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History of Tours

Tours is the city of central France and is the capital of Indre-et-Loire department. It is located between Orleans coast and Atlantic coast. The city has a very important history. It was a crossing point of Loire in Gallic times. The name of the city was Caesarodunum when it became the part of the Roman Empire. Caesarodunum means hill of Caesar. The name of the city is turned as Tours when original name, Turones, became first ?Civitas Turonorum?. At this time, amphitheatre of Tours was considered as the largest Empire. Tours become the city of Roman Province of Lugdunum including Loire valley, Maine and Brittany. After the dispute between the Counts of Blois and Anjou, Tours became the capital of the country. In 16th century, the city was used as the residence of courts and kings. At the time of Louis XI, silk industry was introduced to the city. The City of Tours was greatly affected by First World War and Second World War. The city was suffered by a heavy destruction. In 20th century, economic growth increased very rapidly in Tours. Today it has become a very important city of France.

Weather in Tours

The weather of Tours remains pleasant throughout the year. You can visit Tours any month because it is blessed with a pleasant weather. The climate of Tours is greatly affected by the oceans surrounding the city. The average temperature of the city decreases to the north. The rate of rainfall and the temperature provide the city with perfect conditions for cultivation. The winters of the city are very cold. The cold air of the city is influenced by the near Atlantic Ocean. January is considered as the coldest month of the winter. The average temperature of the Tours in winter is 10 degrees Celsius. The nights of Tours are colder than days. Sun shines for 8 to 9 hours in winters. The summers of the city are very hot and dry. June to august are considered as the hottest month of summers of Tours. Sometimes, the wind of the city is humid because of the Mediterranean Sea. The average temperature of the summers of the city ranges from 30 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius. The temperature decreases to 25 degrees Celsius at night. The springs and autumns of Tours are the best period to visit the city. During this time, city has a moderate temperature.

Arrival to Tours

Tours is one of the beautiful destinations of the world. The city provides best facilities and attractions to the visitors, which proves that it is the best choice to spend the vacations. Getting in Tours is possible through various modes of transportation. A great percentage of visitors come into the city through airplane. Many Internationalflights as well as domestic flights land on the Tour airport so, it is considered as the busiest airport of France. Extra services are provided to the passengers by Tours airport. Tourist?s information office is present at the airport to guide the passengers. Another convenient mode of transportation to arrival to Tours is train. Train services are very reliable and provide you a safe journey. There are two main stations in the city including central station and St Pierre Des Corps. The routes of the train connect the different cities of France to Tours and you can get a chance to view the beautiful scene in your way. Train is the cheapest mode of transportation in Tours. Bus services are also easily accessible to get in the city. Beside all these services, ferry services are also present to reach the city. These services are reasonable and affordable for all tourists. To move around the city, transportation is a basic need.

City Transport

Tours is one of the beautiful destinations of the world and the city has well developed infrastructure. The tourists generally give positive feedback regarding the transportation system of the city. There is an extensive rail system including TGV in the city, which connects the different parts of the city. It also provides links to other cities of the country. Only two and a half hours are required to travel to the west coast at Bordeaux. You can easily visit Mediterranean coast, Spain and Barcelona through Avignon by using TGV. There are two main stations in the city including central station and St Pierre Des Corps. You can also airline services to move in or out of the city. If you want to move from Loire Valley to London Stansted, you can go through the Tours Loire Valley Airport. Efficient bus services are easily accessible in the city of Tours. The central stop of these services is located at the high street of Tours. Tickets of these buses are available at their stops. Metro rail system is not available in the city but it is planning to construct a tram network within two or three years. If you want to avoid buses and trains, you can hire a taxi to move around the city. However, these taxis are very expensive.

Top Attractions of Tours

You should know the top attractions of a place before visiting it. There are many attractive places in Tours to visit. If you want to spend your holidays in a better way, then I suggest that you should plan a trip to Tours. You can get a lot of fun by visiting Tours. If you want to visit a religious site in Tours then go for Cathedrale St-Gatien. Cathedral of Tours is the best place of Tours to visit. It was built in 1170 to replace the old cathedral, which was burnt in the dispute between Louis VII of France and Henry II of England in 1166.

Chateaux and Chateau de Cheonceau are two main historical buildings of the city. Chateau de Cheonceau is a historical castle. Rue Nationale is the main street of Tours, which gives a traditional look to the city. Tours is considered as the most famous city of France because of its architectural values. Prieure de Saint-Cosme is a building, which depicts the superb architectural work of the city. The top attractions of the city also include Musee des Beaux-Arts and Musee du Gemmail. The former is an art museum and later one is an art gallery.

Eating in Tours

Tours is a famous city of France and eating out in the city can be an excellent experience for you. There are various restaurants in the city, where you can taste the local food of Tours. The most favourite cuisine of the Tours is seafood. I?Atelier Gourmand is considered as one of the popular restaurants of the Tours. It provides local as well as Internationalcuisines. If you want an outside seating then The Pale is the best choice for you.

This restaurant offers you a large variety of Irish food. Le lapin Fume is a French restaurant and makes available a wide range of French food. Some more famous French restaurants include L?affine, Zafferano, Sushi Caf? and Au Lapin Qui Fume. If you want a romantic place for your meal, you can go for Les Hautes Roches Didier Edon.Le petit patrimoine is considered as the best place for local specialities of Tours. Asiva is a well-known Japanese restaurant. Portobello Road Cafe Bagels is a popular restaurant for brunch and breakfast. Le petit patrimoine is also a best restaurant for dinner.

The steak is one of the favourite foods of the people of Tours. The steaks of La Maison des Halles restaurant are very popular because of delicious taste.

Tours Nightlife

Tours offers the visitors very exciting and thrilling nightlife. There are many night bars, clubs and restaurants, which increases the fun of your nightlife in Tours. The most interesting features of the nightlife of Tours are clubs, bars and dancing parties. There are many places in the city where local citizens and tourists both can spend their nightlife in a better way. The real charm of the city starts in night because of the Internationalconcerts and music parties.

You can enjoy your favourite music in these concerts. Local music as well as Internationalmusic is played for the listeners. Going Theatres is a best way to spend time in Tours. There is a great hustle bustle in theatres of Tours at night. If you want to enjoy drinks then, there are numerous Irish bars in Tours. They provide you local flavoured drinks and alcoholic beverages. Nightclubs in the city are decent enough that you can visit them along your family. Au Lapin Qui Fumeis the best restaurant for taking your dinner. If you want a romantic place to have your meal, then go for Le petit patrimoine. This restaurant offers you a calm atmosphere with a light music.

The names of some more restaurants are The Pale, Les Hautes Roches didier Edonand Atelier Gourmand.

Shopping in Tours

Shopping in Tours can be a great fun for you. It is interesting to know that you can buy a large variety of products at lower tax. There are many small and large shopping malls in Tours. You can buy clothes, ready-made garments, shoes and purses from these malls. Gents collection is also available in a wide range and variety. Flea market of the place de la Victories is on the top of the list. Similarly, Craft market in the Places des Halles is also considered as the reliable place for shopping. Some shops open on their specific days for example, Paul bert on Tuesday, Beaujardin on Wednesday, Strasbourg on Friday, Fontaines on Wednesday and Saturday.

The largest shopping centre of Tour is "Centre Commercial les Atlantes". This centre is to the south of the city Tours. This centre offers you almost every king of products. It also has a restaurant known as Flunch. There are many gift shops in Tour so; you can also buy gifts for you relatives from Tours. You can get perfume, cosmetic, jewellery and purses from shopping malls present in the centre of the city.

La Boutique has a large selection of video games, DVD, tee shirts and gifts.

Disable visitors

Tours is considered as a very nice and relaxing holiday destination. Many people from all over the world want to visit Tours to spend their vacations. However, there are many places in the world for spending exciting vacations but they do not provide special facilities to disabled visitors. It becomes a serious problem for those disabled visitors who want to explore the beauty of world.

The city Tours shows its great concern towards its tourists and provides extra facilities to those visitors who are physically disabled. That is why, disabled tourist from all over the world are attracted towards Tours. There are many hotels, restaurants and resorts present in Tours, which have special adjustments for disabled tourists. In parks, pavements or routes are constructed in steep areas for those who use wheelchairs. In hotels, restaurants and bars, toilets are designed in such a way that they can be used by disabled visitors. Sinks are constructed at such a height that they can be used by wheelchair users. Therefore, disabled visitors can easily do their own work without depending on anyone.

Tours airport also provide all possible facilities to the disabled visitors. Wheelchairs are accessible free of cost to move in the airport. Lifts and sliding stairs are constructed in many areas of airport. Finding transportation in the city is not a big problem for disabled visitors. If disabled visitors want a comfortable and safe tour, they should go for a car hire Tours.

Accommodation in Tours

Tours attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Tourists are attracted towards Tours because of its preserved heritage and historical values. Finding reasonable accommodation in the city is not a big task. The tourists want those accommodations, which are located in the main city and from where they can easily access the top attractions of the city.

There are many hotels, hostel, and apartments in the city of Tours. Hotel Colbert and Hotel du Manoir are the best rated hotel of Tours. They provide all the facilities like attach baths, television with cable, telephone services and free daily newspaper. These hotels are the most expensive hotels of the city. There are many hotels, which are targeting middle class tourists to provide reasonable accommodation to the people. Chateau de Beaulieu is one of the best hotels in the city. Some main hotels of the city include Best western Central, Citotel criden, Hotel du Cygne, Quality Hotel Harmonie and Mercure Tours Centre Gare.

The rates of these hotels are affordable for tourists. Beside all these hotels, Hotel Mirabeau is a famous hotel of the city of Tours. Private apartments and resorts are also easily accessible in the centre of the city but these accommodations are very expensive and sophisticated.

The city of Tours

Tours is a capital of Indre-et-Loire department. It is a city of central France and considered an important city in the world. It is situated between Orleans and the Atlantic coast and located at the lower side of the river Loire. It is surrounded by another river, which is named as Cher. Loire is present to the north and Cher is present to the south of the city. The coordinates of the city are 47 degrees, 23 minutes and 37 seconds towards north and zero degree, 41 minutes and 21 seconds towards east. It is the largest city in central France and the second largest city of Orleans. According to the population estimation of 2006, the population of the city is 142,000. The metropolitan area had 297,631 inhabitants. The local language of the city is French. The density of the city is 4133 per kilometre square or 10,700 per square mile. Tours is famous because of historical values and preserved heritage. The city has a number of attraction for the tourist so, tourist want to spend their holidays in the city of Tours. There are many gardens and parks located within the city. Therefore, Tours is called ?Le Jardin de la France?, which means ?The Garden of France?.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Tours is one of the well-known tourist destinations in France. Tourists not from a specific region but all over the world visit Tours throughout the year. If you are planning to visit Tours, then it is advisable to know the emergency contact numbers in the city. From these contact numbers you can get any kind of help during emergencies. These services provide reliable and satisfactory help in the case of any mishap. Furthermore, tourists can also contact the tourists information offices present in different areas of the city. Some of the important contact numbers are given below:

Emergency contact number:

Medical helpline: 15

Police services: 17

Fire emergency contact number: 18

For any emergency: 112

We can contact this number if any other emergency services are not responding.

Medical services:

Red Cross information number: 08 00 85 88 58

24 Hours Pharmacy: 01 48 74 65 18

Pharmacy services: 01 45 62 02 41

Anti Poison Centre: 01 40 05 48 48

Other services:

Directory enquiries: 12

Telephone services: 10 13

Gas leaks: 01 43 35 40 87

Electricity services: 01 43 35 40 86

Internationaldirectory enquiries: 32 12

SOS help: 01 46 21 46 46

To explore the beauty of the city, you can use public transports. However, public transport can be hectic for you because they are crowded with local citizens.

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