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Best Car Hire Toulouse Airport

The Toulouse Blagnac airport is located just outside the city, the exact location of this airport being almost 5 miles to the northwest direction of the town. To reach the airport, you have to take D901 and subsequently start moving off in the direction of junction 4. This means that, if you have to reach the airport, you should travel along the road that leads to Bordeaux, take the A620 route when you reach the junction, thereby joining A620-E9. Keep travelling until you reach junction 31, and on reaching it, turn right. You will find yourself on road A621 and, after this, all you have to do is turn right at the junction 2 and you will find yourself at the entrance of the airport.

If you are travelling to and from the airport, there are many means of transport that you can employ. There is a bus service that runs from the airport to the center of city, or you could also get a taxi, but if you are a person who doesn?t like the hassle and you are accustomed to travelling in cars, then you should simply go for car hire in Toulouse Blagnac Airport as this will make your life much easier. If you really plan on taking a proper tour of the city, hiring a car to have a look around its attractions is a much better option. For more information on hiring a car and getting the best hiring deals, you can visit tripindicator.com

There are several useful pieces of information you need to know about the Toulouse Blagnac Airport. The information desk, where you can go to have your queries answered, is located in hall two of the airport. The place is equipped with modern facilities despite of the fact that it is a relatively small airport with just one Terminal . If you are new to the city, you can easily find ATM machines and money exchangers in the Terminal . There are also small cafes, bars and restaurants on the premises. On the first floor, you will find lots of small shops from where you can buy a variety of things. This airport also has VIP lounges, and even a small post office. There are also photocopy shops, telephone booths, and facilities for the disabled.

Toulouse-Blagnac Airport
BP 90 103, 31703
Blagnac Cedex,
Ph : (0)5 6142 4400
Visit : www.toulouse.aeroport.fr