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Best Car Rentals Strasbourg

History Strasbourg

Strasbourg is the principal and capital city of France's northeastern regions Alsace province. Situated close to Germany's border, it's the capital city of the department of Bas-Rhin. At the location of Strasbourg, Romans created a military post and was named Argentoratum. This base belonged to Germania Superior's of Roman province. After reformation of Imperial constitution during the early part of 16th century plus the Imperial Circles establishment, Strasbourg became part of Rhenish Circle. From 30 Years' War to World War I.

The City Strasbourg stayed neutral during war of 30 years. In 1681 France's King Louis XI seized the city. However, Strasbourg's fame as one free city got revoked during the famous French Revolution.Later, during the war of Franco-Prussian and Strasbourg?s siege, it was bombarded heavily by Prussian army. In 1871, Strasbourg was added to the freshly established Empire of Germany. As part of the Imperial Germany, the city was developed and rebuilt on a representative and grand scale which included new museums plus a library. Following the Germans defeat in the first world war, Strasbourg was restored again to France; and even then the residents of the city were again not given a plebiscite.


Summer is the most recommended time in the year that you can actually go to this beautiful city.

Best of Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a beautiful city specially because of its historical charm and magnificent structures. The very best of the city Strasbourg are Strasbourg's Architecture. Strasbourg is primarily known for the beautiful Cathedral of sandstone Gothic which possess the renowned astronomical clock as well as for the medieval cityscape. The city of Strasbourg is also the home of some magnificent bridges like the ancient Ponts Couverts that has 4 towers with it. Strasbourg has quiet a few prominent parks, among which numerous are related to history as well as cultural interest such as: Parc de l'Orangerie, Jardin Botanique,la Citadelle, de Pourtals, Jardin des deux Rives, des Contade etc. The Opera du Rhin is one of the best it has to offer and so far has hosted many great names of this century such as-Teresa Berganza, Montserrat Caballe, R'gine Crespin, Jos' van Dam and many more. Strasbourg is one of the most famous cities in France and the city is full of information with respect to historical aspects, music, museums etc.

Exploring Strasbourg

In spite of war damages, many remains of the Old Strasbourg still have the historical beauty and charm to attract many tourists and visitors. Strasbourg's traffic focal point is named lace Kliber. Here in the center there is a bronze statue of J. B. K'lber who was Napoleon's one of the most eminent generals. He was later buried under this monument. Actually, his presence or existence there snubbed the Nazis, which made them to remove it in 1940. However, the Alsatian bronze statue got reinstated in its proper location in 1945. Place Gutenberg is the city's one of the oldest squares. Here, the innermost statue is of a man called Gutenberg, who developed his own printing press during 1436-1437. His monument was created by David d'Angers.

Hotel du Commerce, the earlier town hall of Strasbourg was constructed in 1582. It has to be the most noteworthy Renaissance edifice in Alsace. La Petite France probably is the foremost fascinating quarter of the city. It is a virtual isle, surrounded by picturesque canals on each of the four sides. Moreover, its 16th-century buildings reflect in Ill River's water. In the "Little France," grey tiled old roofs have sheltered the locals for years, and the fa?ades with uneven rafters are of classic Alsatian fashion. Exploring by Boat- a very romantic way of spending time in the city is through taking a pleasure trip from Palais Rohan on Ill River. They for tourists also contain recorded interpretations in six different languages.

Strasbourg is very famous city of France and full of historical facts, one example is that people from all around the world used to get rent a car in Strasbourg in order to see the Gutenberg monument. It is better for the tourists to explore the world with the help of our company as our company used to offer the services of car rental in Strasbourg airport.

Eating drinking Strasbourg

Germans might well be known to the Englishmen as Krauts - though Strasbourg is the best place for delicious Sauerkraut and it will certainly make you forget the Huns. This is the ultimate Kraut-city! Of course many other tasty options are here as well, starting from mouthwatering Pizzas to the expensive Michelin restaurants. Yet, a vacation to the eastern part of France not including the taste of Sauerkraut definitely isn't a good deal.

Strasbourg's famous restaurants L'picerie; it is a small restaurant stylishly decorated with products of old-styled commercials. The food offered here are mainly French and is pretty cheap as well with 'tartines'. Flam's offers General type of food and one should try tarte flamb'e, the local speciality which is basically like onion tart. The cook of this restaurant likes experimentation and almost every time the experiments are top class! It mainly offers general type of food and costs around 50 bucks for lunch and almost double for dinner. Petit Creperie is a cheap place with great Pancakes of French style. HK is one place that offers Internationalcuisine and is not among the cheapest of places.

To reach to such exotic and for eating mouth watering dishes the tourists and the residents need to go from one place to another and here our company offers the best rent a car in Strasbourg. This place is not only famous because of its historical and architecture nature

Nightlife Strasbourg

Strasbourg is the principal and capital city of France's northeastern regions Alsace province. Situated close to Germany's border, it's the capital city of the department of Bas-Rhin. It is a beautiful city specially because of its historical charm and magnificent structures. In spite of war damages, many remains of the Old Strasbourg still have the historical beauty and charm to attract many tourists and visitors. However the night-life of Strasbourg is not as famous as its sights and not that much buzzing and compared to the other cities of Spain and France, nights in Strasbourg are pretty low key. During the nights, many restaurants and other places hold musical gatherings and Strasbourg is very much famous for its Opera.

The major spot for classical opera as well as music inside France is Strasbourg. Music itself is an integral part of Strasbourg has hosted many great names of this century such as-Teresa Berganza, Montserrat Caballe, R'gine Crespin, Jos van Dam and many more. All in all, Strasbourg is not the best place for discos, pubs and discos but those who love classical music and opera?s, they would love their visit to Strasbourg.

Although Strasbourg is not full of life in terms of discos and clubs, but tourists and residents who love to listen classical music and opera wants to visit Strasbourg

Shopping Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a place of historical significance and is full of ancient monuments and structures. Though the city has moved ahead with time, but still there have not been a great improvement in the shopping sector for locals and tourists. It basically has enough shops for the locals and very few souvenir shops. It is a very interesting shop in the middle of Strasbourg. It is regarded as a concept shop that includes designs of various young and fresh designers from Spain and France. In this shop one will get a selection of very colourful clothing as well as the most innovative designs and cuts for every season. This shop has opened in September 2007 just around 100m from Ultra Orange itself. It is more of a sister concern of Ultra Orange. It contains very nice clothes, t-shirts, a variety of designer accessories for home decor any many more other stuff.

As Strasbourg is not well developed in terms of shopping trends and markets but still the tourists from various other places love to hire a car in Strasbourg to reach to such markets like ultra orange. The best option for the tourists is to book facility of car rental in Strasbourg so after that just visit the whole city freely without any time bound.

Disabled visitors Strasbourg

Strasbourg possesses a wealth of lures in offer for its visitors. The main attractions of this city are its artistic and modernist background that reflects magnificent architecture plus additional hedonistic attractions in order to amuse the huge number of tourists that gather around Strasbourg each summer. As it attracts many visitors all the year round, it has sufficient number of hotels and lodges to accommodate its tourists. These hotels not only offer great service but also have many facilities for its disabled tourists as well. In a large number of historical sights and museums of Strasbourg, they provide certain facilities for disabled people like - providing easy and comfortable access routes suitable for wheelchair users. Moreover in restaurants and hotels, the sinks as well as other slabs of toilets and kitchens are placed in such a height that can be used by wheelchair users.

Other facilities include special toilet seats for those who cannot use the standard toilet and additional shower apart from the one above the bathtub for those who cannot use bathtubs. Through all this, Strasbourg makes the holiday for there disabled tourists and visitors pleasant and hassle free as well and they can very much enjoy their stay in Strasbourg.

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