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History Shannon

The city of Shannon lies in Clare county. County Clare is believed to have been inhabited as far back as the Neolithic period. Evidence of the prehistoric residents in Clare can be seen in the megalithic tombs- massive stone lain upright and stacked. The Burren is the best known of the tombs and the remains that lie within have been dated back to 3800 BC. At the beginning of the Middle Ages, the region was ruled by Ui Faichrach Aidhne. The area was renamed Thomond, or North Munster, around the 10th Century and was considered a segment of the Kingdom of Munster. The name Clare came into use around the 12th century following battles that ensued between the Normans (of Normandy, France influence) and the de Clare people.

Clare became part of the Kingdom of Ireland in 1543. Following the Irish Civil War, the nation gained individual status and became the kingdoms of Ireland. The River Shannon and the city of Limerick both held importance in the Irish Confederate Wars of the 17th Century. The river served as the border between west and east Ireland, which separated the Irish from the forces of English Parliament. Limerick was twice invaded by the Williamites and Oliver Cromwell led a siege on Limerick in 1651.Ireland joined Great Britain in 1801. The Irish Republic founded in 1919, and the start of a rebel war was headed by the Irish Republican Army (IRA). Ireland became self-governing in 1922 under the British Commonwealth and, in 1949 responsibilities to the British monarchy were removed from Irish law, and the nation became a sovereign state.


The weather of Shannon is typical Ireland's weather, the recommended time to visit the city is during the months of May ? September when the summers are pleasant and they feel good. It might be a bit cold during the winters, but it all depends on what you are looking towards.

Weather in Shannon

The weather of Shannon is moderate. The city is free of the extremes cold, heat, rain and winds. The weather of the city remains pleasant throughout the year therefore; tourists from all around the world visit Shannon all over the year. The winters of the city are not so much cold but sometimes fall below freezing temperatures.

January and December are the coldest months of the year. The average temperature in the winter ranges from 3 degrees Celsius to 9 degrees Celsius. The sunny hour during December and January is 2. 86 to 88 percent humidity is present in the air during winters. July is the hottest months in summers. The average temperature during summers ranges from 12 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius. From June to September, sunny hours in Shannon are 4.

Sun shines maximum in the month of May for 6 hours. 77 to 80 percent humidity is present in the air during summers. The water of the sea is not warm during summers therefore, it is pleasant for swimming. Sun shines at least three days out of four in spring and autumn months. This time period is ideal to visit the city.

You can also contact to tourist information offices or weather forecasting centers to get all the information about the weather of the city.

Arrival in Shannon

Internationalvisitors mostly use plane to get in the city and Shannon airport serves for the town of Shannon. After Dublin airport, Shannon airport is the second biggest airport in the Republic of Ireland. The airport connects Shannon with the Europe, UK and the United States. Centralwings, Aer Lingus, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, US Airways, Belavia and Ryanair serve for the Shannon airport.

The tourists from the neighbor cities of Shannon use bus services to reach the city. Bus Eireann mainly serve to the town of Shannon. Bus Eireann costs 14.90 dollars from Dublin to Shannon for a single adult. The rate of the return ticket is almost 20.50 dollars and it also depends of the day of the week. 136 buses of Bus Eireann are operated for the Shannon airport. Another famous bus services in Shannon is Citylink. It connects Galway City, JJ Kavanagh & Sons, Limerick and Dublin with Shannon.

The town of Shannon is also served by Train services but these services are not so must develop or organized. Shannon is connected with Cork, Waterford, Dublin and Rosslare by Irish rail. Shannon is linked with other locations of Ireland because it is close to Limerick City. Some people also use private cars to reach the city but it is an expensive mode of transportation.

City transport

The infrastructure of Shannon is well developed and well organized. You can easily get a reliable and safe mode of transportation to move around the city. A large percentage of travelers use buses to visit different places in the city because it is the cheapest way of transportation. You can catch the buses from their Terminal s. Tickets are available on bus stops and you can also get the schedule of these buses from the bus Terminal s.

These buses are very punctual and follow a strict time table. Some buses have special seats for physically disabled visitors and also offer discount rates to them. However, the buses are usually crowded with local people because of cheap rates. So, if you a want to avoid this crowd, you can go for a train. The routes of the train connect different areas of the city.

Ramps are installed at railway station so that disabled visitors can easily get in the train. Taxi services are also present in the city but they cost high fares. Taxis are the best choice for those people who want comfortable service and can manage high Budget . Only those drivers are allowed to drive taxis that are well experienced and have their driving license.

You can also use private cars to move within the city but it is not possible for every tourist to get private cars in Shannon.

Best Shannon

The region of Shannon consists of County Clare, County Limerick, North Tipperary, and South Offaly. The region spans from the Atlantic coast to the mid-lands and also boasts the famed River Shannon. Each county has its own favourite attractions. Located in County Clare are the Cliffs of Moher, which soar 120 metres above the sea and draw over a million annual tourists. The famed Hag's Head is the highest point of the cliffs, rising 214 metres. The Burren is known for its caves, the most popular of which is the Aillwee Cave. It has its own underground river and over 300 metres of track for exploration.

Limerick County is the smallest of the Shannon counties, but is home to the only city in the region, Limerick City. Limerick is home to Thomond Park arena, St John#s Cathedral, and King John's Castle. Outside of the city, is the village Adare. The village, 15 kilometres from Limerick city, is one of the loveliest little villages in the country featuring thatched-roof cottages and friendly locals. While there, make sure you visit the Adare Manor and Desmond Castle.

County Tipperary sits in the centre of the country. The Galtee mountains in Tipperary are the site of the highest mountain in Ireland- Galtymore mountain, which reaches up 1000 metres. Outside Cahir are the large Mitchelstown Caves, and Cahir Castle is a well-preserved 12th century castle that is known for being one of the largest in all of Ireland. Furthermore, in Tipperary is the Glen of Aherlow, a valley that sits just below the Galtee mountains and is popular for its gorgeous, green, rolling hills. Charelville Forest Castle is perhaps the most famed spot in County Offaly. The castle sits on the border of Tullamore and is also on the edge of one of the ancient woods in Ireland. Birr Castle at Birr is popular as well. This large castle is still in use as a residence by the Earl of Rosse (7th), but the gardens and grounds are open to public tours.

Top attraction in Shannon

Shannon is included in the most attractive places of the world. It is located in the west of Ireland. Many museums, parks and historical sites are present in Shannon. Kilmallock Cottage Museum & History Trail is the most appealing factor about the city. It shows the historical background of the city. Clare Museum is considered as the best museum of the city and has a large collection of art work and audio-visual presentation of the riches of Clare. An Dun Museum is another famous museum of the city. The collection An Dun Museum includes vintage post war and classic cars.

The Hunt Museum and Foynes Flying Boat Museum are also popular museums of the Shannon. Dysert O?Dea Castle & Archaeology Centre is a historical monument of the city and depicts the history of 1318 battle. Ballycasey Craft and Design Center is an educational site and situated in the courtyard of a restored Georgian manor house. Rosanna Cruises are also an attractive factor for the tourists in the city.

These Cruises are offered by the Cruise liner companies to the inner lakes of Lough Ree and Clonmacnois. During this trip, costumes, helmets and plastic swords are available for children. Portumna Forest Park, Bog Train Tours, Dolphin Watch Carrigaholt and Cliffs of Moher and O?Briens Tower are some other attractions of Shannon.

Exploring Shannon

The western central region of Shannon is a beautiful area and is as picturesque as any place in Ireland could be. When at Shannon region, a number of places and sites are worth a day trip. Whether you stay in the city of Limerick or in one of the smaller towns such as Ennis or Doolin, Shannon region and the lovely landscape, it boasts is highly accessible and should not be missed. The capital of Shannon is Limerick City, in County Limerick. While in Limerick, seek out St John's Cathedral (home of Ireland's tallest spire), The Gregorian House & Garden, and the Hunt Museum, inside the Custom House on the River Shannon, because all of these destinations offer something different. Just off the western coast, the Aran Islands sit at Galway Bay. Easily accessible from Doolin, these islands are known for their Iron Age forts. The Dun Aegnus is a 100 metre-tall fort that lies on a cliff over the Atlantic. Furthermore, on the Aran Islands is the Teampull Bheanain, which is the world's smallest church.

The Shannon River is a great place to go and explore, and the Shannon Estuary is home to bottle-nose dolphins. The Shannon region is also known for caves. You can find impressive caves to explore in Ailwee, Doolin, and the Burren. Finally, of course are the many castles in Shannon region. There are castles in nearly every town. Some of the best to see are Knappogue Castle, King John's Castle, Bunratty Castle, and Dunguiare Castle.

Eating drinking Shannon

The characteristically hearty food of Ireland is quite famous all over the world. The main components of nearly every good Irish meal are meat, cabbage, and potatoes. Therefore, you will be hard-pressed to find many customary dishes that do not include at least one of those three. Travellers and locals usually look forward to beginning their day with a traditional Irish Breakfast. This massive meal is a plate loaded with eggs, bacon, sausages, your choice of white pudding (without blood) or black pudding (with blood), fried tomato, and toast. Some restaurants follow a more English-style recipe and include baked beans and mushrooms, and some offer the popular Irish soda bread in lieu of toast.

Many of the best whiskeys in the world come from Ireland. Therefore, many travellers will find no better way to finish off an Irish meal than with a glass of the finest local whiskey available. Stout beer is also one of the best exports of Ireland. The most commonly known of these is Guinness, a Dublin brew. Cork is home to the Beamish and Murphy's breweries. Right in County Clark is Shannon's answer to big stout brews. Biddy Early's Brewery offers locally made beers Black Biddy (stout) and Blond Biddy (lager).

One of the best places to eat in Shannon region is in Limerick City. The city is said to rival Dublin in quality food, and the locals agree. The food in Limerick ranges from Thai food and up-scale European fare to local Irish favourites served up at friendly pubs. For great eating, step out onto George's Quay for fine eateries. O'Connell St is also known for good food and there are a number of restaurants there.

Night-life Shannon

Limerick is the home for night-life in the Shannon region. When visiting Shannon, go here to take advantage of a pint or two or spend the whole evening out at the numerous bars, pubs, and clubs. Though, no matter where you stay in Shannon region, you will find a local pub to quench your thirst for both drinking and Irish tradition, a night in Limerick is worth the effort. On Denmark Street, there are a number of spots to drink. Located here are Nancy Blake's Pub, Smyths, and The Old Quarter. Flannery's Bar is also on Denmark Street, but to be sure- there are a few Flannery's about the city, such as Jerry Flannery's Bar on Catherine Street.

For a fun bar that plays alternative music, has live bands, and even a DJ, check out The Wicked Chicken on Baker Place. For a sharper crowd, try The Locke on George's Quay. This bar is casual, but draws a more up-scale client?le. Dolan's Pub is perfect if you are looking for a traditional Irish bar with live music. If dancing is your kind of thing, head back behind Dolan's Pub to the Warehouse, where dance parties are held. Trinity Rooms on Michael Street host famous DJs with VIP sections and three different club rooms to enjoy. Over on Ellen Street is Molly Malones, a late night stop with a dance floor and drinks.

Shopping Shannon

Shannon Airport has one of the most special shops at an airport. The Loop was the home of the first duty-free shop in the world. Here you will find designer clothes, perfumes, food, spirits, and local gifts that are offered tax-free depending on your destination. As the home of duty-free, people tend to think of shopping when they think of Shannon region, but it is not the inexpensive liquor or perfumes that keep customers coming back to these local shops. Limerick has a number of shopping centres. Crescent Shopping Centre is one of Ireland's largest and houses over 90 shops, including H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Tesco, Argos, Boots, Diesel, and Pandora. Arthur's Quay Shopping Centre has been around 22 years and has 30 stores ranging from electronics to fashion. Furthermore, in Limerick is the Milk Market, a market that sells fresh produce and local goods.

The Milk Market is at Corn-market Row and is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. For local, off-the-beaten-path type of shopping, try the smaller towns. Ennis has shops such as Carrig Donn (handmade Irish goods and knitwear), Custy's Traditional Music Shop, and Seoidin, which sells jewellery, d?cor, and handmade goods. In County Clare, McKernan-Handweavers sells scarves, shawls, and other woven goods- perfect for gift giving. Doolin Crafts Gallery offers 20 years of travel in one location, selling everything from pottery and Burren-made goods to jewellery and scarves. Furthermore, in Doolin is the Clare Jam Company, which sells home-made chutney, marmalade, jam, and jam in over 25 flavours.

Disabled visitors Shannon

Shannon Airport offers services for disabled visitors to ensure a comfortable and safe experience at Shannon Airport. Services provided by One Complete Solution Ltd (OCS) include the use of wheelchairs, checking in help, luggage assistance, and more. There are contact points located in the car park, which does provide special spaces for vehicles with disabled parking privileges. These spaces are nearer to the Terminal entrance for added ease. Passengers with reduced mobility may also be picked up and dropped off at the entrance to the Arrivals and Departures buildings if the car park is not needed. Shannon Airport suggests that passengers call their airline at least 48 hours before their trip to arrange for in-flight assistance and accommodation.

The airport has special toilet facilities adapted for handicapped, disabled, and reduced mobility guests. Travel within the airport is easy, due to the lifts and escalators located in the buildings. For vision-impaired guests, audible and tactile information and instructions are provided. The airport offers snack and drink vending machines and telephones at lower heights to accommodate travellers unable to stand.

While travelling in Shannon region, be sure to let your hotel and airline know that you will be needing assistance. There are a number of lodging options that have lifts, ramps, and ground-floor rooms for persons with reduced mobility, but travellers should be sure to check with the facility before they arrive there ensure these accommodations are available. There are numerous websites that highlight disabled accessibility for holiday travel, and it is a good idea to research local sights, shops, and restaurants before planning your itinerary regardless where you are travelling to on holiday.

Accommodation in Shannon

You can easily find reliable and affordable accommodation in Shannon. Hotels, apartments and hostel are available at very reasonable rates. The prices of these accommodation depend on different factors.

For example, the rates of hotels are much higher than hostels. Similarly, the hotels present in the main city are expensive than the hotels present outside the centre of the city. Bunratty Castle Hotel is the top rated hotel of the city. It is a modern style and well furnished hotel. It provides a lot of facilities to the visitors such as free car parking. The Oak Wood Arms Hotel is another famous hotel of the city.

The other popular hotels include Court hotel, Bunratty Shannon Shamrock Hotel, Bridge Side B&B, Bunratty Castle Mews and Park Inn Shannon Airport Hotel. The Courtyard is a 4 star guest house provides you a comfortable and luxurious stay. Mount Cashel Lodge is located on a private estate with a lake. It offers 2 and 4 bedrooms lodges with any amenities. Fort Lach is another guest house in Shannon which is a large modern house with rural setting. Some other affordable guest houses in the city include Avarest Bunratty Bed and Breakfast, Tara Green B& B, Ashgrove House Bunratty and Clonmore Lodge. Therefore, finding good accommodation in the city is not a big problem.

The city of Shannon

Shannon is located near a river and a most popular island in County Clare. The scenic views of the Shannon are the most appealing factors about the city. It is a city related to Ringgold and Union counties in Iowa, which is a state of United States. The total area of the city is 0.1 square miles or 0.4 square kilometers.

The total area of the city is only covered by land; water area is not included in it. The elevation of Shannon is 1,224 feet which is equal to 373 meters. The density of the city is 470.6 per square mile or 181.7 per kilometer square. Shannon is included in the most attractive and beautiful places of the world.

This is the reason because of which many people want to visit the city in their vacations. Finding reliable accommodation and transportation is not a big problem in the city. You can use public transportation to move around the city. However, Public transportation is usually crowded with local passengers.

Shannon Festivals

Shannon is the centre of entertainment and fun. The city attracts the visitors not only because of its beauty but also because of its festival-culture and frequent events. One of the major festivals organized in Shannon is Internationalmusical festival.

This festival features classical, traditional and jazz music. About three concerts are held daily during the festival. People from all over the world come to Shannon to enjoy this music festival. Clare Drama Festival is another local festival organized in the city which lasts for one week. It is one of the oldest Irish festivals and in April 2009, 62nd Drama Festival was organized in Shannon.

The Iniscealtra Festival of Arts is also organized every year for five days and it features virtual art exhibitions, music, dance and other entertaining activities. Another musical festival organized in the city in August is Feakle Music Festival. Shannon is linked with all major cities of Ireland; therefore, during your visit to Shannon, you can also enjoy the events and festivals organized in the other city.

Some other local festivals which you can enjoy there include Tulla Traditional Music Festival and The Ennis Trad Festival. Moreover, many other festivals and events are organized in the city from time to time.

Museums & Monuments In Shannon

Shannon offers many museums and monuments to the tourists where they can explore the history and culture of the city. Five museums are the most popular museums in the city. First museum is Kilmallock Cottage Museum & History Trail which offers the items of the 16th century.

You should also visit Clare Museum which has the collections of art. This museum also has an audio-visual presentation of the riches of Clare, which are about 6000 years old. You should also visit An Dun Museum which has huge collections of vintage post war and classic cars. For exploring the development of the decorative arts in Shannon, you should visit The Hunt Museum.

Another museum in Shannon is Foynes Flying Boat Museum which is the center of the aviation world and has the collections of Second World War. There are many other historical monuments in the city such as Dysert O?Dea Castle & Archaeology Centre. It is a popular attraction for the tourists because itis the site of 1318 battle. Tourists from all over the world come to Shannon to explore its history.

Before visiting the museums and historical monuments, you should confirm the opening and closing timings.

Kid's Amusements In Shannon

Shannon has been always fun place for kids. The city has many parks, gardens and kids outdoor activities which can provide a great learning and entertainment to kids. Cratloe Woods House is one of the best spots for the kids in the city.

The popularity of this Woods house is because of its foundation back to the 17th century. This house features curios, works of art and pets corner. Before visiting the place, you should make early booking because group bookings are usually given in low season. For the kids who are fond of reading, there is Newmarket-on-Fergus Public Library which has huge collections of kids? books.

Another such library for adults and kids is Sean Lemas Public Library, Shannon which has a stock of 35,000 books. For providing outdoor entertainment to kids, you can take them to Ballyalla Lake, Dromore Woods, Slieve Carran Nature Reserve, and many other places. All these parks and gardens have huge lands and some parks have kids? playgrounds. Shannon provides great fun opportunities to kids. In fact all major tourist attractions offer great things to kids.

Children are also offered discounts and great offers in entry tickets. Therefore, you should take your kids to Shannon with you so that they may explore new places.