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History of Seville:

The history of directly linked to the River Guadalquivir because in the past, it has served as both a bridge and also a waterway port. In first 1000 AD, the city had to face a very difficult period as the ruling personalities were continuously changing. Seville is a vital source of charm to the past of Spain as it was the place from where the legend Don Juan began. Columbus also started his journey from some place near this great city. Due to its past, its art and archeological sites are very famous.

At a time, it used to be the largest city of Spain and the trade of its wealth was practiced here. The city of Seville is at its peak activities during spring as their legendary festival Feria de Abril is held which exposes a lot of colours and many people join it from through-out the world. Due to these activities, it is one of the most beloved tourist places in Spain. You delve into the culture of Andalusian as soon as you enter the city. Sightseeing can, without doubt, not be the most vital key to tourists but also the spicy Spanish dishes and Sherry wines also contribute a lot in attracting the tourists.


This part of Spain; Seville has warm summers which makes it ideal for holidays, and they have mild winters, which means you can enjoy your holidays in winter as well. Though during the months of September to December you may expect some rain which is not a very favourable time for holiday.The best time to visit Seville is during the months of March, also this is a festive season which makes it more popular among many tourists and locals equally. It is not recommended to go during the summers as the temperatures spike really high and makes it unbearable for the city; the city shuts down as well due to this.

Weather of Seville:

Seville has now become a vital part in the world tourism. It is now well-crowded and full of people of different nationalities. It is not only because of the wide range of festivals and activities it offers for people of different classes and ages but also because of the awe-aspiring weather it offers. However, such is not the case in all the months. I must warn you of the record-breaking heat in the summer months of June to August. This is because of the close-by position of Spain to the imaginary Equator line.

However, we may consider the winter months to be the peak tourism months in Seville as the temperature do not get below the freezing point and also the activities of Seville is at the peak. This is because the weather is mild in that time. Rainfall is also not common in Seville in the summer months of June to August. But, however, the rain comes down in the months of October to February. In the month of March, downfall in the rate of precipitation is observed. However, the average temperature is satisfactory for a once in a lifetime visit to Seville. Hence, you should now be packing your bags to go to a round trip to Seville.

Arrival to Seville

Many of the people must be thinking of Seville as a boring convectional location and also the difficulties of arriving in Seville. But I assure you that you need not worry because this is absolutely not the case with Seville. Seville is now a famous tourist location and the Government of Seville has taken many vital steps to assure a relaxing trip for the visitors and an untiring source of journey for the tourists. The Airport of Seville is now been facilitated with some of the major facilities available. The Seville City now has its own airlines which are very comfortable and you won’t know when you are in Seville.

It also has banks and shops for your convenience in the travel. You can also change the currency from the bank or withdraw some money from all-bank ATM. You can also buy eatables and magazines of different genres from the shop. As soon as you arrive in Seville city, you will see a number of people standing to greet you. They are certainly not the employees of your company but are the taxi drivers and rental officers who want to give you a plan of travel at cheap rates. This is also a facility for you only. So pack your bags and get started for experience in Seville.

You can hire a car from Car Hire Seville Airport to take a cheap trip around Seville and visit its historical and cultural background and to travel to the places you wish to.

Seville City Transport:

Seville has now become a necessary name in the tourist industry. It has all the facilities and necessities one wish to grant to the tourists of the city. No doubt, Seville is one if the foremost tourists attractions. What is this because of? Is it food, festivals, events or the art? A tourist doesn’t come for one of these. They are looking for a cheap alternative in which they get all of these. But what causes the major tourist problem to fade away? It is the mode of transport in and out of the city which is such that it is cheap, efficient and comfortable. Santa Justa Train Station is a very famous mode of transport for the people of Seville. It is very cheap and reliable source of traveling inside the city but the problem is that it is not as accessible as road travel.

Many of the tourists now see the buses and coaches as an alternative. They are fast, cheap, comfortable and accessible. They can also drop you to the nearest bus stations for the location you want to visit. The bus stations are found everywhere in the city which makes it far more accessible.

Top Attractions in Seville

Seville has become a frequently visited tourist spot in recent years. It is not only because of the history and culture of the ancient city but also because of some of the beautiful sites, events and festivals that attract the visitors in massive numbers. Seville comprises of many ancient monuments built in the days as back as 13th Century. The history of the monuments is also much fascinating. Some were used as a barrier, some are in remembrance of true lovers and some are for representing the art of the city.

The Cathedral of Seville is a beautiful monument which is a remarkable piece of art and architecture of the country. It was built in 13th to 14th century and was a reconstruction on a famous mosque. It is true that architects must have put their souls on to this monument as it is amazingly decorated from inside and also have large quantity of gold in it. The Museum of Fine Arts of Seville was built in 1435 and holds many antiques and paintings of some famous people. It is well-crowded throughout the year and hence it has been known as a best tourist attraction in Seville.

However, it is just the beginning. You can explore much more than visible when you once get to Seville. So I suggest you pack your bags and book your tickets to Seville.


Seville is considered to be a city steeped in history. There are magnificent monuments and buildings which stand as a legacy to this city's fascinating heritage. The Moorish conquest (712), such as the Giralda, the Alcazar, and the Cathedral which was originally built as a mosque by the Almohads in the late 12th century, and today it has become the largest Gothic churches in the world.

Seville is one the richest areas of the city, in terms of the sheer number of monuments, is the Barrio Santa Cruz which is very much in character with Seville's romantic image, its streets narrow and torturous to keep out the sun, with houses brilliantly whitewashed and barricaded with iron grilles. Almost all the houses have patios, often surprisingly large and in summer these become the principal family living room.

Plaza de Espa?a, designed as the centrepiece of the Spanish Americas fair, and on the edge of the beautiful Maria Luisa Park.

Those interested in the history of this graceful city will be interested in the old city walls and gates. You will not find many museums in this city as they are not that popular, though the ones which are there they are quite remarkable such as Museo de Bellas Artes, which is considered as a treasure house in this artistic city, it is considered to be very influential in the domain of painting.


The Mar?a Luisa Park is located on the banks of the Guadalquivir river. This park has several buildings that are now used as museums. Rowing boats can be rented to row along the river, the Plaza de Espa?a square is one the parks main attractions. This reddish square is decorated with many ceramic tiled niches, each niche representative of a Spanish province. Mount Gurug? is located inside the park next to a waterfall and an island with a gazebo. Plaza de Am?rica is another square decorated with flowerbeds. Some good places to explore while you're in the city

? Tour the Cathedral? Giralda,? Alcazar complex? The Guadalquivir River ? Barrio de Santa Cruz

Eating in Seville:

As Seville is one of the most populated places in the world. The government of Seville has initiated some high quality chains of restaurant. It now has a variety of restaurants and foods to choose between. Some of the many restaurants in Seville are for specific countries like Italians would love to eat their specialties from the Italian Restaurant. Similarly as we change the background and history of the restaurant the variety of food also changes. Some are multi-National chains and have all kind of foods from American to Thai. However, the most famous dishes in Seville are spicy Spanish dishes with a bottle of cold wine. It may be distinct but this food has also become a major tourist preference in the recent years.

Hotels have now been developed to an extent that they are now called the intestines of the Country. Truly, food and hotels contribute a lot to the economy and repute of the country. Many other types of food are loved by different Nationalities. For example a person from Asia would opt to eat from some Asian hotel and an American would be hoping to eat their National food. Seville has all of these options which is why I suggest you to go on an awe-aspiring trip to Seville City.


Seville is famous for the people who like to dine out, you can dine out for a breakfast, dinner lunch or whatever you may like. Some good restaurants to visit are:

BECERRITA, an inexpensive place with good food and many local dishes served as well. ENRIQUE BECERRA - A very good restaurant with elegant building and interior, and they also specialise in good local wines as well. Restaurante Egana-oriza, Restaurante la Moneda, la Moneda is a great and reasonably priced restaurant for local fish and seafood. Have the sea urchin eggs or langoustines for a starter, and move on to the monkfish casserole, swordfish in Manzanilla or sea bream in a salt crust and another place is Restaurante Modesto and Salvador Rojo are also some good place to dine out.


The night-life in Seville can be unstoppable if you think of it closely, though it has very few night-clubs in the city. Some good places to visit when you are in Seville are:

The Barrio de Santa Cruz, Calle Perez Galdos and also the streets off Plaza Alfalfa. Alameda de Hercules, here you can enjoy yourself till the early hours of morning as well. In Seville there might be few night-clubs but the two festival events that compensate for that are Semana Santa and Feria de Abril, these events just go through the night into the morning like it is never going to end.

Seville Nightlife:

Seville has now become a very important name in world tourism. People are now trying to go to places which they find entertaining and lively. These places must have sense of activity, liveliness and introducing new events. Seville is without doubt, one of these places. The people of Seville love the life they live at night when the activities of the city is at the peak of participation. The city of Seville has many clubs and pubs in the city. Most of them are well-crowded and always introducing new talents and names in the entertainment section.

People of Seville love to try out new things and events. Nightlife is not merely pubs, discos and bars but it is judged by the participation of the citizens in the regular events and features held at night. It is also a measure of activeness of the city. The tourists love such locations in which they feel friendly with other people and have fewer restrictions. However some of the restrictions must be kept as they are necessary. The legal drinking age must be kept above 18 as it is adult age and ID card must also be checked. However, Seville has an affective security system and all the necessary restrictions. So you should visit Seville.


Seville has a very lively and varied shopping scene, though opening hours can often be confusing. Large stores and shopping malls usually stay open all day (10am-8pm), but smaller shops still follow the traditional pattern of closing between 2pm and 5pm. Almost all shops are closed on Sundays, except in December (leading up to Christmas).

Seville has a very exuberant shopping, and the shops are open from 10am ? 8pm, the main place to shop is the Calle Sierpes, at the Plaza Salvador. Besides there are some markets as well which are worth visiting are Triana, Arenal, Encarnacion and Feria.

Shopping in Seville:

In the recent years, Seville has become a major tourist location so it has now become very important for the Government of Seville to develop certain tourist demands and their attractions. Many of the tourists are always looking forward to high quality and cheap shopping centres in the location. Government has therefore developed and initiated some of the major shopping centres in Seville. One of the most famous centres is the Andaluscia. This shopping centre has all that is required by a tourist. It is a large and well-crowded shopping centre which has all starting from efficient staff to fast and secure parking. It has all the things available ranging from Fabrics to Furniture, Shoes to Suits, toys to next generation high graphics Video game consoles.

There are also many other shopping centres within the city which are much famous. Seville is famous for its art so why not in shopping. Truly, Seville has a wide and beautiful range of many art products ranging from handicrafts to fine art paintings. You can also find much of the many fine paintings for your home’s decor. Seville has it all so book your ticket for Seville.

Disabled Visitors

The foremost duty of any vital tourist industry is its concern for all kinds of visitors. There are many classes of visitors. Some are rich, some are poor, some are of different ethnicity and some are of different religions. However the health of different tourists also varies. However, sadly, some of the tourists are handicaps or disabled. They are not blessed with all the facilities required for a healthy and individual living. But they now need not worry as Seville has taken some of the necessary steps to ensure a notable flow of these handicap tourists.

Some of the hotels have now been equipped with some of the facilities like lifts and wheelchairs to take some of the disabled ones to their special rooms. I have addressed these as the special rooms as they have some of the necessary measures to ensure individuality for the disabled ones. These include specially built doors, bathrooms and beds. A wheelchair is also provided in the room which is operated by remote. They also have necessary health facilities like oxygen cylinders and most importantly, trained staffs are always available in case of emergency.

However, it is just the beginning. You can explore much more than visible when you once get to Seville.

Disabled Visitors

Seville City is also very disabled friendly. Seville City very well knows how to concern for its disabled visitors. Because of these entire facilities city is most favourable tourist destination. City offers a wealth of things to see and do not only for healthy people but also for disabled.

Seville airport caters to passengers with special needs by providing ramps, wheelchair access and disabled toilets. Help from the staff in the designated place can also be expected, such as sat airports or train stations.

All the places like hotels and airports are equipped with disabled parking, there are also vehicles which cater to the needs of people with wheel-chair, therefore Seville can be considered as a disabled friendly tourist destination.

People of Seville

The people of Seville are very warm and welcoming towards the tourists that visit their country each year. Seville has been constantly improving its status as a tourist destination and succeeding at it due to the warmth nature of its people.

People in Seville are always ready to help the people who are lost or are in need of some help. No matter what time of the day it is, if you ask for help, you will get it. The people are very guiding and good hearted. The city has a diverse cultural background. Therefore, you would see people belonging from almost all the cultures and religions of the world. However, the charming aspect is that all the people celebrate their festivals together and are living in peace.

Like every city of the world, there are some people in the Seville city that are impossible to ignore or the ones that everybody will encounter once during their stay. The stay could be a vacation or a permanent stay.

It is quite impossible that one had not caught a sight of the hard working lottery ticket salesman. These are representatives of an actual thriving business in the city in which radio's and television networks hugely participate. One cannot move around the city nor have lunch without seeing one of the ticket salesmen.

There are also many street performers in the city. One of these street performers is the living statues. These performers are usually found at the places where the most abundant foot traffic is found. If you want them to move for you, you will have to throw some change or cash for them in the hat placed at the front. On seeing the cash, the statue will move according to the value of the amount you have thrown. Other entertainers include clowns, dancing dogs, musical performers, bands, solo artists and restaurant performers.

One can hire a car to move around the city comfortably.

Accommodation in Seville:

During recent years, Seville has become one of the most crowded tourist places. They have developed a lot of facilities like transportation and entertainment. They have also provided a proper mode and infrastructure to visit the ancient art and architecture. However it may not be forgotten that the first priority and attraction for the tourists is the variety and high class of accommodation in the city. Also the location and accessibility of the visiting areas need to be close to the residential area. It has now developed its accommodation from 5-star hotels to cheaply paid classes of apartments.

A variety of facilities are also provided inside the hotels. You just need to tap a few numbers on the telephone and you will get whatever you need in just a few minutes. However such facilities can?t be afforded by all the visitors. Some are not so rich and some of them are disabled. So there are many cheap rooms and apartments for the visitors with limited Budget and many special rooms with special modifications for the disabled ones so that they do not feel like handicaps and can be between the normal classes of people.

Seville has a well-known repute of entertaining all classes of visitors as it has a wide range of activities for different people.

City Of Seville:

Without any doubt, Seville is a city that deserves to be visited due to its richness in culture and historical sites. Museum of Fine Arts of Seville was established in days back to 1835 and holds masterpieces of some of the most famous artists to the date. The city of Seville also has a number of parks which are massively crowded and also have a number of activities in it. They truly are interesting and entertaining for people of all ages. Toda, many children are also interested in visiting such areas which have a rich art background.

Some of the festivals like Seville Fair are vastly joined by a number of people. The transportation of the Seville city is also very safe and fast. The major bus travel is TUSSAM which allows the people to travel throughout the city and also the areas surrounding the Seville city. Also a railway network Santa Justa is a high speed rail network and is also very convenient and accessible by the people.

Finally, the weather of Seville is also a magnet attracting the tourists. It is accompanied by mild summers to cool winters. Mean monthly rainfall is optimum for a such tourist area with it not above 11 days in peak precipitation months.

Useful Contact Numbers:

This is a world of uncertainty and so you may never know what can run upon you in the next moment. So it is always effective and safe to have good security and some useful contact numbers in your mind. Seville has now a very effective security. You can now call many of the departments easily and free of cost. In any case of emergency, they will be there in some minutes.

So some of the major contact numbers are as follows:

Emergencies Ambulance, Police and Fire Brigade: 112 (All over Europe).

Security, Local Police, Paseo de las Delicias : Phone 954 948 930 or 092

Civil Guard, Ctra. Sevilla-Utrera, s/n.: Phone 954 628 111 or 062

National Police

Calle López de Gomara s/n.

Phone 954 280 102 or 091


National Health Institute

Phone 91 338 00 07

Cruz Roja

Avda. de la Cruz Roja, 1.

Phone 954 222 222

University Hospital - Virgen Macarena

Avda. Doctor Fedriani, 3.

Phone 955 614 140

General Services


Emergencies / Breakdowns

Phone 900 750 750

Customer Service

Phone 900 760 760



Phone 901 512 512

Electricity Supply


Phone 900 248 248


Phone 954 622 222 / 954 675 555

However, it is just the beginning. You can explore much more than visible when you once get to Seville. So I suggest you pack your bags and book your tickets to Seville.

Seville Costs, Money And Banks

Seville is a rather affordable city when taking into context the fact that it attracts such huge amounts of tourism each year. If you wish to move here permanently, you might eventually find it a more economic place to live as compared to many of its neighboring cities.

The fares of living in city are very affordable as long as one does not have the habit and hobby of going clubbing and to the pubs. It is said the nightlife of this city costs as more as 10% than the nightlife of other European countries. On of the most logical reasons for that is the amount of activities and exotic drinks available here. So much good stuff in one place has to make one addicted.

If you are planning to go on a tour it is always a good idea to plan about the amount of money you will be spending per day. This will help you in deciding what places you should be visiting while not destroying you Budget completely. This is a very good approach when one is vacationing out with family. This habit will allow a tourist with a family to actually enjoy their vacation and not worry about the bills all of the time.

ATM's are available all over Seville therefore money transaction is not a problem. You might not even need to keep a traveler check as the ATM service is very convenient and the rates are also quite compatible.
Besides ATM card one can also take along a Visa, Master Card or American Express card. All of these cards are easily recognizable and useable in almost the entire city.

In Seville the timings of the banks are 8:30 to 2 pm from Monday to Friday. The timings of the banks on Saturday are 8:30 to 1 pm. However, some of the banks are often closed on Saturdays during the months of May to September. One should also expect to wait in long lines to wait for their turn.

Seville Festivals

Spain is known for its festive culture. In Spain, each day is a celebration. Same is the case for Seville. Seville, being the capital of the region, plays host to many festivals that are celebrated.

The most important and famous celebration is the festival of Semana Santa. The festival was originated in the 14th century and finally took the shape that it holds today in the 17th century. The festival spans over a period of 7 days during which all the other activities in the city are discontinued. The only activity that everybody is involved in is the preparation of the celebration. Fifty seven brotherhoods participate in this festival and the festival continues from the Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Sunday.

Another very important festival for this city is the Feria de Abril or April Festival. This is a very big celebration and has deep roots planted in the history and culture of Spain. The festival was initiated in the 19th century. In the 19th century, it was celebrated more like an agricultural and cattle fair. However, it has changed shaped greatly today and the people of Selliva celebrate it to pay homage to their transition period. Men participate in this festival wearing modern clothes like short jackets and boots whereas women participate by wearing colorful and beautiful outfits.

Another festival called Corpus Christi is observed in the city as well as Vírgen de los Reyes is celebrated as the saint day in Seville. Vírgen de los Reyes is celebrated on august 15th.

Another big festival for the city of Seville is the Rocio Pilgrimage. Pilgrims from all over the world come to see this pilgrimage by traveling on horses and carts. The procession occurs in Almonte, Huelva. Great preparation is done for this big day for the people. People from different brotherhoods wear different and colorful uniforms. The city is decorated with flowers and other aromatic plants.

You can visit these festivals by hiring a car. A car is a very source of transportation in the festive season.

Seville Museums

The city of Seville has great significance in the history of Spain. There are many historical monuments in the city and these monuments have been greatly preserved by the authorities. The city also has a number of museums that depict a picture of its artistic and cultural history.

Plaza del Museo is the fine art museum of Seville. It is one of the most important museums of Spain and was built in 1835. It was opened for general public after 6 years of its construction. One can see the important works of artists like El Greco, Murillo, Zurbaran and Vales Leal. Besides this, one can also see the collection of silver, gold and ceramic production available in the museum.

Plaza de America is the Regional Archaeological Museum. It is a very important museum in Seville and houses many valuable assets that were found during the digging of archeological sites. On display is the tartessian treasure, Roman object and Oriental pieces. The museum in located in a renaissance building which was originally built in 1929 for American exhibition.

You can also see Archaeological Collection of Italica. Plaza de Armas is located near Santiponce. This museum houses the archeological remains that were found from this area. In the neighborhood one can find an ancient amphitheatre and sculptures and mosaics belonging from the Roman age.

Museo Catedralicio is another interesting museum to visit in Seville. Abundant jewels, gold works, painting and religious attire are displayed in this museum. The museum is located in antechapter and sacristy halls of Cathedral.

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo contains interesting and inspiring artworks. Some of the artworks belong from the 70's. However, many modern artworks and artifacts have also been put on display. Artworks of artists like Sicilia, Peinado, Ray Smith, Broto, Curro Gonzalezand Pedro J. Romero are represented here.

Museo de la Necropolis Romana is one first museum established in Spain. Some of the artifacts are dates back to the first century AD and the archeologist himself was from the 18th century.

Seville Kids Attractions

Seville is one of the most family-friendly cities of Europe. It is considered a financial, cultural and artistic hub in the southern Spain area. The population is merely of 1.5 million and has been ranked the 4th largest metropolitan of Spain.

Seville is one of the most romantic destinations in Europe, however, constant improvements are being made to the tourism industry and the development of family friendly attractions is one of the major concerns. Seville seems to be a magical city at times and is loaded with inspiring history and beautiful cultural background. There are many interesting and learning sights and places where one can go along with their children.

You can take your children to visit the University of Seville. The place welcomes visitors as it was once house to a tobacco factory and some of the remains can still be seen. The building dates back to the 15th century and has a great culture and history.

Another good place to take your children along is La Torre de Don Fadrique. It is a tower and observation deck. It was names after Fadrique Alfonso of Castile. The place also offers a very good view of the surroundings landscape to its visitors.

Reales Alcazares y Jardines is another window to the past located in Seville. These are complex and beautiful building that date back the rule of Moorish in the Spain. The area also offers lush grounds and magnificent landscape which makes it a must go for family outing.

Museo Palacio de la Condesa de Lebrija offers a view into the time on Roman Empire in the Spain. It has a collection of artifacts, mosaics and collections of other things that were brought down here from the Italica. Italica was a Roman hub in time and these valuable and cultural assets were brought to Spain by The Condesa de Lebrija.

Seville Beaches

Seville is renowned for its cultural and historical importance. Seville has pleasant and sunny weather most of the year. a trip to Seville will be a very learning and interesting experience for the whole family. The city has many museum and beautiful recreational places. However, there are no beaches located in the city.

Nevertheless, the tourists should not be disappointed as there are many beaches as there as there are some magnificent sandy beaches in the city's connecting to Seville. These cities are easily reachable through Seville and have some of the best beaches on the Andalusian coast. The beaches easily reachable from Seville are of Cádiz, Huelva and Malaga.

The beaches of Cádiz are included in some of the best beaches of Spain. The beaches have fine golden sand and the place is very tourist friendly. The people will be ready to guide you whenever you need help. The beaches of Cádiz also host many water sports activities for its visitors. One can participate in sports like kite surfing, sailing, body boarding etcetera. Some of the most fascinating beaches are Conil, Tarifa and Chipiona. The atmosphere of the beaches of Cádiz is very family oriented. Therefore the visitors should go along with their family to have a fun day out.

The beaches of Huelva are also very welcoming for tourists and visitors. The best thing about the beaches of Huelva is that they are on only one hour drive from Seville. That is the reason why most of the Sevillians visit the beaches of Huelva. However, the one thing beaches of Huelva lack in comparison to the beaches of Cádiz are the water sports. Matalascañas, Punta Umbría and Punta Umbría are the most beautiful beaches in Huelva.

Malaga is one of the most popular destinations amongst tourists because its development is very focused upon the tourism business. It has great restaurants, discos, casinos and beaches. This city also provides tremendous amounts of convenience for tourists.

Parks in Seville

The city of Seville has smell of oranges blossoming spread all over the town when the spring time is around. It has a colorful culture that has evolved over the years and embraces all of its tourists and visitors.

Seville is has some of the most magnificent parks and recreational areas in the whole Spain. It has many beautiful and artistically made parks. Most of the parks in Seville have an Arabic architecture which is a sign of the time that people from Arab background spent here.

One of the city's most attractive, popular and picturesque gardens is María Luisa Park or Parque de Maria Luisa. It is said that it was originally built as a romantic garden. Its origins date back to 1929 when the Latin America Exhibition was held in Seville. Today, it is one of the largest and most fascinating places for visitors of Seville and covers an area of 400,000 meters. It is a great place for a walk and to see some beautiful architecture.

Paseo de Cristobal colon is also one of the must visit places of the city. Back in the time of Columbus, the river remained surrounded with boats. Nowadays it is a popular destination for tourists. It is also a preferred place for outings by Spanish families. it also offers a great view of the river during the sunset and has become a favorite place for the romantic lot of the city. One can also find typical Andaluz houses with wrought iron balconies that once used to house the people living here but are now converted into restaurants and cafes.

The plaza de Espana is located alongside the Parque de Maria Luisa and was also constructed in 1929 for the same purpose as Parque de Maria Luisa. Today is houses many government offices. However, one can admire the work by renting a rowing boat. The plaza has complex fountains, beautiful staircases and spectacular tile work.

If you wish to travel and explore the city at your own pace, you can hire a car.

Seville Real Estate

Seville attracts millions of tourists each year. Everybody that visits this city has a different preference when it comes to accommodation. Most of the people might like to stay in hotel but a lot of people also prefer in buying a home or getting a place on rent.

All of these purchases and investments come under the banner of Seville Real Estate. Almost every place in Seville can be bought or hired at affordable rents, besides the buildings owned by the government of course.

Seville has many reasons that may cause people to stay here longer than just days. Seville has an amazing and magnificent art and history therefore this trip could prove to be a deeply inspiring and learning experience for the young ones. The city has many museums and archeological sites. One can also visit the beautiful gardens having Arabic architecture. The architecture of the gardens and parks is very soothing and one can come out to relax here often.

The easily reachable beaches are another reason that makes Seville attractive than most of the cities known for their tourism popularity. One can easily go to the surrounding beaches and the maximum time that the journey would take is 3 hours. Every beach located in the nearby cities is easily reachable by bus. If that doesn’t suit anybody, they can hire a car at very affordable rates.

Top Car Hire Destinations in spain

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