Best Car Rental Slovenia

Slovenia is a beautiful Balkan country that has a small coastline and borders many interesting countries such as Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Tourism is one of Slovenia?s main sources of income.

Slovenia has much to offer in terms of tourism. It has fascinating landscapes ranging from the rugged mountains of the Alps to the coast of the Mediterranean. The mountains that can be found in Slovenia are particularly popular with both hikers and skiers. There is also much in terms of architecture, with both Baroque and Vienne Secession buildings, particularly in Slovenia?s capital of Ljubljana.

You will also be able to find a truly beautiful landscape in the Slovenian Littoral at Karst Plateau. This landscape was shaped due to the carbonate bedrock being dissolved by water, which in turn formed many caves. Several caves are worth mentioning, including the Postjona cave, which has attracted over 28 million visitors to date; and the Skocjan Caves that are listed with UNESCO.

Many people are not aware that Slovenia also has a very famous wine making region, the Maribor. Lastly, Slovenia is a very popular destination amongst gambling tourists, particularly Perla which has the largest casino in the region. Slovenia has the highest number of casinos per capita in Europe.

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