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History of Trieste

History of Trieste city is thousands of years old BC as tribe of Venetic people called Carni was first to live here during the early to middle bronze age. Then Illyrian people came and settled there. In 2000 BC, a tribe called ?Palaeo Veneti? became inhabitant in this area.

Throughout the history, Trieste has been under the influence of different religions and peoples. Trieste came under the rule of Roman Empire during first century BC and declared as Roman colony by Julius Caesar who was a Roman Military and political leader. In 476, there was end of Roman Empire and Trieste came under the control of many powers like Byzantine, Goths, Ostrogoths and Longobards etc who also ruled this city at different time. Trieste became under the control of Venezia in 1202 and from 1328 to 1918 under the Austrian rule. During their rule, Trieste developed as main trade hub due to establishment of its port which remained free port during 1719-1891. French also occupied this city three times but annexed to Illyrian provinces and this city became capital of Austrian Littoral region. After the end of the World war1, there was end of Austro-Hungarian Empire and Austrian Littoral region became disputed. In 1918, Trieste was captured by Italian Army. During the Second World War, Trieste was captured by Germans (19143-1945). Trieste was declared free treaty in 1947 based upon Inter-alliance agreement and the subsequent Peace Treaty.

Due to old history of early to middle bronze age and its natural beauty, Trieste city has got attraction of tourists.


The weather of Trieste can actually be termed as good, as it is mainly warm, and no dry season, also it is nearby the crop-land. The warm is between the months of June and September, during which the temperature remains between 22C ? 29C.

During the winters the weather can go cold and make unbearable for some visitors for sight-seeing and walking on foot. Generally the cold season is between the months of November to March and the temperatures range between 4C ? 8C, also sometimes the temperatures might fall up to -1C. Therefore it is recommended to go during the summer months so that your visit remains pleasant enough.

Weather of Trieste

Climate of the Trieste is unique due to its location. Due to presence of Adriatic Sea in the south and mountains in the north, Trieste has mild sunny weather which is different from rest of Italy. Weather in summer season is typical Mediterranean style that is high temperature with bright sunshine. Winter season is mild and rarely worst cold but sometimes, northern winds bring changeable cold weather during spring and winter. Rain is expected both in summer and winter seasons. Rainfall during summer season is in March-April and October-November during winter. During cold, weather is dry and moisture is present when temperature is mild. Use of sunscreen is usually recommended during summer. Hottest months are June to August when temperature can rise up to 27 C or 80 F and sometimes 32 C or 90 F. Due to cooling effect of the sea breeze, intensity of the heat is reduced. Temperature is Pleasant during the autumn season due to start of rains.

Climate of the Trieste suits every one to visit during any month or season of the year because there is neither too much cold nor hot. Dryness and wetness is also not on extremes. So, you can visit this elegant city any time of the year but with proper preparations.

Arrival to Trieste

You can arrive in Trieste by sea, air, road and train. Port of the Trieste is very old and is being used for commercial purposes since long. You can also avail train services if coming from Venice, Italy. Railway station of the Trieste is located at 5 km distance from the airport. From the railway station buses are available that can take you to the airport or city. Trieste is also connected with other cities of the province and Italy by motorway. So, you can come by road if coming from these cities.

Most common rout of arrival in Trieste is by air. Many Budget flights are available to arrive from different destinations. Ryan air is cheap and started its operation from London. Many other airlines are also operational at the Trieste Airport from different parts of the world.

After arrival in Trieste and necessary immigration, transfer to hotel or your area of interest is very easy. If you have booked your hotel in advance then many hotels provide pick and drop service from the airport. From the airport you can also go to main bus stand through bus 51.

City Transport

Trieste city is liked by the many visitors because majority of the city can be visited by walking. But public transport is also available for those who don?t want to walk. If you are coming by air then buses are available from the airport which can take you to main bus stand in the city but you can go for car hire Trieste Airport to go to the area of your interest. Bus number 51 can take you to or from the airport to main bus stand which is located near the railway station in an area called ?Piazza Liberta'?. From here you have to change the bus to go to your hotel or area of the interest. You have to buy ticket before riding bus. Tickets can be purchased from automatic vending machines or post office located at the airport. Best option is to avail services of car hire Trieste Airport from the airport, railway station or any where from the city to go to your hotel or any sightseeing in the city. This will save your time a lot. You can also use this facility for visiting nearby towns.

Due to a busy port in the Trieste, railway system was developed earlier in order to provide services for the people and goods transportation. Trieste is linked through railways with other Venice, Italy. From Venice, you can get trains for the Rome, Milan and other cities. Internationaltrains between Italy and Slovenia are also available.

Top Attractions of Trieste

Trieste has historical and cultural heritage which attract visitors to explore this beautiful city. There are many spots to be visited. It will be good to get city map and informative booklets from the Tourist information office. Among common spots to be visited are archeological remains, churches, caves, castles, museums, and Roman Theater. You can approach all these attractive visiting areas by availing the services of car hire Trieste to visit maximum places in one day.


It is the famous sea port in the north-eastern Italy, and it is situated on a narrow strip of Italian territory. Because of its historical nature, this city has lot of offer when it comes to attractions and places to visit. Mirmare Castle is a place which is worth visiting; it was built for Austrian Archduke Ferdinand in 1860. The breath-taking sight of 22 hectare park and the sea-shore cliffs are worth giving a look in this city.

Cathedral of San Guisto is another place which has very high ratings among the tourists and visitors. Originally it was a Roman Church, and then the current Cathedral was built on its foundations. The magnificent structure is an interesting sight, which dates back to almost t9th century. Inside this cathedral there is a burial chapel and a museum which houses objects from the medieval times.

Trieste was a centre for the Jewish community, but after the WWII things changed, Synagogue of Trieste is a place that is an interesting place of visit. This Jewish temple represents the Jewish heritage in Italy. Another place which is related to Jews, and is worth watching is the Museo della Risiera di San Sabba, which was a former Nazi concentration camp. Other places like Roman Ruins are also worth visiting, where there are remains of many of their buildings and architectural structures.


Trieste is quite a mysterious place when you look at it closely with its famous Central Square; Piazza dell'Unita d'Italia. This square is surrounded by different looking 18th ? 19th century buildings which may look strange to you, but the place is worth exploring. If you are a tourist in Trieste then it is recommended that you visit the central square and other surrounding places on foot.

Some sight-seeing places include Museo Revoltella; which is an Italian Museum which houses various objects of art. Besides these some of other interesting places to visit are as follows:


Grotta Gigante


Castello di San Giusto

? A Giant Cave?

Piazza dell'Unit? d'Italia

? this is the hub of social activity and an vibrant atmosphere, and the locals are proud of this place?


? wine tasting destination ?

Castello di Miramare

? beautiful castle with historical importance?

Azienda Agricola Foffani

? on the countryside and best for wine tasting experience

Eating in Trieste

Trieste is the mixture of many cultures and you can find this multicultural impact on the foods as well. You can find these cultural influences on the cuisine flavors from the Slovenia, Austria and Hungry. You can also taste Italian food throughout the city. Local traditional cuisine is also liked by the visitors. There is vast Varity of restaurants and cafes throughout the Trieste city with plenty of dinning options. Trieste being a coastal city, fish and sea foods are very common. Among the local dishes, fish soup called 'brodetto' is famous and liked by every visitor. Meat dishes are also well known throughout Trieste. You can taste sauerkraut, and goulash which are liked by the local people and tourists. Among the sweets, pastries and cakes are well known for their taste due to Austrian flavor. Sacher cakes are liked by every one in the Trieste. There are many restaurants at the sea side which are famous for sea foods. Many sea foods restaurants with lot of eating options are also present in other areas of the city.

Most of the restaurants and cafes open during lunch and dinner times from Monday to Saturday. Some restaurants also open on Sunday especially in the evening. So, what to eat and where to eat in Trieste is not a problem.


When it comes to dining out there are variety of cuisines that you can try, from Vegetarian to Asian to European and Intercontinental. There are many restaurants that serve all different kinds of foods for the tourists and the local to dine out. Zoe food is a restaurant which is considered as unique in their style as they serve mostly vegetarian food, and their menu consists of various cuisines from all around the world.

Gelato Marco is another place which serves great food delicious cream based cuisines, this place refrains from using artificial products and each of their cream and frozen products are made with organic products.

Another great place to visit if you are a food lover is the Ego, this is a place with an open kitchen and is run by a young couple and the cuisine they serve here is contemporary. With it beautiful interior of red and stone ceiling it makes a pleasant experience for the diners.

Other places to dine out are SaluMare, which specialises in sea-food, Antica, Ghiacceretta, which offers traditional and sea-food with their best interior and beautiful location it makes this place worth visiting, at least once. Other than that Le Dune di Piero and Hostaria ai 3 Magnoni are also restaurants worth visiting.

Trieste Nightlife

Trieste has all the requirements of ideal nightlife. There are many nightclubs, bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes, Snacks & bite, Cinemas, theater, live music and cabaret that are ready to entertain you according to your taste. Many nightspots are located in the Machiavelli. Many restaurants and bars have live performances to entertain the visitors. During the summer season, there are many music concerts and films at Castello di San Giusto. Many of these shows are free of cost.

Nightclubs and live music are entertaining for every tourist. Most famous night clubs are Mexico, Briochi (La), Machiavelli, Dinner club Vanilla, Cantera Coffee, Hippodrome, and Dancing paradiso. Names of the famous Extra Late centers are The Tender, Mickey Mouse and Tor Cucherna. Some spots are well known for live music. These are Macaki, Around midnight and Juice.

There are many bars which are liked by the tourists. Some famous bars are TNT, Bar Flavia, Vittoria, Bar Stella, Public house, juice, and Pizza grenade.

You can also go to many cinemas to watch latest movies. Some popular cinemas are Giotto, Alcione, Teatro Miela, Ambasciatori, Goethe Institute, Ariston, Excelsior, and Capitol. Some famous theater are Treatro Verdi, Villa Manin, Politeama Rossetti, Treato der Salesiani, Sala Tripcovich and Slovensko Gledalisce.

You can also enjoy dinner at different restaurants and cafes throughout the night.


The Night-life in Trieste cannot exactly a place to party 24 hours, but still it has a vibrant night-life which is enjoyed by the locals and the tourists. To start with Kapuziner, which is an old Bavarian beer hall, it represents the true German heritage. In the evening the place gets packed with young and vibrant crowd which makes the atmosphere more lively, and the highlight of this place is that it serves premium Bavarian beer. Circus is another pub which is in the worth visiting category. Though in this bar you will not find any hard-core party-goers, but still you will find that cool crowd to hang out with here. The interiors are interesting as the walls are covered with film posters, and celebrity snaps in black and white. The DJ plays the music and keeps the crowd entertained with the vivid and classy selection.

If you are interested in Wine Bars then Angeline is place to visit. It is based in a place which was previously a slaughter-house. The place is packed with mix crowd, not too young and not too old as well. Besides wine bars, pubs and clubs, there are restaurants as well where you can dine out during the night. One such name is the SaluMare, they are famous for their sea-food, and dishes involving fishes. They not only serve sea-food, but they also serve regional wines which attract may locals, and during their wine sessions they do order delicious sea-food to go with it.

Shopping in Trieste

Shopping in Trieste is delightful. There are many traditional shops, departmental stores, and shopping malls throughout the city. You can purchase antiques, books, leather products, clothing, and sports goods. Many large shops, boutiques, and some departmental stores open from 9.00 AM to 9

Shopping in Trieste

Shopping in Trieste is delightful. There are many traditional shops, departmental stores, and shopping malls throughout the city. You can purchase antiques, books, leather products, clothing, and sports goods. Many large shops, boutiques, and some departmental stores open from 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM throughout the week. Traditional and some small independent shops have their own timings. Usually, markets remain closed on Sundays.

Different areas of the city are famous for specific type of shopping. For antique lovers, Piazza dell'Unit? d'Italia shopping area is famous for antique dealers where you can buy antiques like jewelry, furniture and art work etc. If you are looking for everyday items, cloths and shoes etc then best option is Borgo Teresiano district. You can find many other things to purchase from here including books and coffee.

There are 2 shopping malls in Trieste. These are The Giulia and Torri d'Europa. There are many shops, departmental stores and coffee shops between these two shopping malls. You can explore these shops and departmental stores and enjoy shopping. You can buy variety of vegetables and fruits from the Mercato coperto fruit & vegetables market on the Via Carducci. On every third Sunday of the month, thousands of peoples enjoy shopping of old antiques at Cittavechhia, near the Piazza dell'Unit? d'Italia. You can also find many shops at the center of old Trieste. There are huge sales opportunities two times in a year that is at the start of the year and in the beginning of second half of the year. Bargaining is common during these sales.


In Trieste you can actually find anything you would like to from books to gifts, to vintage and second hand objects. If you are a fashion enthusiast then there are plenty of boutiques to cater your needs. Some big names in fashion which you can find in Trieste are:

? Ary's Boutique ? a delightful boutique for women? The Gentlemen ? elegant clothing for men? Max Mara ? deals with luxury products

If you are interested in Jewellery and watches then Crevatin is your place of choice, it has been on its location for almost 50 years now, and they serve the best luxury products. It is located on the Piazza Cavana Street.

Other place where you can get variety of shopping material is the Palmanova Outlet Village which is a shopping mall and attracts large amount of people. Here you can spend a whole day shopping while your children spend their time in the play area. Lastly if you are a person to collect vintage objects then Boogaloo is the place you should visit.

Disable visitors

Previously, facilities for the disabled visitors were not sufficient enough to encourage their visit to any city of the Italy. Now Government of Italy is investing to develop facilities for the handicap tourists. Many hotels in the Trieste have special rooms that are designed and equipped properly keeping in view the requirements of the disabled visitors. These hotels not only have few rooms fixed for such guests but also have ramps and lifts for them.

Previously public transport was not offering any facility for the disable visitors in Trieste but now some buses are available with facilities for wheelchair persons. Only problem for disable visitors in Trieste is public transport which you can avoid by getting services of car hire Trieste to go anywhere in the city. Railway station of Trieste also provides some facilities for the handicap tourists. If you are having a disable friend and planning to travel by train from the Trieste railway station then contact special counters for disable persons at railway station.

On the Trieste airport, wheelchairs are available for disable persons. Ramps for such travelers are also available. You can also go for car hire Trieste Airport from the airport if you are accompanied by disable companion or traveling without them. Now cinemas, theaters, shopping centers, shopping malls, museums, gardens, parks and many public places are being upgraded for the disable visitors. These are reasons that visiting Trieste with a disable friend is not difficult. You can get information about wheelchair friendly places in Trieste from the tourist information office.

Disabled Visitors

Italy does take the responsibility of mobility impaired visitors and try their best to make the visit as pleasant as possible. Majority of hotels in this city are accessible for wheelchair users or any person with mobility related disability. Besides hotels there are the other places of which some of them have the facilities for the disabled and some do not, but generally most of the places do have various options, the Italian government itself encourages this and also rent equipment for disabled people if they want to visit some place. Though there are some places like the beaches, which may prove difficult, but not impossible.

Accommodation in Trieste

In the past, accommodation in Trieste was a problem because number of hotels was limited but due to increase in the number of visitors for different purposes like business, visit and study, different categories of accommodation started to develop. Now accommodation in Trieste is not a problem because you can select from variety of options like hotels, guesthouses, campsites and hostels. Students mostly prefer hostels and share double room with other colleagues on certain term and conditions.

Hotel accommodation is usually preferred by the visitors because choice of the rent and type of visit help them to afford according to their Budget . Hotel category ranges from cheep to luxury accommodation. Hotels are available in different localities and you can select your hotel according to your convenience. People coming to Trieste for business trip prefer to live near business centers while tourists love in front of sea. You can live in the area close to beach or historic center of the Trieste if you are a tourist. To avoid any problem regarding accommodation after arrival in Trieste, make proper arrangements before your arrival. Advance booking in this regard can be helpful. Many hotels offer online reservation facility.

The City of Trieste

Trieste is the port city and located in the Northeastern part of Italy. It is capital of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia which is one of the autonomous regions of the Italy. In the west, Republic of Slovenia is the neighboring country. Port of Trieste is connected with many Mediterranean countries. This beautiful city has its own history, culture and many spell casting attractions for tourists. This city has passed through different historical ages and has a mixture of Slavic, Latin and German cultures.

History of Trieste city is old. During the first century BC, its name was Tergeste and was under the administration of Roman Empire but then went in the hands of many powers like Ostrogoths, Goths and Byzantines. Trieste remained under the control of Austria from 1382-1918.

Trieste is becoming popular area for the tourists as it has many sight and places to be visited. This city is liked by the visitors due to its green hills and sea. Castles and Fortresses are also among top attractions. Many shopping centers, parks, museums, archaeological remains, caves, Roman Theater and churches are also among visiting spots.

Emergency contact numbers

You can dial 112 for emergency. This is emergency telephone number of Carabinieri which is one of the two National police forces of the Italy. For Italian State place called ?Poilizia?, dial 113. In case of fire call 115. Dial +39 040 366111 for municipal police. For medical emergencies or to call an ambulance dial 118.

There are many hospitals in Trieste city. You can approach one of these hospitals which are close to you in case of any medical emergency. One of the hospitals is Cattinara Hospital and its address is Strada di Fiume, 447 and phone number is +39 040 3991111. There is another hospital at city center in Piazza dell'Ospedale, 2 and its name is Maggiore Hospital and its telephone number is +39 040 3991111. For the emergencies regarding newborn, children and maternity, get services of Institute of Child Health IRCCS Burlo Garofolo located at via dell'Istria, 65/1 and its telephone number is +39 040 3785111.

Address of the Trieste International Airport is Trieste International Airport, Via Aquileia, 46, I-34077 Ronchi dei Legionari (GO) ? Italy. Telephone number of the airport is +39-0481-773224 and fax number is Fax +39-0481-474150. For flight information, dial +39-0481-773224, for ticketing +39-0481-773232 and for lost and found +39-0481-773227. For Airport Police, dial +39-0481-775136.

For information about trains at Trieste railway station, dial +39 040 412695.

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