Best Car Rental Saudi Arabia

Being the third largest country in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia sits between Jordan and Iraq to the north and north east, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Qatar to the eastern side and Oman and Yemen to the south. Its north eastern coast is to the Persian Gulf and its westerly coast meets the Red Sea. Since oil is abundant in the country, the region is significantly rich.

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country and has strict laws which must be observed; most of these concern dress codes. With regard to way of dressing, women must cover their bodies from neck to ankle; this is done by wearing the Abaya which is a loose, flowing garment that is usually very elaborately embroidered. Never wear shorts and skimpy tops outside your hotel.

Saudi Arabia is also known as ?The Land of the Two Holy Mosques?, which refers to Medina and Mecca; these are the holiest places in Islam. Other things to see and do include visiting the beach side where you can enjoy all sorts of sports such as: scuba diving, windsurfing and sailing, and football is very popular.

Of course, whilst you are there you will want to see some of the traditional aspects of the country. Visit the Makkets in Balad. These vibrant markets will excite your senses with the sights, sounds and smells of genuine Saudi Arabia; in these places you will find gold, silver, textiles and exotic spices. A visit to Harvey Nichols Outlet could be very beneficial if you are into designer names. Here you will find such designers as: Jimmy Choo, Versace and Alexander McQueen, and merchandise at a 60 - 90% discount. Of course a visit to Saudi Arabia wouldn?t be complete without a trip into the Arabian Desert.

In such a sparsely populated country, hiring a car in Saudi Arabia is a very good idea. Car hire is easily found and there are many companies offering car hire. These include such easily recognized names as: Avis, Rhino and Hertz. However, to make the job even easier for you, why not contact and let them take the strain out of searching. At the click of a button they will compare the prices of all car hire companies so you can select the most cost effective one that meets your requirements.