzburg in Austria is a small land but have many things to offer for its visitors. It is a land with an extensive cultural tradition that extends far from past decades. The land has several attractions for people belong to different age groups which include arts, sports, stadium, shopping malls and many fascinating places. Wasserspiele hellbrun is a fountain park with lots of fun activities that captures lots of tourist’s attention. Salzburg old town is a town center is a square and consider as photographic paradise whereas, the Salzburg fortress is an architectural building and a historic center with lots of historic information. It displays historic art collection which exhibits one of the best historic collections of the land. Grosses festspielhaus is an opera performance theater which captures the youth towards it. Hellbrun castle defined as the most famous square of Salzburg that is surrounded by beautiful arcaded red brick building with pleasant uniform architecture.


Salzburg is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and it really packed with things to see. The following sights will be considered the most appealing to Internationaltourists and are ideal for two or three days in Salzburg.

Salzburger Dom - the city?s cathedral: The attraction that has always been on the top this Dom in all its Baroque glory has stood tall ever since 1628.

St. Peter?s monastery & cemetery: The oldest Benedictine monastery of the north Alps it was founded in 696

Salzburg Castle - Festung Hohensalzburg: With stunning views over the valley this Salzburg Fortress one of the biggest castles in Europe provides an amazing experiences to its visitors.

Getreidegasse - Salzburg?s busiest alley: A place Mozart was born, a scenic medieval alley and being the most expensive is also the most fashionable shopping mile in the city.

Mozart Square - the heart of Salzburg: The square that is covered with city?s Roman foundations also hosts the Mozart memorial since 1842.

Mozart birthplace & living place: The house now converted into museum where Mozart was born and spent is early childhood and later years.

Residenz Castle - the gem of the Prince Archbishops: The symbol of power of the Prince Archbhishops of Salzburg the Residenz Castle still stands strong.

St. Sebastian church & cemetery: The final resting place of Mozart?s family this church of St. Sebastian is an attraction by itself, for its cloisters and tranquil cemetery.

Hellbrunn Palace, park & trick fountains: A lAvish Baroque castle a masterpiece having trick fountains was the Prince Archbishop?s private passion.


The famous towering Hohensalzburg Fortress having cobbled side streets and rich culture make this a magical city to visit and unwind and explore the sights it has to offer.

Wandering through the city and going through the many churches and palaces created by the wealthy of the bygone era still put up a amazing experience to visit.

Palace Mirabelle, Palace Leopoldskron, and Palace Hellbrunn will inspire you with ideas when going through the lAvish halls and rooms.

Music is a key part of the city and it hosts many festive events which gather music lovers from all over. The sound of Music and the theatres and museums the city is a haven for classical and modern music. Concerts and events that happen around the year make it a happening place. On every street and cobbled road you will find music being played.


With cafes restaurants dotted all across the city offering Austrian fare, Italian or quick snacks. The Mittagsmenus(mid-day menus) are the cheaper ones so look for them.

The famous streets of Alter Market bost many different places to choose from. During the festive times held in the city, notably the Salzburg Festival the place is lot busier.

Fresh produce markets are great place to buy fresh ingredients if you plan to cook your own food during the visit to the city and the two of the best markets to look for are the Universitatsplatz market and the market close to Mirabellplatz.

The Bosna the most popular fast food dish originated in Salzburg consists of two bratwursts, onions, mustard and a sprinkle of spices on a white bun. But vendors are the best to have a traditional Bosna.

Ice-cream is a big deal here too. It?s a lovely treat on a warm summer night. If you're in the mood for a bit of opulence with your ice-cream, Caf? Tomaselli is a great choice. Styled like an old Viennese coffee house, the prices here are very reasonable.


Most of the bars and pubs are located near the river Salzach which is what the nightlife of Salzburg encompasses. There is a variety of bars and pubs of different nationality. Being a small town, its lacks in the nightlife for people who tend to party till the early hours of dawn.

Dressing to these bars is no issue. Only few of them are stylish where one has to dress accordingly.


With Elaborately decorated facades these shops which are lined all over the city inviting the visitors to them.

From traditional ?trachten? apparel popular across Europe or the boutiques that you find they offer the best antiques, jewelry, books and a lot more.

Books on Salzburg?s history, art or culture make a good memorabilia and for keepsakes the books for traditional Salzburg cooking is a must buy.

Disabled Visitors

Facilities for the disabled people are there to handle all their needs so making your trip hassle free. Hence ensuring the visit to this city is a memorable experience. All major attractions of the city are hassle free for the disabled they can come and enjoy in their own leisure.

Accommodation in Salzburg

Salzburg is considered as the tourism industry although; it is one of the smallest Austrian lands. This is a small paradise hence; thousands of people throughout the year visit this small paradise. The place has many beautiful and attractive places, so every year many visitors visit the place and the mob increases by a large amount during summers.. Salzburg is tourism industry therefore; anyone can easily find accommodations according to their choice. If you are planning to go in Salzburg then there will be many options that help you to choose among a wide variety. Undeniably, It provides luxury, comfort and excellent hospitability packages in an economic way according to your preference. The accommodations include Coldiar theatre hotel offers warm welcome perfect for business and leisure travelers. It offers well equipped conference room, modern amenities and convenience.

Mozart hotel Salzburg is situated in the city center offers dedicated traditional style bedrooms, favorable parking space including modern amenities. Renaissance hotel Salzburg is situated next to the town center furnished with well equipped guest rooms, banquet facilities and offers a conference room for business activities. The place offers a large variety to offer for the visitors so it would be easier for them to choose among which, they may find the best accommodations whereas, accommodations may vary in prices.

The City of Salzburg

Salzburg is a fourth largest city in Austria and considered as one of the smallest Austrian island. The city is famous as tourism industry and their economy is highly based on tourism.. The city has very stable economy. The city is a lad of intensive cultural tradition whereas; the city’s famous son depicts the peak point of classical musical tradition.

It is the most developed tourism industry in Austria and offers a quality life. The city has been ranked as the fourth largest among city in Austria with a population of 150,269 due to its industrial sector and due to its social services. Salzburg has a rich musical tradition and a most dynamic region and listed as one of the top position for investments. It is a place of promoting economy and an important vehicle in promoting the culture. Moreover, it is also a center of education and training. The city is well known and famous due to its cuisine the city is known as the stage of the world due to its tourism organization. It is also famous as a communist town and a political center.

Historically, the city is enormous and the youngest and link to all areas of western lands. Moreover, it is an historic heritage due to the massive presence of art and styles working in musical field.

Useful contact numbers

Salzburrg is the tourist destination and a commercial economical center. Each year couple of people visits the city for business matters. During your visit to the city you will be needed million and one people to contact in case of emergencies. To keep Emergency contact numbers is a proactive approach during your trip. Emergency numbers helps people to safe from unexpected situations.

Tourist info and details

24/7 help desk is available to help people in a way to avail the necessary information regarding tour in the city and facilitate by providing the desired information.


It serves as a helping hand for patients by providing them medicines in emergencies. The doctors are always available for uncertain conditions and emergencies.
+43 (662) 433 391


Post office
844 1210
Fire brigade 122

Airport services

24/7 online service is available regarding the arrival and departure timing of flights.

Transport system

The contact number helps you to get the accurate information and service about taxis, buses, car rentals and other vehicles.
+43 1 710 19 19

Car parking

Car parking helps you to get parking space earlier before reaching at the spot to get the parking without ay hindrance
0043662 8580-7911

Salzburg Festivals

Salzburg has many things to see and festivals are always among best deal in the city. Salzburg celebrates thousand of festivals each year in order to accommodate its visitors by presenting carnivals and fiestas. As it is a tourism industry therefore, tourist seems anxious about festivals and events of the city. Whereas, the city has abundant sights and places to visit and explore. Whereas, each year thousands of people visits the city in order to explore the places as well as to enjoy the city throughout going festivals.


Every country or nation has its own norms and culture whereas; every rational person wants to show their previous belongings to their young ones. Salzburg is a traditional city and has many things to offer for those who are history buff, archeology fiend, and dabbler in the science. Many museums in the city have excellent rotating displays with exceptional permanent collection. Dommuseum displays the 17th century art collection from the part of the cathedral. It displays the religious art, objects, and icons as well as objects dating back to the middle Ages has Der Nature shows giant displays and natural history of life. Residenzgalerie displays the 16th century art whereas, it showcase works from Dutch, Austrian and Italian artists. Another archeology museum Ropertinum displays the travelling exhibits and photographic art.

Salzburg government spends lots of money to take special care of museums and previous belongings of their ancestors as they are the precious assets of their history. Salzburg Barrockmuseum displays the toys of olden times whereas; it makes people wish to be a kid again. Museums exhibit the history and heritage of traditions of any country. These museums display the city’s history, art and culture dated back from the Bronze Age to the medieval age.

Kids’ Amusement in Salzburg

Salzburg is an ideal place to enjoy and offers a friendly environment with lots of fun for adults and kids. The city offers many fascinating things in order to accommodate kids to enjoy their vacations and holidays. The city care for kids also by arranging different festivals and fun activities in a way to entertain the children.

Salzburg is a tourist paradise with plenty of fun oriented activities for kids to enjoy entertainments such as swimming pool, sports and gaming zone. Das kimo is situated in the steigesses and shows many latest releases including older classics in their native language. Salzburg marionette hotel is an amusement spot where puppets dance and include Mozart operas and also the bat. Salzburg zoo is located in the heart of the city it is a little fishing village has many entertaining bars and restaurants. It offers abundant activities like horse rides, parrot shows, dogging cars and other fun oriented activities. The zoo has specific kids play area and an awesome flowering area. The ride of camel is a thrilling trip for kids and adults on the island on which people can enjoy their rides throughout the village.

Salzburg has variety of activities for kids and different cinemas with fully equipped environment and provides a luxurious atmosphere to kids. It offers lots of fun activities for kids and adults and definitely worth a visit for family picnics with kids.

However, the above listed fun activities are very famous inside and outside the city. The city offers a wide array of fun activities for kids to enjoy their vacations under a single roof.


Beaches play a vital role in every ones life and a big source of fun activity. Undeniably, every city has some of the most famous beaches in the state. It is the only place where everyone can come with their families and relax for some time period away from hectic tensions. People love beaches because of its beautiful sand expanse and sight seeing. Salzburg is tourist destination and its beaches have charm therefore; thousands of tourists visit this beautiful island each year.

Beaches have pleasant environment and fun to every one who comes to visit the city.  Beaches have many things to offer such as fishing and bird watching which mostly people loves to do. Salzburg beaches are clean and provide safety with full of entertaining activities. Saalbach hinterglemm are flourished with palm trees and sandy land with full safety and healthy environment. It is a long wide beach and flourishes with real sand massive waves which really makes the environment more pleasant. Wasserspiele are the beast beach for hot days. It employs the best places inside the city to get relax for some time period.


Salzburg is a city with full fun activities for all age groups. The city’s economy is based on tourism industry therefore, the government spends lots of money to develop and maintain the places of the city. Salzburg offers many parks with full fun oriented activities for everyone. Mirabellengarten is amusement park with full fun activities to be located in the heart of the city and the city’s famous park. The park is a large complex offers an abundant variety of rides such as lazy river, an exciting wave pool, miniature golf, giant wheels, rocking chairs, landscaped gardens, sun beds and tenpin bowling. It is the most fascinating place for kids and adults including teenagers to explore and enjoy their vacations in a different city.

On the other hand, country Park is one of the most exciting family destination appeals to all ages. It is a famous safari park which contains many zoo favorite items and species more than 8,000 including dangerous and undangerous. The park is located on eastern side of the city. These parks are good to gain knowledge for School students about nature and creations. Moreover, it’s a botanical garden with incredibly diverse collection of plants and species.

Real estate

Salzburg is a tourist destination and its economy and real estate is based on its tourism. However, each year it experiences a flock of people in order to visit the city and fascinated by the way of life the people spend here.  The city is famous due to its location and attractions therefore, its property has a market worth and a high resale value. In that way people seem interested to purchase or invest in the property of the city in order to enjoy future gains. The city has a growing economy and enjoying fruitful results therefore; it is not riskier to invest in the real estate. On the other hand, the costs of running a property are relatively cheap and people seem very interested for the long term investments. Moreover, Salzburg market covers a large range of properties such as plots, hotels, apartments, commercial complexes and houses.