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History Toulouse

Toulouse's site was established before the Roman take-over of the area. Aquitain, a pre-Celtic word was the source of its name. The established empire was a huge Roman metropolis. In the 5th century, it was the capital of the Visigoths. It was ruled by counts after Charlemagne. From the 9th century to the 13th century, an empire of great influence and refinement developed. The growth of the Cathar deviation functioned as an excuse for the invasion of the region by armed troops from the north of Europe and of France. Then, Toulouse was controlled by a gathering of chosen "capitouls". The assembly, which started in 1444, managed financial and judicial things. An enmity grew between the capitouls and the members of the parliament that remained until they mixed for revolution.

The current history of Toulouse is mainly featured by the quest of motorized flight. The 1st man to fly in a plane having a motor was Clement Adler who was born in Muret. The city was the land where the initial regular airline which took off from French soil. Daurat, Mermoz, Latecoere and Saint-Exupery are the names which are linked with this quest.

After the uprising, Toulouse became quite lethargic and ignored the industrial upheaval of the modern era. After the 1st World War that, Toulouse began to grow again. Its well-built economic growth of current era is in part because of the devolution of lots of ministries.

Weather in Toulouse

The weather of Toulouse is very pleasant because of its location. The city is situated near the Mediterranean coast and Pyrenees. The weather of the city is moderate with plenty of sunshine. The climate of city neither too hot during summers nor two cold during winters. The pleasant and clear weather of the city makes it a famous destination for tourists all year round. However, the best period to visit the city is during spring and autumn. You can enjoy the beautiful sights of the city during this time. December and January are the coldest months of the year during winters. The temperature during winters ranges from 2 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius which is equal to 34 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The average rate of rainfall during these months is 150 mm. The summers of the city are warm with clear weather. The hottest months of the year include July and august. The temperature ranges from 17 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. The rainfall ranges from 90 mm to 150 mm. The rate of rainfall is maximum during September is maximum. The rainfall during September is 220 mm. You can use public transports to move around the city but they are usually crowded with local passengers.

Arrival to Toulouse

There are three major modes of transportation to get in the city. These modes of transportation include plane, road and train. Plane is the most convenient way to reach the city and maximum percentage of tourists use plane to get in the city. Toulouse Blagnac International Airport is located 7 miles from the centre and at a drive of 20 minutes from the main city. It is a domestic as well as an International Airport so, it is considered as the busiest airport of France. You can use taxis and buses to get to the city. The fares of the taxi and bus are 20 Euro and 4 Euro respectively. Train is an easy and convenient way of getting in Toulouse. Many cities of France are connected with Toulouse through train for example, Bordeaux, Marseille and Paris. Eight trains from Bordeaux, nine from Paris and eleven from Marseille move to Toulouse daily. You should make a train pass or card if you are planning to move a train and want a discount. If you are moving from major cities of France and Spanish towns, you can also use bus services. Bus Terminal is located near train station. You can also hire a personal car to get in the city but this way is more expensive as compared to other mode of transportation. Finding transportation to move around the city is not a big problem.

City transport

Toulouse is a developed city and is considered one of the best tourist cities of the world. In the recent years, many developments in the city have been made to increase the level of comfort for tourists. Transportation system of the city is well developed and well organized. The city offers reliable and affordable transportation facilities to tourists. The cheapest way of transportation in the city is bus service. The different routes of the buses connect many areas of the city. You can opt for buses to move around the city if you have a tight Budget . Toulouse has a network of metro lines for getting in and out of the city centre. These metro services have two lines including east-west line and north-south line. These services are very reliable and strict for timetable. You can get the network map and schedules of these metro lines and buses from their Terminal s. The public transport including bus and metro are usually crowded with local people so, if you want to avoid any sort of matter you can go for a taxi. However, taxis are more expensive as compared to other mode of transportation. Some people feel more comfort and safety in the personal cars. Arranging personal cars in the city is not possible for all the visitors.


Toulouse is a city on the shores of the Garonne River, half-way between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. With over 1 million dwellers in 2007, the Toulouse city is the 5th largest city in France and the fastest mounting city in Europe. Previously, the city was the capital of the Languedoc. Currently, Toulouse is the capital of the Midi-Pyr?es area, the biggest region in metropolitan France. It?s the capital of the Haute-Garonne section as well. There are many beautiful places in Toulouse. The famous places situated in Toulouse are Capitole de Toulouse, Hotel de Ville, Thotre du Capitole and the Donjon du Capitole which is situated on the Place du Capitole, Banks of the Garonne Bazacle Jardin des Plantes, Grand-Rond, Jardin Royal Pont-Neuf H?pital de la Grave, Chateau d'eau, Canal du Midi, Saint-Pierre bridge, Wilson Square, Matabiau train station, Madiath?que Jos Cabanis, Hotel du Vieux-Raisin, Quai Lucien Lombard, INSA and Quai Lucien Lombard.

Some famous religious buildings are present in Toulouse as well. These religious buildings are Saint-Sernin Basilica, Notre-Dame du Taur church, Church of the Jacobins and its cloister, Saint-tienne cathedral Daurade basilica and Ursulines tower. Some great Museums are present in Toulouse also. Some of them are Muse Georges Labit, Muse des Augustins, Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, Museum of Modern Art, City de l'espace, Hotel d'Assizat, Goethe Institut, Muse du Vieux Toulouse, Muse de l'Affiche, Muse Departemental de la Resistance et de la Deportation, Muse des Antiques de Toulouse, Muse Paul Dipesh etc.

Top attractions in Toulouse

Toulouse is a small city but very popular because of its attractions. Toulouse is considered as one of the best destinations of France due to its beautiful places. Basilique Saint Sernin is the most popular church of 11th century. The church partially resorted by a well known French architect Viollet-le-Duc. The most appealing old mansion of the city is Hotel d'Ass?zat. The theatres and museums of the city are very popular all over the world. Capitole includes in one of the famous theatres of the city. It is the most imposing and palatial townhall of Toulouse and located in front of the grand Place du Capitole. Georges Labit Museum depicts the historical background of the city. It was built in 17 rue du Japon, 1893 and has a large collection of Asian arts and Egyptian antiquities. Les Augustins is a well famed place of the city. It was a monastery church and now it is used as an art museum. City Park is present to the south-east of the centre of Toulouse. Some other top attractions in the city include Pont-Neuf, Les Jacobins and Les Abattoirs. Pont-Neuf is famous bridge of Toulouse and was built between 1544 and 1626. The Canal du Midi or Canal des Deux Mers is the famous canal of the city. It is 240 km long and connects the Etang de Thau to the Garonne River.

Exploring Toulouse

Toulouse is visited by numerous travelers every year from all over the world. A drive from Toulouse, on the shores of Tarn River, Albi is a charming city that is steeped in history, from its source as a Gallo-Roman agreement to its afterward significance as a central city in the Catholic Crusade in opposition to the Cathars. It is the home to the architecturally striking Gothic Cathedral of Sainte-Cecile also, which was established without making use of the soaring defenses. The Berbie Palace is situated in between the river and the cathedral, and it is a structure made of red bricks that is of 13th century, when it was the habitation of the archbishop. At present, it's a museum that provides the ultimate resting position for the leftovers of the French artist, Toulouse-Lautrec, who was born in Albi. Another interesting point of the town is Muse Toulouse-Lautrec. Here, more than six hundred paintings of the famous artists and works of some other masters of ancient times like Degas, Bonnard, and Matisse can be seen. The town of Auch, situated in the west of Toulouse on the River of Gers, is a focal point of cooking pleasure.

Its a vital place for drink and food lovers, who can coddle in the foie gras, Armagnac brandy, wine and poultry for which the city is very popular all around the world.

Eating drinking Toulouse

French Cuisine is one of the most appreciated cuisines around the world. French cuisine is taken as a model in many countries of the world for its variations and detailed information on preparing foods. Toulouse also bears the glory of French cuisine with its wide range of food items. Saucisses de Toulouse, a type of herb sausage, garbure, a cabbage soup with poultry and cassoulet Toulousain, a bean and pork stew are some of the specialties of Toulouse. Duck is also a regional specialty and almost every restaurant offers delicious menu of duck. Rue de la Colombetter, situated in St-Aubin district just across boulevard Carnot, offers the number of items in the city. Vietnamese cuisine and sandwich bars can be found in Rue du Taur. Pasta places, creperie and restaurants are situated in Rue Du May. There are many cafes around Du Capitole where a traveler will see the youth of Toulouse with its full vibrancy. Every evening student gathers here to enjoy the wonderful weather and Toulouse cuisine together.

For lunch, there is no better option than Victor Hugo. There are numerous restaurants situated side by side offering quite a reasonable price. This food market only remains open at lunchtime and they are all closed on Monday. You may have to wait for getting a seat there, but after you have the food you will definitely admit that the waiting was worth.

Nightlife Toulouse

Numerous night clubs, cafes, bars, pubs, theaters, concerts, cinemas, parks add a special flavor to the nightlife of Toulouse. Its enjoyable weather and nice venues facilitates concerts, theaters, dance performances etc to take place in open air. As Toulouse is a small city, you can take a walk at night and visit many of those happening places in a short time.You can also take a tour and visit the parks and gardens of Toulouse. Canal du Midi with an unforgettable view, Jardin Compans-Caffarelli with a beautiful lake, prairie des Filtres may be included in your list.

Center Ville alone welcomes you with five bars situated side by side at this beautiful place. You may choose among Le Saint Sernin, Job Dionysos, Opus Cafe, L'Almodo'bar and Cafe des Amidonniers. There are also some bars at Sud Saint-Michel, Centre Wilson, Centre Esquirol, Centre Capitole, Nord, Quest etc. There are various disco clubs and pubs where you can dance whole night with a glass of drink in your hand. World famous Champagne can be found in these discos just imported from Champegne, a province in north-east of France which is known as the origin of Champagne.

You may also enjoy the prime-time show of any movie at two of the most renowned cinemas in Toulouse. They are: The Gaumont Wilson and the UGC Toulouse. These two occasionally held film festivals with different themes. So what else do you want in a city? Just start your walk and see the character of night in Toulouse with your own eyes.

There is so much in Toulouse at night to enjoy, but one can enjoy to such places when the comfortable transportation is there to go from one place to another, our company is the one offering the lowest rate Toulouse car rental facilities to the people. Even one can hire a car in Toulouse railway station without any hassle and by this one can reach  many exotic places to enjoy like bars, gardens etc.


Toulouse is well known for its aerospace industry. So you should first get some souvenirs of those from Cite de l'Espace. Place du Capitole is called the heart of Toulouse?s city life. A huge market of food, cloth, junk on Wednesday and a unique organic food market on Tuesday and Saturday mornings take place here. Then you can move to Les Carmes, an old locale near capitol with beautiful old-fashioned streets, and search for antiques to take away with you. Come to the northern part of the city and discover Arnaud-Bernard welcoming you with many shopping malls and also a very lively nightlife.

Place de la Bourse is called the historical textile production quarter of Toulouse. While buying textile products from here, do not forget to visit the second hand shops or Friperrie (in local language) just beside Place de la Bourse.Every Sunday morning a flee market takes place near the Basilique Saint Sernin. It is not that much famous for its collections but you must visit this place if you want to get a clear picture of Toulouse crowd. Vegetables and fresh fruits are available around the St Aubin Basilic every Sunday.

Usually all the stores of Toulouse remains open in Monday- Saturday from 9am to 1 pm and 3pm to 7pm. But some shops follow their own timetable. But it would be wise to know the timing before going to any shop in Toulouse.

Disabled visitors Toulouse

At present, Toulouse do not offer a wide range of facilities to the disabled persons traveling Toulouse. Eurotunnel, a transport service from London to Paris, offers splendid splendid service to the disabler ones and it is often convenient for them to travel in Eurostar rather than flying. Some other transport services offer special discount to the disabled ones. Disabled persons can put their wheelchairs at any first class saloon without any cost. Almost every cinema halls, theaters provide some useful and friendly facilities to the disabled peoples. Especially, the modern and newly built multi screen movie theaters support them to a better extent. Toulouse is planning to widen its range of facilities to support disabled persons. Some of the proposed plans which are going to be implemented soon are- extending doorways for wheelchair users, improving the quality of public transport system, establishing ramps for getting into the train, replacing existing toilet seats with the ones that are comfortable for the disabled ones, adjusting the height of sink and tables etc.

People of Toulouse are very much helpful. If a disabled person explains his/her need to the person attending, every one is likely to help in sorting out any problem. The French Ministry of Tourism has recently initiated a new campaign to help disabled persons when they are traveling in Toulouse.

Accommodation in Toulouse

You can find reliable and reasonable accommodation easily in Toulouse. There are many hotels, apartments and resorts present in the city which provide you a lot of amenities at very less rates. A large percentage of tourists want to stay in hotels during their trip to Toulouse. Hotel Pullman Toulouse Centre is considered as the best hotel of the city. It is a four star hotel and located in Centre Gare. Hotel Courtyard by Marriott Toulouse Airport, located in Ouest Aeropor, is also a four star hotel.

These four star hotel offer facilities like free parking, attach baths, air conditioner rooms and TV with cable. Some other four star hotels include Hotel Crowne Plaza Toulouse, Hotel le Palladia, Hotel Garonne and Grand Hotel de l'Opera. These hotels are located in main city centres and are well furnished. These hotels are stylish and modern. Hotel Novotel Toulouse Aeroport is the top rated three stars hotel. It is located in Ouest Purpan. Hotel Latitudes Golf de Toulouse Seilh is another three stars hotel and situated at Nord-Ouest. 24 hour pharmacy services are available in these hotels. Gymnasium and swimming pools are also present there. The other well known hotels of the city include Hotel Best Western les Capitouls, Hotel Phoenicia and Hotel restaurant Ibis Ponts Jumeaux. Finding transportation in the city is very easy for tourists.

The city of Toulouse

Toulouse is a city of France and located in southwest France. It is situated 730 km from Paris and located on the banks of the River Garonne. Toulouse is present half-way between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The coordinates of the city are 43 degrees, 36 minutes and 19 seconds towards north and 1 degrees, 26 minutes and 34 seconds towards east. According to the population estimation of 1st January 2006, the population of the city is 1,102,882. The statistic land area of the city is 118.3 kilometre square or 45.7 square miles. Toulouse is ranked as fifth-largest in France according to the metropolitan area. The density of the city is 3700 per kilometre square which is equal to 9600 per square mile. The urban area and Metro area of Toulouse is 808 kilometres square (312 square miles) and 4,015 kilometres square (1559 square miles) respectively.

Toulouse is considered as the best destinations of the world. Tourists want to spend their holidays in Toulouse. There are many attractions and places for visitors in the city. To move around the city you can use public transportation. The public transportation is cheap but usually crowded with local people so, it can be hectic for you.

Emergency contact numbers

Toulouse is one of the favorite destinations of tourist. It is considered as the most peaceful city of France. The crime rate of this city is very less as compared to other cities of France. Therefore, tourists from other countries want to spend their holidays in Toulouse. However, for the sake of ease and protection, tourists should note down the emergency contact numbers in Toulouse. Some emergency contact numbers are pointed out below.

Emergency contact numbers

Medical emergency: 15

Police emergency: 17

Fire brigade services: 18

Directory Enquiries: 12

European emergency: 112

Internationaldirectory enquiries: 32 12

Medical services

Emergency chemist: 05 61 62 38 05

24 hour pharmacy: 01 48 74 65 18 / 01 45 62 02 41

Centre anti-poison: 05 61 49 33 33

Call out doctor: 05 61 49 66 66

Emergency doctor: 05 61 33 00 00

Medical advice and help: 36 24

SOS helpline: 01 46 21 46 46

Red Cross services: 08 00 85 88 58

American Hospital: 01 47 47 70 15

Dentist: 01 43 37 51 00

Doctors: 01 47 07 77 77 / 01 43 37 77 77

Other facilities:

Missing children: 08 10 01 20 14

Help for women: 01 40 33 80 60

Directory Enquiries: 12

Gas Leaks: 01 43 35 40 87

Electricity: 01 43 35 40 86

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