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San Sebastian History

The city of San Sebastian was founded by king Sancho el Mayor of Navrra around the year 1180.The city is well suited for a military strong hold as it has a sea port and it has the ideal geographical setting to enable the city to defend itself from invaders. King enhanced the ability of the port to defend itself by making a castle on top of Mount Urgill and fixed artillery guns on it. History shows these guns could defend the entire region from invaders. This is the reason as to why there were quite a number of was between 15th and 16th century in the region. Some of them were sieges.

There was a war between English and French during the year 1721. French who ruled the region for three years had to leave as they were beaten by the Englishmen in the war. Finally they sign a peace treaty and left San Sebastian. Napoleon?s armies again conquered the city in 1808 and subsequently the city of San Sebastian was burned down completely due to his warring with the combined force of English and the Portuguese.

Those who survived the war did the repair work to build the city again. When Queen Isabel II paid a visit to the city in 1845 it started to get the attention of ever one and San Sebastian started to develop. The electricity, lights, water supply and telephones were all put in place. The other infrastructure facilities provided the city began to awaken. As the city developed visitors from all over the world started coming in. Carlist war affected the city of San Sebastian in the 19th century but the city was developed to such and extent it could withstand the effects.

In 1863 San Sebastian became the capital of the GiPuzkoa province. The city got a face lift as it became the administrative center. As the cities role changed from fortress to administrative capital the walls were removed. Commerce and tourism developed and the city was playing the new role efficiently. The city was made ready for tourists and the economy improved and as a result it has now become one of the urban cities in Spain.

San Sebastian Weather

San Sebastian weather is very cold and chill. The humidity in the weather is 75 percentages according to the latest and current day. Temperature is 0 C (32 f) and the pressure is about 30? which makes (1012 hpa) and the visibility is 6.2 miles which stands as (10.0km). The weather of San Sebastian is very raining in the ordinary days. Most of the people who are planning out to make their holidays happier and evergreen then they want to go to enjoy the awesome weather of the San Sebastian.

San Sebastian Weather is liked by the tourists because of its outstanding and draws the attention of visitors for its serine and beautiful sceneries and points. In normal days when it is not raining it is very dull and cloudy. In the summer, it is recorded that the weather becomes little a bit drier as compare to winter. The people of the San Sebastian enjoy the sunny day at the beach where they can feel better to spend their time and tend to live oomph. In the summer, the temperature may be reach as closer as 25?C.

Winter of the this place is very colder even chiller at times the temperature downs to 5?C, San Sebastian is beautiful and attractive place for visitors and tours. They come here regardless of the weather because they know that weather of the area is superb due to its coastal suburb. The weather of the coastal town San Sebastian is very famous and popular for its great honor and making the things for making the tourism department stronger so as they may get the high benefits from the weather and most of the people can come there and enjoy the beautiful and attractive place for the people who are making an awesome and great plan to enjoy the cold season of the San Sebastian which attracts the people so as they can make the outstanding and high level of income through the tourist and visitors who come here and see the good and eye catching season of the town it is very cold in winter and dry in summer.

San Sebastian Transport

There is several type of city transport in the San Sebastian. Train is one of the most popular and economical and very efficient and relaxing and making traveling easy and quick. However, it is advised that you should make long walk because the city is not too big but if you are willing to take the train for long purpose then you can because its main purpose is to make your way and route peaceful and calm.

The railway system of the San Sebastian is very fine for the people who are making the long traveling. Taxi is the most quick and fastest and effective way to reach your destination if you think that you are getting late and you need a quick service then you must hire a taxi because it is the only way which makes your travel too relaxed and easy. But, you must bear it in mind that you are hiring a complete car which is your property for the time being and allows you to make any kind of changes in your mood for reaching your desired destination this is the only reason for which it is more expensive rather than train. The taxi rent is charged by a meter which counts your mileage and you have to pay accordingly, it may be vary time. If you dislike the bargaining then it is advised to set the price for your whole journey before you step in the car or taxi. San Sebastian Transport includes the bus as well it is well decorated and luxurious for the clients. These are very effective and efficient and you can get the connections to all other cities which also includes the airport and to the downtown. It must be remember that if you are willing to make your journey memorable then you ought to go through the bus because it provides the enormous beautiful sceneries to see and making fun and enjoy. It is very low priced transport in the San Sebastian than the others. If now you are here just for making the enjoyment and want to get the quick way of transport then use the taxi.

San Sebastian AttractionIt is true that the people regardless the sex is very keen to get the attraction and love the attractive places it depends on the nature of the people how he or she get the attraction. But, if you are talking about the San Sebastian top attractions then you are meaning the beautiful and awesome beaches of the palace. Here are different kind of activities which a person can enjoy specially the atmosphere and surroundings which draw the attention of the visitors.

Many visitors come here just for making the fun and spend their time as well making it memorable for the ages.? San Sebastian attractions are having some other aspect of getting the good food which make a wonderful and aweful way of getting the food. You can find a wide range of variety of dishes from the different regions and countries, you can?t miss the attractive bars which are adjacent to it and it is great for visitors because of its taste and different flavor. ?Museo de San Telmo, Plaza Zuloaga 1is a great and attractive museum which is tipped with the impressive and exotic collection of the Basque artifacts from the ancient time, many works of great people are saved here like; El Greco and Ribera.

Here people can come and enjoy the beautiful and antique pieces of the ancient period, it is open for public from Tuesday ? Saturday it opens two times, from 10:30 am ? 2 pm and from 4 pm ? 7:30 pm and specially open for today but the timing on that day is different from other days, on Sunday you can get in from 10:30am to 2pm, never forget that there is no entrance fee. ?Sebastian Attractions includes Palacio del Mar it is an oceanographic museum. This is very eye catching and attractive palace for you if you are visitor here and you want to get the fun along with the adventure then you must come here and see this beautiful aquarium which gives you a look of king of the sea where you can walk easily without any tension and fear, it permits you to see the 360 degree of several kind of sharks, fishes, and different rays.

San Sebastian Disabled visitors

There are ample of places which are devoted to the disable people. They are being facilitated with the latest equipments of making the life and traveling of disable people easier. Most of the things are here for facilitating these people who are suffering from problems. San Sebastian is full with the facilities of current age for their potential clients who are disabled. Latest and moderate lifts and neat and clean wash rooms which may not create any kind of problem for their clients or for their customer, disabled visitors are also provided the reserved parking in the parking areas because the concern authorities don?t want to give them any hardship.

There is special facilities are provided to the disabled visitors that is car or taxi service which provide them outstanding and marvelous and relaxing traveling opportunities. These taxi or cars are paying their humble service to disabled visitors at a reasonable discount and provide them awesome services. San Sebastian Disabled Visitors can go to the beaches of the San Sebastian because it is most attractive and enchanting and having facilities for the disabled visitors here different kind of visitors come and enjoy their life. The team who is serving at the beaches took very care of the disabled visitors.

If you are willing to make trips to the aquarium center which is indeed a marvelous point to see for visitors here you can see the several species of the fishes and sharks which makes you happy and disclosed the mystery of sea world on you. The administration of the museum provides wheel chairs and other things which can help to disabled visitor for making their trip memorable and evergreen. If you have hired a room or hotel, you must not be worry because all of the hotels are very friendly for disabled visitors. Disabled visitors can make their trip beautiful and memorable by visiting the restaurants, bars, and other recreational activities places because each of the places are very friendly for disabled visitors and ease the things for these people. San Sebastian Disabled Visitors can make their life memorable there with several outings, recreational, and good sceneries place like beaches and restaurants.

San Sebastian Useful Contact

When you decide to go to San Sebastian for your holiday first thing is to decide the way you are going to travel. If you travel by air, the first useful contact will be to get a cab. Talk to the air port and do the booking. One of the best airports to arrive in San Sebastian is Donostia airport. It could be contacted over the telephone. The following details might come in handy for you.

Police station?s number is the important number to keep with you. It is given as 092.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Fire Brigade 080/ 085/ +34 944 923116

Ambulance +34 943 464622

City Hall +34 943 481000

Local bank Card +34 917 260000

San Sebastian Airport Contacts

Airport +34 943 668500

American Express +34 915 720303

Visa +34 915 196000

Important contacts for Tourists

San Sebastian tourist information centre +34 943 481 166

Hondarribia, bus company +34 943 64 13 02

City Center for cultural high lights +34943464516

Taxi +34 943 464646 Koldo

Mitxelena Arts Center: +34943482760

EdificiodeCorreos +34943464920

Hacienda Floral is a former hotel at Prim and is now an office building. This building (formerly the Hotel Hispano Americano) was built in 1906 by the architect Dominguez Barrios. Its attraction primarily lies in its white walls and irregular layout, a refreshing contrast to the surrounding stone buildings. EdificiodeCorreos is the post office used to house the School of Arts and Trades. Designed by the architect Aguirrebegoa, it bears the French influence, as can be seen in the building?s attics. An imposing building with a classical stone fa?ade, a majestic entrance hall and eye-catching columns, this dates back to the early 1900s.Opening Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Mondays to Fridays. There is many other place of visit of which you could get the details at your hotel.

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