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Renting a Car in Spain? Read our guide before hiring a car in Spain

Spain is a dream destination for so many people –It is the sixth largest in Europe which makes it a lovable place to visit. The popular capital city of Madrid and its other numerous cities are known to have lots of tourist attractions which makes Spain an ideal spot for a fun weekend. On your visit to Spain, you will definitely want to visit quite a number of places –maybe a visit to the popular and fun-filled magic fountain of Mount Montjuic or a trip to any other location. Whatever your trip destination might be within Spain, you will need a means of transportation to take you around and make your experience a fun-filled one.

Like every other country, you will find buses to take you around and the train services which are sure to get you to your destination fast. All of this options are good but for some people who are fans of spontaneity and comfort and like to go around with style will definitely want to consider the car renting option. You may be in a dilemma of either using the public transport system or renting a car but we are here to assure you that renting a car is just as good as any other option you might be considering. You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort of getting a car to move around the city of Spain for the fear of car rentals anymore as this article is sure to take you through all the information you will require if you are going to use the car rental option.

If you are ever considering renting a car in Spain, we have compiled a list of the necessary questions you might need answers to in order to ensure your visit is an exciting one.

Would it be a bad idea to rent a car in Spain?

Renting a car in Spain is not a necessity but it sure can add a lot of spice to your trip. Transportation in Spain is not as expensive as many of the other European countries but in some cases, you need something beyond the regular while for some others, they don’t just fancy the idea of jumping from buses to trains and that’s where renting a car comes to play. It is okay to be a little scared or skeptical about renting a car but you don’t need to allow the fear of the unknown take away the luxury experience of driving a rented car around In Spain.

If you want to explore more of the tourist centers or its harder-to-reach region, it may not be your cheapest option, but it might be more comfortable and convenient, driving around Spain may be a bit challenging. When driving around the cities of Spain, be ready to spend almost the same amount getting to your destination looking for a space to park. It can be a very tiring ordeal at times –it could take you an estimated 10 minutes to find a parking space after a 15 minutes’ drive. This notwithstanding, the comfort that comes with car rentals can’t be compared to buses.

Individual preference would prevail here in your choice of transportation when visiting Spain.

Any issues renting a in Spain?

Most people ask this million dollar question –hiring a car in Spain should not be a big issue, in as much as it is legally authorized. When driving around Spain you will come across some cars that are tainted and scratched of which most of this faults are a result of narrow roads. This is why before hiring a car you, must ensure that your car is insured. All you need to do is to look into the full coverage insurance provided by the rental company in order to ensure that it is damage free before you rent it. These precautionary measures should be adhered to in order to have less trouble when returning the car.

Best and Worst Car hire companies in Spain

Before you rent a car in Spain you will need to have good knowledge of the right rental company to rent a car from. Several companies are renowned for their notorious and bad acts in renting out cars.

Worst car companies

  • Goldcar Rental Company –Their prices are unnecessarily high and you will end up spending so much on car rentals. The initial price on their site is just a bait as their added charges are a no-go area.
  • Interrent Car Rental –This Company is also owned by Europcar and is also known to charge their customers extremely. Some customers lodged complaints of unexpected charges on damages that weren’t caused by them.

Best car rental companies

  • Centauro Car Rental –This Company is known to provide amazing and cheap car rental services to people. Their price is also fantastic.
  • Helle Hollis Car Rental –The Helle Hollis company has proven to be a good car rental company with their affordable and quality services. You can be sure you are safe with this company.

Hiring a Car in Spain: Manual vs Automatic

The struggle between manual and automatic cars is a matter of individual preference. Some people are fans of manual cars while others would definitely go with the other. Whatever your preferred car transmission choice is, you can get it from a car rental company. With the nature of the Spanish road, driving an automatic car is less stressful as their roads are very narrow and twisty.

Renting automatic cars are more expensive in Spain so a lot of people end up going for the manual option. Whatever you pick, make sure it is convenient for you and one you can easily maneuver. Spain is a right-hand drive country so choose a comfortable transmission.

Is a credit card compulsory when renting cars in Spain?

Credit cards are very important when renting a car in Spain. It is mandatory to have credit cards before you can rent a car. An insurance deductible hold will be placed on the card for the rental duration to be sure no damages is gotten from the car rental. The money on hold is always removed when the car is returned meeting the required state and without damage.

What is Max and Min Age to Rent a Car in Spain?

Just like most other European countries, Spain also has a minimum and maximum age for car rentals. You must be a minimum of age 21 as a driver to rent a car but some companies peg their limits at 23. In Spain, once you are below 25 years of age, there is going to be an added fee of about €20 every day.

There is no maximum age for car rentals in Spain so you don’t have to bother once you are above 21 in Spain.

What is the average cost of renting a car in Spain?

When renting a car in Spain, the first thing that should come to your mind is the Insurance –insurance is the major cost incurring thing when cars in Spain. If you are from the US, you wouldn’t find their fees too different if not for the insurance inclusion.

The transmission type is also a determinant of how much it will cost to rent a car. The basic rates take into consideration taxes, theft protection, insurance, extra driver, transmission and some other minor fees. Always make sure to choose a car rental company that helps you to save cost and cut down on the long list.

Road Laws domineering Spain as a tourist when Renting a Car

Spain has specific laws that guide tourist drivers by the Spanish government –these laws should be strictly adhered to if you don’t to apprehended or penalized.

  • You must be above 18 years to drive and up to 21 to rent a car.
  • Proof of identification (Passport)
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Unnecessary use of horns are prohibited
  • Seat belts are compulsory for both the front and rear seats of private vehicles.
  • Have an International driving permit (driver’s license) .
  • No drinking of alcohol and texting when driving.

Documents needed to hire a car in Spain

There are several documents needed by every driver before you can rent a car in Spain. Very importantly you must be above 21 years old and held a driver’s license for minimum of one year. IDPs are well recognized I Spain but not a compulsory document. The drivers must also carry a valid form of identification and your passport can suffice for this. You must be able to provide a proof of insurance on the vehicle. The registration documents of the car must be in the car at all times.

Spain Toll gates and other information

Toll fees are collected for passages through their tolls in Spain. The price is collected based on the time length, the category of the car and the maneuverability of the vehicle. A payment system Via-T is allowed in Spain and allows you entrance without stopping and discounts. An estimated 10 euro is collected per 100km.

Renting a Car in Spain as an American Driver (USA)

As an American driver, driving in Spain won’t be too much of an issue. You would have no issues driving in Spain but you should be aware that most rental companies rent out manual cars so you should be conversant with manual transmission. You can also get a GPS device to help you navigate around.

The roads are very good but narrow and twisty and you will find lots of shops and restaurants on your way. Your only issue will be the parking as parking is very difficult in most Spanish cities –you might need to pay up to 25 euros a day to park.

What NOT to DO When Returning a Rental Car in Spain

If you made use of a good car rental company then you are sure to have lesser issues when returning the vehicle. Notwithstanding this, you would need to be as careful as possible to avoid scratches and damages on the vehicle. Make sure you return the car with same fuel amount as at when it was borrowed.

Tips to avoid car rental companies RIF-OFFS

-Take picture of the car at the pick-up time.

-Take pictures of the car at the drop off time.

-Purchase a comprehensive coverage without deductibles.

-Add an extra driver if you don’t have a credit card.

-Make your reservation in advance.

Important Contact Numbers in Spain

There are some vital numbers to call in case of emergency or directions. Some of such emergency numbers are listed below.

  • Medical services -061
  • Police – 091
  • Local police – 092
  • General emergency – 112
  • Ambulance
  • Fire service -080

Interior ministry


Car rentals in Spain just got way easier with the following tips listed above –now you can enjoy your stay in Spain having a nice ride around the cities and also avoid rip-offs or unnecessary charges.