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Weather of Treviso

It is very important for the tourists to select the month of the year to visit any city of the world. Weather conditions can disturb the traveling and trips to important monuments of the visiting area.

As Treviso is located in the north east its climate keeps on changing throughout the year. You can experience both cold and hot in this city. In winter temperature can go down the freezing point while in summer temperature can reach to a peak of 86 ? 91 F or 33 - 35 C. This peak is achieved during the months of July and August. During the summer, humidity is common. This humidity is reduced during the months April, May and September.

Temperature in winter can fluctuate between 3 C to -3 C or 32 F ? 37 F. During spring and autumn, thunder storm and rain can be expected. You can visit Treviso city during any month of the year but with proper preparation. If you are visiting during rainy season then carry long shoes and rain coat to avoid soaking while warm jackets during colder months can give your protection against cold especially during nights.

Usually, people visit this during April to October. That is why you can expect flood of visitors in Treviso and Venice during these months. You can also visit this city around Christmas, ester and carnival. During winter, decrease in visitors cause discounts in hotel rents. So, you can enjoy your trip during winter as well.

Arrival to Treviso

Visiting the elegant city of Treviso is not a big problem because this city is located near Venice which is another famous city. You can come to this city by road, plane and train.

Treviso is served by a small airport. There many Internationalflights from London, Amsterdam, Paris and many other cities of Europe.

City Transport

Treviso is a small city and you can visit most of the areas of the city on foot. Bus station and railway stations are located close to each other. Bus stand is located at Lungosile Mattei while railway station at Piazzale Duca d?Aosta. Travellers coming from Venice by bus or train can walk to Piazza dei Signori which is heart of the city.

Top Attractions of Treviso

Visiting Treviso is great fun because of very special urban atmosphere of the city. Your excitement can be at peak if any local invites you at his home because people of this city are very hospitable. There are many attractive places to be visited.

Accommodation in Treviso

City of Treviso has all types of accommodation. You can select hotel according to your Budget and need. Hotels in the Treviso city range from one star to five stars. If you want to enjoy your long stay in this wonderful city then there is option for apartments and villas.

Some farmhouses are also very good option for nature lovers. Treviso can be used as base when going to Venice which is 30 Kilometer from this city. Buses and trains can be used to go to Venice from here.

City of Treviso

In the northern Italy, Treviso city is the capital of Treviso province. Rivers and castles of this elegant city are attracted by the tourists. This city is famous for vineyards which produce wines of extremely high quality. Treviso is an old city with his own history and offers many attractions for the travelers like bars, pubs and many beautiful sights. Population of this city is over 80000.

Treviso is an old city. The evidences of this city are as old as 15th century BC. At that time, there was a small village. There was lot of development in this city during early middle ages under the Carolingians. In 1797, Treviso went under the control of Napoleon's armies. This city became part of the kingdom of Italy in 1866. Like many cities of the world, this city was also badly affected during world war second.

Treviso is a walled city and you can explore it by foot.

Useful Contact numbers

List of important phone numbers in the traveling kit play important role when visiting any city/country. Every visitor should know about the telephone numbers of hotel where he will stay, transportation telephone numbers, hospitals & police telephone numbers. It will be also good if telephone numbers of important place to be visited are also included in the useful contact number list.

It is ideal to get all these numbers from your tour operator. You can also get these numbers from the tourist information center of the visiting city. Tourist information office of the Treviso city is located at the Piazza Monte di Pieta, which is behind the Piazza dei Signori. You can get all important telephone numbers and maps of the city from this office.

If you are facing any emergency then you can dial emergency number 112. All emergency numbers are toll free. In case of fire dial 115 to get possible help from fire brigade department. If you want to call an ambulance then dial 118. To get help from state police dial 113. You can call local police by dialing 0422-301140 .Telephone number of financial police is 117.

If you want to know information about Treviso airport then dial telephone number +390422 315331 - 0422 315333. Telephone number of city bus service is +3904223271. You can get information about bus number six from here. Telephone number of Treviso railway station is +39 06 68475475. Telephone number of post office is Tel: 0422-653211. You can also get medical help by dialing 0422-322111 ("Ca' Foncello" city hospital)

Treviso Festivals

Treviso has many festivals in year which include art, dance, music, sports and much more. Among sports, Treviso marathon is very popular which held on second Sunday of the March every year. This marathon starts from Vittorio Veneto and ends at Piazza dei Signori. Large number of people participates in this marathon. Many people gather around the route of the marathon and cheer up the participants.

Many concerts are also arranged on this rout. Mountains biking and running are other two sports held in one event and are popular in this city. This race held during the month of August. During the month of October, a non competitive marathon is arranged called Ombralonga.Participants of this marathon carry wineglasses along with holder and map of the city. This event is arranged to explore the beauty of the city. A wine competition called "Spumanti d?Italia? held in the month of September.

Treviso has well established wine industry. People of Treviso and nearby towns celebrate 15 events between March and June including wine festival called ?Primavera del Prosecco?. This event is held in the hills of Prosecco. InternationalOrgan festival called "Citt? Di Treviso" is arranged during the months of September and October. Important organ builders and their interpreters from the world gather in this festival. "Delle Due Citta" which is an InternationalGuitar festival, held during the month of September. You can witness performance of to guitar players of the world in this event.

Beside these events, there are many music and dance events throughout the year. Only thing you have to do is to visit Treviso.

Museums & Monuments in Treviso

There are many museums, churches and monuments in the city of Treviso. These places are attracted by the tourists and easily approachable as the city is not big enough. Among the famous museums, Museum of Santa Caterina is attracted by the every tourist. This museum is located near the former convent of Santa Caterina which is well known for frescoes by Tomaso da Modena who was the 14th century painter.

It usually opens from Tuesday to Sunday. Enetery ticket is three euros for adult, 1 euro for children below 10 years of age and 2 euros for students. Its timings are 9am to 12:30pm and 2:30 to 6pm. You can also visit "L. Bailo" which is city museum. You can fine this museum in former Jesuit monastery. This museum is combination of art and archeology. Temporary exhibitions are also permanent feature of Treviso city. Casa dei Carraresi near fish market is fixed for this purpose.

Among the churches you can visit Dominican church called San Nicolo. Frescoes of Tomaso da Modena, are main feature of this church. You can also visit achurch dates back to the 13th century called San Francesco. A cathedral called Duomo is another attraction of this city. This cathedral is old but has neoclassical touch. You can visit two churches behind the Piazza dei Signori.

These are Santa Lucia and San Vito. Frescoes by Tomaso da Modena are once again feature of these churches. Piazza dei Signori, Palazzo del Governo and Loggia dei Cavalieri are also among top rated places of Treviso city.

Kid's Amusements in Treviso

Treviso and other cities of the Italy can also be visited along with your kids. In fact, Treviso city is very good visiting place for families. There are many attractions for kids in Treviso city. Many hotels offer family rooms. Some hotels offer playing areas for the kids. There are many parks and gardens in the city which are attracted not only by the adults but also children.

Children like to visit a botanical garden called The Giardino Fenologico "Alessandro Marcello. This botanical garden is operated by Accademia Trevigiana per il Territorio. This garden was established in 1999 and provides opportunity for every visitor to visit daily. Orto Botanico Conservativo Carlo Spegazzini is another botanical garden in at viale de Coubertin 15, Treviso.

This botanical garden is also operated by Accademia Trevigiana per il Territorio. Another name of this botanical garden is Giardino Conservativo Spegazzini. This name was given the in honor of local botanist Carlo Spegazzini. This garden is properly managed and contains 500 plants of 30 different species. Another botanical garden called Orto Botanico Conservativo Francesco Busnello which is located on Viale Nazioni Unite, Treviso.

Accademia Trevigiana per il Territorio also operates this garden. There also many other parks and play lands for the kids which attract them.