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History Of South Africa

South Africa is blessed with beautiful natural sceneries. However, visiting South Africa will be a great fun for you, if you are interested in exploring the history of the state. In the history of South Africa, discussion of civilisations is important. However, the problems such as racial divisiveness are predictable. The earliest civilisations of South Africa include San and KhoeKhoe peoples. The modern individuals have been living in South Africa for 100,000 years.

The history of South Africa reveals that the long-term inhabitants in the state were Bantu speaking. There are various historical monuments in the state, which you should visit during your trip to South Africa. One of the oldest historical sites in South Africa is northern Kruger National Park. Over the years, settlers, and inhibitors used to come in the city. For populating the state, a great focus was given to encourage immigration. Today, the population of South Africa includes the mixed races of Khoisan, white colonists and others.

It is just one aspect of history of South Africa, and you will find various other attractions in the state. You should also explore the colonial expansion, discovery of diamonds, gold and war in South Africa, the three decades of crisis, and death of apartheid. A trip to South Africa will be a wonderful trip of your life, if you are interested in exploring the history of the state.

When To Go To South Africa?

South Africa is a sunny country, and the major chunk of the tourists comes to the city when it gets cold. Most of the tourists ask the best time to go to South Africa. Since, it is a predominantly sunny country. Therefore, visiting state in winters is the right option. Because of the atmosphere of South Africa, it has limited indoor heating. The midsummer of South Africa is from June to July and midwinter is from December to January.

The state can be categorised into different climatic zones such as Cape Town, and Garden Routes come under the Mediterranean climate. Although summers tend to be warm, however rain is very uncertain in the city, and if you are planning to go to South Africa in summers, then do not forget to take your umbrella. The perfect season to visit South Africa is from March to May. The weather is moderate during this period, and you can avoid the extreme weather during this period. Because of the weather of these months, the tourists come to South Africa in this period.

Transport In South Africa

The infrastructure of South Africa is well developed and modern. The roads in the state are of world-class standard. The most interesting thing is that the air and railway network of South Africa is considered as the largest network on the continent. The large ports of South Africa are serving as a natural stopover for shipping the goods to and from Europe, Asia and Africa.

The number of travellers visiting South Africa is increasing with time, and according to the government of the state, the key contributor to the tourism of South Africa is its transport sector. The total road network of South Africa is 754000 kilometres. The toll roads network is 2400 km. The extensive railway network of South Africa comes on 10th number in the world. More than 50 airlines are serving the airports of South Africa and carrying about 33 million visitors per year. The public of the state prefer using buses as compared to taxis. The major reason is that although taxi services are available in the state. However, they are very expensive.

Best Of South Africa

South Africa is considered as one of the beautiful destinations of the world. If you are planning to visit these enchanting countries in the world, then you must be curious to know about the major attractions in the state. This land offers the exotic combinations of landscapes, historical monuments, parks, beautiful natural sceneries, and other major attractions.

There are so many places, which you should visit during your trip to South Africa and here are a few regions, which you must explore in the state. You should visit Western Cape/Cape Town, which is a premium tourists destination. For exploring the Africans best game reserves and pristine beaches, you should visit Kwazulu Natal/Durban in South Africa. Do not miss to visit Gauteng/Johannesburg, which is the commercial and industrial powerhouse of the state.

Visiting Mpumalanga will be also a good option for you, because it will expose you to the most adorable beauty of the world. This place is also known as ?Paradise Country? of South Africa. For being fascinated from the cultural heritage, and superb landscape, you should plan a visit to Limpopo in South Africa. Some other best tourist destinations in South Africa include the attractions of North West Province and Free State.

Explore South Africa

South Africa is one of the most beautiful destinations of the world. If you are planning to celebrate your holiday in such a place where you may enjoy all beauties of life, then you should go to South Africa. Exploring South Africa will not only provide you fun, but it will be the most memorable trip of your life. The land of South Africa is considered rich in blue skies, game parks, open beaches, and safaris. The culture of South Africa is rich and its traditions are considered very important.

There are various attractions in South Africa, which you should not miss during your trip to the state. Some historical monuments will lead you to explore the history of the state. Therefore, you should not miss the visits to these places. The spectacular Garden route and scenic view of Cape Winelands should be visited. If you are planning to go for a few weeks, then you may not be able to explore all attractions of the state. The best idea is to list down the most wonderful locations of South Africa.

In fact, either you go as a historian, or you just plan to visit to celebrate your holidays, you will not get bore in South Africa. The transportation system of the state is well developed and you will not find problem in conveyance.

Eating In South Africa

South Africa does not only offer the beautiful and alluring destinations, but it also offers the special South African cuisine. Seafood is considered as the stable food in South Africa diets. Pieces of deep fried fish with French fries are considered as one of the most preferable food of South Africans. The other seafood items eaten in South Africa include mussels, cod, rock lobster and mussels. The delicious items made of potatoes, cabbage, green beans and corn are also liked by South Africans.

The fruits of South Africa include pineapples, bananas and mangoes. British origin dishes are also liked in South Africa. You should eat curry powder and beef or lamb potpie. Sausages made of beef and pork is really liked by the people in South Africa. Sosaties are frequently served at barbecues. South Africans also like soups such as corn soup or Mealie soup. The food in South Africa is not cheap because of the presence of restaurants and small or large food shops.

It is interesting to note that on Christmas and other occasions, South Africans like special cuisine, which is considered as the traditional cuisine of South Africa. You will find very low cost to expensive restaurants in South Africa. Therefore, you will not find any problems regarding eating in South Africa.

Disabled Visitors

South Africa is one of the best tourist destinations of the world. It is interesting to note that a considerable chunk of tourists visiting South Africa belongs to the category of disabled visitors. This shows that either the state is extremely appealing for the tourists or the disabled visitors may have some other attractions in the state. South Africa is one of the most appealing destinations of the world, and a great focus is given towards the disabled visitors visiting the state.

Travellers with all kinds of disabilities can visit the state without any inconvenience. After your arrival on any airport of the state, you can get assistance of the staff. All accommodations, airport, public places, and attractions in the state have been designed in consideration to the needs of the disabled visitors. For example, a disabled person may get the wheelchair just after his/her arrival on the airport. All accommodations are wheelchair or disabled friendly accommodations. For moving the wheelchairs, there is a ramp access to the buildings. The disabled visitors are usually given the ground floor rooms.

The facilities like shelves, air conditioner controls etc. are being provided in for the easy access of disabled visitors. However, before visiting any tourist attractions, it will be better for you to find out the facilities provided to the disabled visitors at that particular location.

Driving Tips In South Africa

If you are planning to visit South Africa, then you should know some basic rules of the state, particularly the driving rules. Following are some driving tips, which can keep you away from disobeying the rules of driving in the state. While driving in South Africa, you should keep your car in the left lane. The speed limit is 120 km/h (75 mph) on National highways and urban freeways, 100 km/h (60 mph) on secondary (rural) roads, and 60 km/h (35 mph) in built-up areas.

There are many petrol stations or gas stations on all the National roads of South Africa. The traffic signal rules are standard in South Africa. It means that you can proceed if the light is green and you have to stop, if the signal is red. If signal turns amber, then you should slow down and stop the car when it goes red. If you approach a traffic circle, then you should always yield to the right. You cannot park the car on the opposite side of the road facing oncoming traffic.

Mobile phones are not allowed while driving in South Africa. You should always drive with locked doors and handbags and cell phones should not be put on the passenger seats. If you feel sleepy, or tired, then you should not drive the car. Moreover, you should also study the road you plan to take.

Sports And Outdoors South Africa

South Africa is popular among the tourists because of its sport related activities. In fact, sports and outdoor activities are considered as the National religion of South Africa. South African teams are representing the state, in almost all kinds of Internationalsports. South Africans are considered to have high sportsman spirit. All kinds of sports and outdoor activities are organised in the state. However, the major sports in South Africa include aristocratic, rugby, and cricket.

These three games are considered as the ?Big Three? sports of South Africa. The people in South Africa love to play football or soccer. By no means, South Africans are considered as the giant in the world of soccer. Another sport of South Africa is golf. There are magnificent gold course in the state. The best thing about South Africa sports is that best world-class sporting facilities are available. Most of the National sports grounds are having the capacity of several thousand spectators. Basketball is also played in South Africa however; it was more common 12 years back.

In some regions of South Africa, some games are played more as compared to the games played in the other regions. If you love playing sports with the world-class facilities, then visiting South Africa is necessary.

Cost, Money & Banks

South Africa is an ideal state to spend the memorable holidays of life. Before visiting the state, the travellers may consider the cost of living in South Africa. The good news for the tourists is that the visitors coming from Europe, North America and many other countries consider South Africa cheaper as compared to their home countries. Nevertheless, the cost of South Africa travelling usually depends on your trip plan. However, if you eat cheaply and use public transport, then your daily expense will be near around US $25. If you are staying in a good guesthouse, and eat out regularly, then you can expect the daily expense of $25 to $50. The estimated total cost for a luxurious tour is about US $ 125. From accommodation to eating in South Africa, you will find the rates of South Africa very reasonable.

The currency of South Africa is Rand, and it is known as buck. For exchanging currency, there are many currency exchange shops in the state. Even you get such facilities on the airport. Travellers cheque, cards, and credit cards are commonly used by the travellers in South Africa. For money transfer, the fastest service is wiring money. For reliable transactions, you can visit the banks of South Africa.

South Africa is relatively a low cost state.

Red Tapes and Visas in South Africa

If you are planning to visit South Africa, then you should consider the important visa requirements of South Africa. The information about visa is usually available on the website of the state. There are different categories of visas, which are being offered to the travellers coming from various countries of the world. The travellers who usually come for a few weeks, or days come through visit visa, business visa, corporate permits visa and Intra-company permit visa.

It is interesting to note that South Africa comes in the top five immigration states of the world. It means that the state highly encourage the travellers to visit the state. There are some necessary visa requirements without which, the travellers may not be allowed to enter the state. The typical visa requirements include the documents. Without a valid passport and visa, you cannot travel into the state. The visa application can be made in South African embassy of your home country.

After a few days or weeks based on the kind of the visa for which you are applying or the completion of your documents, you are issued a visa. You have to visit the state during that particular period. South Africa is one of the know destinations of the tourists and each year millions of the tourists visit the state.

Languages Of South Africa

The inhabitants of South Africa belong to different civilisations. thereby, making South Africa a multilingual country. It is interesting to note that there are total 11 official languages of South Africa including Afrikaans, English, IsiNdebele, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu, Sesotho, Setswana, Sepedi, SiSwati, Tshivenda and Xitsonga. In other words, African, Europeans and Asian languages are commonly spoken in South Africa. The business and political language of the state is English.

However, if you rank English in the list of 11 official languages of South Africa, then it comes at 11 as a home language. People in South Africa speak mixed languages such as English, IsiZulu etc. The mother tongue of South Africans is isiZulu and it is the most common language spoken in the state. The most common languages spoken in South Africa include isiZulu, isiXhosa, Afrikaans, Sepedi, English and Setswana. This ranking is based on the language distribution among the population in the state.

It is interesting to note that language you will hear more frequently in South Africa primarily depends on the county where you are in South Africa. People of different regions speak different languages. The people in Eastern Cape speak IsiXhosa while in KwaZulu Natal speak isiZulu. After your arrival in the state, you may get the assistance of travel guides who can assist you when required.