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History of Sion

The name of Sion city has been derived from the Latin word Sedenum which is derived from the Celtic tribe. The area was occupied at the time of Neolithic era but the actual development of the city seems to be developed during the Celtic times. After the Celtic times the Romans occupied the area and it?s nearby surrounding areas also. The city was said to contain various roman inscriptions and found one tat is civitas cidunoram Patron.

Diocese of Sion is known as the oldest Roman Catholic and also famous as one of the ancient north of Alps. The city was built and fortified by walls and crowns and in between the two hills. The council of Aquileia was presented by the historical bishop Saint Theodore of the city. Saint Heliodors was transferred to see the city of Sion after leaving the low lined and the flood prone site of octo durum on which the durance joins the Rhone. In 999 the last king Rudolph III was granted the counter ship to bishop Hugo of Valais.

After the counter ship the bishops of Sion extended their secular power and the city of Sion became the political center and famous place for parliament decisions. After becoming the political center the city has started to built and new buildings and infrastructure has been developed. Now the city is well known due to its architectural buildings and valleys.

Weather of Sion

Climate impacts a lot in human?s life regarding their health and for trips also. While anyone plans for trip they should consider the climatic conditions of that place. Climatic conditions are essential to know in order to take the safety measures and important things like clothes and accessories. Sion is the political center so many tourist visits the city is different seasons.

The city enjoys year around sunshine and no humidity. It has almost Mediterranean climate. The autumn season comes early to the mountains and sky remains from December to late April. The winter season is ever colder so it is advisable to keep necessary things like raincoat, warm clothes and goggles with you if you are visiting the city during winter. The summer is quite hot with gloomy sun and hot days. The spring is considered as the best one to visit the city as it is the moderate rainfall and a pleasant weather.

Sion is full of parks and beaches because it is situated on the valley, as it makes the trip more beautiful and romantic. People love to visit Sion in different seasons in order to enjoy its pleasant effects.

Arrival to Sion

Sion is the main political center and it is not so difficult to arrive to the Sion. Today?s modern and efficient transportation makes the access to the city very easy and convenient. The city is the town center of wine and the capital of canton of Valais due to this it can easily be reached by major highways. To arrive to the city is the easiest way by bus.

Sion train station is located at the southern end of straight avenue de la gare. The city?s biggest station offers countless connections and takes not much time to travel from one place to another. Sion tiny airport is also for Internationalflights and located just 5 kilometers from the west of the center. The post bus station makes the daily connection of the city to other regions. Sion airport is located just only 2.5 kilometers from Sion city. The airport can also be access by buses. Bus number 1 connects the bus station and the train station.

Many car rentals and buses are available to take the passengers from airport to their desired places.

City transport

The city is famous due to its political center and a wine house. Many people visit the city every year. The transportation system in the city is very much efficient and speedy. The train is the main means of transport and the station is situated at the southern end of the city center. The train network has excellent connections to the major areas in Switzerland.

The yellow post buses and the tickets can easily be bought by the drivers in the yellow buses. These buses take you to the villages and the surrounding hills and the mountains of Sion. The buses run after every hour in order to get the maximum number of passengers. The transportation system in the city is known as one of the finest in the world. The people rent free bicycle from the place of de la planter by depositing ID card or passport against the charge of money. The city highways are very well networked that helps to make the city accessible to the nearby areas. The tickets of buses and trains are easily available at the bus stops or by the drivers also.

Taxis play the major role and a popular way to get around into the city. Taxis are available and lined up at taxi stands at different places in the city.

Top attraction in Sion city

The city is the political center and the wine home as well. People plans to visit the city in order to explore the great places in the city. The city has many things to do and to see. The city has beautiful sightseeing and attractions. Place de la planate is a traffic free square on which Helvetia fountain is situated. It is a monument and contains lots of attraction in it.

Valera castle is the main attraction of Sion. It is a fortified church and a home land of oldest playable organs in the world. It contains the panoramic views of the city and surrounding areas. Valera castle is a church and very special as it has a chapel inside it which is fenced of by a half open wall. The church has an organ and said to be the world?s oldest organ. Town hall is a small clock tower which is dominated by a large astronomical clock. It has carved wooden doors and the paneled rooms.

All saints? chapel is a historic place and a roman gothic style building. It is located near the end of Rue des Chateaux. House of super Saxon is an architectural building and a historic home. Swiss raft activity is the canyon that has many attraction in it. The city has any things to see and explore.


Sion is the capital of Swiss canton of Valais, and it is also considered as one of most important pre-historic sites in Europe, and it has many historical places to be seen. Ch?teau de Tourbillon is an ancient building which is built on a hill during the 13th century, and it had been destroyed in 1788 and never been reconstructed again after that. An unusual Gothic church by the name of Eglise-Fortresse de Val?re (also known as the Ch?teau de Val?re) is also a sight worth seeing, at the same time there are other places of interest which cannot be missed if you are visiting Sion.

Valere Museum houses the medieval religion art from the Gothic and Roman era, and it is open on Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am to noon and 2pm to 6pm. Hotel de Ville, is also another place of interest which can be of interest to many tourists.

Besides the above mentioned other places of attractions are Cath?drale Notre-Dame-du-Glarier, astronomical clock on rue du Grand-Pont. Notre-Dame- Glarier Cathedral, Museum of Archeology, Derborence Lake and Parc Aventure are the places worth spending time on.


There are many places to explore in the city of Sion such as the Notre-Dame-de-Valere which is an old ancient church. This church has three aisled pillared basilicas and the interior is decorated beautifully, though it was built in the 13th century but still it looks beautiful.

Cathedral Norte Dame du Glarier is another place which is popular among the people who visit Sion, it is a tower that was built during the 15th ? 16th century. It contains many things like bishop's' tombs and choir stalls. Besides these this place also contains 100 year old organ which was built by the famous Carlen of Reckingen.

Other places of interest which are worth exploring in Sion are:

? Rue de Grand-Pont (which also has an astronomical clock)? Place de la Planta? Ch?teau De Tourbillon? Wizards Tower? Natural History Museum ? Museum of Antiquities

Besides the places of interest there are festivals as well which take place from time to time. Some of the well-known festivals are:

? Tibor Varga Festival? Internationalfestival of ancient Organ Valere

Eating in Sion

Sion is the place for every one to visit and enjoy the beautiful places in the city. Now days the eating out trend is increasing rapidly and it can easily be determined by the growing percentage of restaurants. The city provides the variety o delicious food and drinks. As the city is the center of wine so it provides the great quality and expensive wines. People mostly enjoy dining with a glass of wine.

The restaurants provide the user friendly environment in a calm and quite atmosphere. The city has a large number of hotels such as Grotto de la fontaine is a Ticinese style restaurants provides fresh pastas, stews, pizzas and risottos. Mekong is the Chinese restaurants serve the great quality spring rolls and rice. La crosix federale serves the mouth watering fish dishes and a square meal and a glass of local wine. Many restaurants in the city serve the standard traditional dishes and regional foods. Any one can find great deals and quality according to their Budget in the city food street.

Price varies depending on the deal, food item and appetizers. The city is the wine center so it serves the fresh juices, coffees and wines.

Nightlife in Sion city

Sion Is the liveliest city and has many things to do. The nightlife of the city is very vibrant and anyone can enjoy its night life. The city provides events for every age group including kids and adults. The nights of the city are safe and full of entertainment every one can enjoy the night life in a safe mode.

The following are the nightlife attractions are:

1. St.james irish tavern: serves the best quality drink. It also offers National and Internationalbeers. It is considered as the most expensive pub in the city.

2. White lion bar: is a high class bar that serves the best drink and music and specially caters the business men.

3. Sion en lumiere: plays fantastic sounds and light shows. The best DJ?s dances in this pub and enjoy their night lives.

4. Caf? victory: plays the jazz music and a caf? that serves best wine and coffees.

5. Diams club: caters the young student and an average price club and offers the best DJ music in town.

6. Nut and bar: is famous for its heavy dining and best wine center. It plays the lively music and gathers the large crowd.

7. Am rut: is the best nightclub in town and frequented by singers in a nice atmosphere.

8. Sion erian: is a movie theater in Sion city and plays the new arrivals of latest actors.

The city has many places and bars to visit and to enjoy the nightlife.

Shopping in Sion

To enjoy the freedom of shopping in a pleasant environment Sion is the best way to avail it. The city has many small and large merchandisers who provide quality products. To do shopping is a pleasant and enjoyable factor that any one can get it. It provides great shopping facility among the large array of shops. The shops contain local and branded item also as per requirement of the customer.

The people have to make an effort to get the desired thing from large number of shops. The city has many shops like jewelry, food market, cloth market, shoe market and electronic items. The shops and the products satisfy all the demographic persons by offering luxurious, quality and valuable items under a single roof. Many shopping malls are famous in the city such as exquisite Arabic perfumes offers the high quality perfumes in reasonable prices that easily satisfies the customers need. Wide fit shoes have a wide range of shoes with an extra wide and width. organik rake provides the high quality Unix t-shirts for men and kids. The t- shirts have conscious graphic designs.

BVL gari offers the best designers sunglasses and goggles. People found these glasses so much attractive and the shop gathers the large number of customers.

Disabled visitors

Sion has an extensive city and has many attractive places to see. It is the political center so it caters the large number of people towards it. Sion cares for its visitors and always tries to give best to its travelers. It provides couple of facilities in accommodation, transport, eating and for business also. Sion is worthy place to visit and the city offers the great range of facilitation.

The city also cares for its disabled especial visitors who in turns will return back to visit the place. Different organizations in the city are working to improve the facilities for disabled visitors. The transporters in the city have decided to start the low floor buses which will be well equipped and user friendly for disabled visitors. The city leaves the positive impact on disabled visitors due to its facilities and services for disabled visitors. The workings to provide the quality service and accessories for those kinds of visitors are in progress which very soon will be visible.

The city offers wheelchairs, ramps, elevators, leg braces, walkers, crutches and guide dogs to disabled visitors to move around the city freely.

Accommodation in Sion

Sion provides the great accommodation to every one. The city has many hotels that provide great facilities in fewer prices. Many hotels are very near to the Sion airport. Ibis hotel Sion is very famous among people due to its quality service and accommodation. The hotel provides restaurant, parking and allow pets in the hotel.

The hotel is situated n the outskirt of the city and nearest to the Valera basilica. Best western Du Rhone hotel Sion offers the quality room service, high speed internet access, parking and very much accessible for disabled persons. The hotel is situated at the quite central area of the city. The wells run hotels provide a fabulous look of Alps and on the excellent location. De la site hotel Sion help people to explore the great locations from this renovated hotel. Elite hotel Sion is situated in an ideal position in the heart of Sion city. The hotel is just five minutes walk away from the city?s railway station.

The hotel offers a pleasant atmosphere and performs in a professional way. Europa hotel Sion is a four star hotel with modern facilities and parking area. Accommodation in Sion is very cheap and for al age groups from student package to a business traveler.

City of Sion

The Switzerland is the capital of district Sion. The city has a population of 28.871with area of 25.6 kilometer square. The city has many landmarks such as basilique de valere and chateue de tourbillion. The city is an airfield for military and civilian use. The city causes many noise pollution because it is located on the valley.

Sion is a political center and an executive power in the commune. The political parties always work on human rights of the medieval commune. Sion is the political center so the economic condition of Sion is very much stable. Due to the presence of cantons administration the main economic center of the city is territory center. The people of Sion have a great interest in media and the city is the host to a number of newspapers, radio station and television. In the airfield of Sion public air shows have been held. Many teams like fresco tricolor and Patrouille de France are aerobic teams have been participated in air shows.

The diocese of Sion is the oldest bishop in the city and also one of the oldest norths of Alps. Sion was fortified by walls and crowns including the two hills on which city have been built. Sion is also the wine and horticultural market center. The town is also rich in historic buildings and architects.

Useful contact numbers

Sion is the place that every one wants to visit due to its prime location. To keep the emergency numbers with you is a proactive measure in order to safe yourself from unexpected situations. These contact numbers help the visitors in case of unexpected situations and emergencies.


The hospital provides 24/7 service with the availability of doctors. It also provides 24/7 pharmaceutical store to provide convenience to its citizens

41-(0)27 603 4000


The airport provides hotline support and assistance to the people about their arrivals and departure of flights.

41-(0)27 603 4000


The railway guides about the timings of trains and issuance of tickets also.

41 27 203 71 20


The bus number helps you in order to get the information about the bus routes.

4127 329 14 09

Car parking

Car parking number helps the people a lot to get the parking place in advance and also in case of emergencies.



The number below helps you to get the immediate police in case of robberies or stolen.



24/7 fire services are available in the city no matters from which place you are calling from.




Weather forecast

It helps you to keep up date yourself regarding weather conditions in the city


The city has many things to see and enjoy.

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