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History Sicily

According to Johann Wolfgang Goethe, "Without Sicily, Italy leaves no image in the soul. Sicily is the key to everything. The varied and rich history of Sicily has seen it in the orbit of many greater powers Greek, Punic, Roman, Byzantine, Gothic, Arab, Norman, Spanish, and Italian and fashioning an orbit of its own especially under the Normans. Although today part of the Republic of Italy, it remains widely distinctive culturally from the rest of Italy. Sicily is both the largest region of the modern state of Italy and the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Its central location and natural resources ensured that it was often the object of conquest at one time or another by most civilizations in and around the Mediterranean, and in some cases, well beyond. At times the island has been at the heart of great civilizations, at other times it has been nothing more than a colonial backwater. Its fortunes have often waxed and waned depending on events out of its control, in earlier times a magnet for immigrants, in later times a land of emigrants.

On rare occasions, the people of Sicily have been able to wrest control of their island and live through fleeting moments of political independence. For the most part, over the last three millennia the people of Sicily, and the island itself, have been unwilling participants in the power plays of Europe, North Africa and the Near East.


Like any other country place like Italy is best to visit in the summer season, the temperature ranges are as follows:


Best Sicily

Sicily, one of the most fascinating places to visit in Italy, is full of motivating and beautiful places. Some of those stunning places are Taormina, Palermo and many more. If a tourist ever gets the chance to visit the largest island in the Mediterranean, he must not miss out on these beautiful places. Taormina is the ideal microcosm of Sicily's affluent artistic record and astonishing riches of traditional treasures. Eastern Sicily is dominated by the presence of Mount Etna. Like lots of other capitals, Palermo is a capital of bleak dissimilarities. It might be hot and pitiful journey in several parts, but here we will get the presence of the brooding Sicily?s soul. The mixture of Roman, Greek, Arab, Spanish and Norman cultures, fruitful volcanic ground and year-long sunshine makes an enthusiastic, grand and extremely flavored food. A tourist will also find the wonderful Valley of The Temples, a dazzling chain of Greek tombs and temples immediately outside Agrigento.

Europe's largest active volcano, Mount Etna, provides natural fireworks everyday. A tourist can go to the lover's lane and walk on the secluded and magnificent, tree-lined paved lane that goes from Acireale to Santa Maria La Scala - a tiny charming fishing village. A traveler can take a ferry from Milazzo as well and observe the quixotic and unearthly Aeolian Islands which gradually come out from the fogs on top of the blue Tyrrhenian Sea. The island of Ortigia, very old hub of the city, remains thrilling with historical significance.

Exploring Sicily

Forever recognized as the ball at the receiving end of Italy's boot, Sicily, the island with divine beauty, is an attractive island with lots of magnetisms found all over the island. Hiring a car is a much adopted way of visiting this gemstone of Mediterranean. Sciacca is a charming seashore city constructed on rocky heights, halfway between Agrigento and Marsala, which fails to notice the Mediterranean Sea and the marvelous beaches. Sciacca is very well-known for its stunning beaches, its abundant artisan stores and its Thermal Spa composite.

The remains of a Roman villa are situated at an archeological place a few kilometers up the shore from Porto Empedocle. Although Porto Empedocle itself is nowadays a bit more than a hideous shipping city, there is a pleasant beach close by, to say the least. Castelbuono, a mountain municipality about 15 miles from Cefal, brags about a castle which was once possessed by the Ventimiglia family. It is a delightful area in a good-looking forested site. Ficuzza is a regal hunting cottage about 31 miles south of Palermo in the rural community of Corleone. Ficuzza is set amidst huge forests which nowadays are secluded as element of a nature resource that consists of a humanman-made lake and streams. It was the dwelling place of King Ferdinando I.

Sicily's best natural magnetism is Mount Etna. This beautiful rock formation, which is basalt-composed, was formed due to volcanic activity.

Eating drinking Sicily

God's Kitchen is a nickname of Sicily because it has a rich cuisine available for its tourists. The entire island had many cultures and lots of gastronomic influences present there because of its Geographic position. Lots of Eating and Drinking places are available in Sicily. It consists of many Restaurants, Seafood, Traditional Osteria, Bars, Cafes, Farmhouse Restaurants, Ethnic Restaurants, Italian Cuisine, Pastry Shops, Pizzerias, Pubs, Trattorias, Vegetarian Restaurants and Wine Bars etc. to satisfy the ever ending appetite for the visitors. Some famous and panache restaurants present in Sicily are: Ristorante Ambasciata del Mare, Ristorante Baglio La Pergola, Ristorante Cin Cin, Ristorante Dafne, Ristorante la Bougainville and Trattoria del Cavaliere. Bars and Cafes of Sicily consist of Aboriginal Caf?e, Bar Marciante Pasticceria, Gran Cafe del Duomo, and Pasticceria Massaro etc. Catering Service in Sicily is provided by Pasticceria Massaro. Some popular pastry shops available in Sicily are Bar Marciante Pasticceria, Gran Caffe del Duomo etc. Ristorante Dafne is a famous pizzeria of Sicily.

Al Portale RistoPub is a very prominent pub of the largest island around and in Mediterranean. Trattoria del Cavaliere is a famous traditional eating place situated in Catania. CugnoMezzano and Osteria I Tre Bicchieri are two of the most popular wine bars located in Sicily. So, it can be said that, it is justified to address Sicily as the God?s Kitchen.

Nightlife Sicily

Sicily is a time-honoured island with deep-seated ethics and values. One will not get a lot of discotheques or clubs to go out to and party in, and females hardly ever go to such places without their boyfriend, husband or brother because of these traditional values. Yet, there are clubs and pubs in some places. If one heads to a larger city like Catania or Palermo, he will get some clubs and pubs that remain open late, but usually these keep fulfilled with travellers. One will easily get those near the hotels; occasionally these are possessed by the same hotel. However, some places depict dissimilar scenes. For example, in Taormina, there are lots of pubs which provide quality service to the kind of travellers that visit. A local pub named Red Bastoni on the piazza that remains unclosed until the final client goes out. This is a superior bar for visiting in the city and undoubtedly, it provides awesome service. Another pub in the region is McMurphy's Bar, which provides service only for an Irish/American/ English sightseer. Wonderbar, a German pub, is also present there.

Though these options are present, the most common practice is purchasing a bottle or two of wine and having it on balcony. Usually, during the sunset, they have and settle down with few buddies, and enjoy the marvelous sights. If one goes out for drinking, he should not try to wake the locals up, as generally the city sleeps silently then.

Shopping Sicily

Shopping in Sicily, the most beautiful and largest island around and in the Mediterranean, will be an unforgettable instance for the tourists for sure. There is infinite number of shops present in Sicily. For that reason, it is really a pleasant experience for any traveller. One can get anything s/he wants to have in Sicily markets. In both Taormina and Palermo, the key places of Sicily Island, boast of the shops present there-which provide a brilliant service undoubtedly.

In Palermo, there are shops containing Books and Maps, Bridal Wear and Accessories, Ceramics, Fabrics, Fashion shops for both men and women, Food, Hair Salons, Aesthetics, Jewellery and Watches, Lingerie and Hosiery, Markets And others. In Taormina, there are shops of Wine and Spirits, Home Furnishing and Decorations shop, Ceramics, Candy etc. The wines of Sicily are really famous for its one of a kind taste. It has some wines which are produced in Sicily and known as Sicilian Wines. The flower shops are extremely famous for the beautiful and colourful flowers present in Sicily Island. Ice-creams of Sicily are unique for the awesome taste and flavours of the ice-creams. So we can conclude saying that, shopping in Sicily is a great experience for anyone.

Therefore, when tourists come in Sicily, they always get curious to shop. If you are also interested in visiting the shopping centres of Sicily, then you need to spend at least two to three days and you also require a private car.

Disabled visitors Sicily

In the ancient times, journey for handicaps was nothing but a challenge. In several manners, it still is a challenge indeed. If one intends to travel in Sicily but his physical mobility or health needs exceptional awareness, it is worth intending for a few of the conditions that may stop a tourist during his journey. When talking about access for persons who are crippled, we generally think of those needing crutches or wheelchairs to roam around. There are certainly tourists with other therapeutic requirements. Other than certain public buildings and airports, availability of wheelchairs is not broadly seen in Italy.

Let's think of conditions one may come across where the availability is not promising. In lots of older houses, lifts surely exist, but most of them are too undersized to avail a wheelchair, and one may have to take a small stairway even in order to get to the lift. Nevertheless, lots of such buildings have doormen available to help him out.

If one has special medical requirements, for example, the need of unique treatment or medication, it is better to be sure of it before arrival. Filling up a prescription would be a hard and lengthy task for sure. Fulfilling the requirements of a particular diet generally is not a tough job at all in Italy. Sicilian food proffers adequate options of accommodating nearly all needs, and most of the eateries can arrange customary food of a person's choice.

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