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Best Car Rentals Turin

History Turin

Situated by the west bank of the Po River, Turin is the largest industrial city of Italy. The city is also reputed as the cultural center of northern Italy and is the capital of Piedmont region. Today the city is an attractive tourist spot with its advancement in technology and well-nurtured past. Turin is the first ever capital of the unified Italy. The most significant historical part of the city is its being the automobile capital of the country. Since hence the famous automobile company Fiat started its journey, and flourished- this city earned a nickname of the automobile capital. The name Turin originated from Celtic means mountains. The Italian version of the name refers to little bull, which is why the Turin coat of arms includes the sign of a bull. The history of the city dates back to the roman times. After the reign of the Romans fell- the authority of the city was conquered by the Lombard. Many of the city's fascinating architectures were built during the middle ages.

The city was besieged by the French during the 18th century for 117 days. After this brief conquering of Napoleon the movement for unification of Italy gained acceleration. By that time the city was endowed with 250,000 inhabitants. The city became the capital of the newly unified Italy. Though there were a rising unrest tension building up in the city after the First World War, but the city was thoroughly reformed after the Second World War. Since then the city has been the seat of industry, culture and tourism.

If you want to visit the historical places of Turin, then you should go there via a hire a car in Italy.


The weather of Turin is same as that of any other city, which means that it is best in the summertime.


Weather of Turin

Turin is located in the north west of Italy and considered as the centre of Italy.  The city is the center for tourist industry due to its attractive and beautiful sightseeing. It appeals tourists because of its attractive places and stable economy. It is advisable for the people to keep all essential things while visiting the city during summer season when it faces sunny days and little rainfall.

Turin climates is considered as more continental than Mediterranean in nature the winter is cold but not harsh, it faces rainfall but not at very high extent. Spring faces the milder climate it is noticed that people consider summer as the best time to visit. Whereas, July and august experience hot and too oppressive climate in order to walk around or sightsee. Turin can often be found shrouded in fog during when its autumn season gets underway. It is difficult to predict weather of Turin due to its climate regularly. However, winter generally experiences the driest weather where air feels cold and snow occurs in rare cases.

People who are not concerned about acquiring any particular season summer considers the best time to visit he city to get the most of its fun.

City transport

Turin is well known and defined as having the best rod infrastructure. There are many ways to travel and get around the city through buses, taxi and car rentals. Whereas, it is fairly convenient to move around on foot The most convenient way to travel around the city is comprehensive trams, buses and metro trains provides a scenic and travelling up to the steep hillside.

Turin also offer taxi services for those in a rush and hurries and needed to travel relatively short distances. Turin buses can easily be found on Autostazione where can easily be connected to the reliable bus transport. These buses travel 12 hours a day whereas, tickets can easily be bought by shops or newsagents. The main transportation system is train which connects Turin to small towns and to all nearby areas. The best way to travel in the city is through bicycle. The city has plenty of cycle lanes and bet way to head out to city’s many parks and areas. The city’s metro systems also very extensive which provides fast and affordable means of travel. This mode of transportation is usually likes by both locals and visitors as well.

Best Turin

Turin- the cultural heaven of Italy- a place bestowed with natural beauty and technological advancement. The last year it was the host venue for the "Olympic 2006", this has enriched the degree of tourism interest of the city. Although the entire city is worth watching, there are some amazing treasures that the city is holding and you just can't leave the city without laying your eyes on them. The city of Turin is said to be built by the Romans, so the city is rich with numbers of ancient and aesthetic Roman sculptures. In the post-Roman period there has also been great contributions to the city's beauty and culture.

Mole Antonelliana is one great creation without watching which your visit to Turin means nothing! This amazing 19th century creation is the house to National Cinema Museum today. Hence, you'll not only be watching the gradual journey of cinema till today, but you'll also be amazed at the architectural excellence of the place. The oldest sculpture among the Roman remains is the Palatine Towers- they are considered as one of the most magnificent Roman remains in North Italy. Among the religion-inspired piece of arts- the Gran Madre Church from the Mole Antoneilliana and the Cathedral of St.John the Baptist are mentionable. The latter one is famous for housing the Shroud of Turin.

This old piece of linen clothing is said to be the garment that was wrapped around Jesus in his grave. The former residence of the royal families- the Palazzo Reale is an eye-catching artifact from the 17th century.

Top Attractions in Turin

Turin is considered as a tourists destination consists of several attractive destinations for people of all age group which includes music, museums, beaches, shopping malls and many different attractive places .mole Antonelliana is a tall 19th century brick building which is topped by aluminum spire whereas, the building is a home of museo cinema which contains many interesting displays which well worth a visit. Piazza castello is a royal palace of savoy dynasty is an attractive central spot with lots of beaches around the square.

Armeria Reale worth a visit and one of the largest collections of arms. Moreover, it enthusiasts should not miss out a visit. Borgo Medioevale is known for its many lAvish buildings like shopping malls and museums, while walking from this makes sure to look up and admire the lAvishly decorated grand plaza. Superga is a popular destination and a basicalla on the hill which highly dominates different views from the hill. Golf club I Ciliegi is immersed in greenery on hills. Moreover, it offers different golf courses for everyone who loves to play golf.

On weekend these places assorts the fortune tellers and to those who love to hang out and explore different places.

Exploring Turin

It is the seat of culture in Italy, it is where the automobile industry in Italy has flourished, it has the prestigious past of being the first capital of the unified Italy- it is none but the beautiful city of Turin. Blessed with magnificent scenic beauty and rich cultural treasure the city of Turin offers unavoidable appeal. The word Turin has been originated from Celtic- where it meant mountains. In Italian the town is called Torino and it means little bull. This is why the coat of arms of the city bears the sign of a bull. The city was said to be established by the Romans.

The famous automobile manufacturing company The Fiat was established here, and since then the city earned significant fame in automobile industry. As the city is endowed with well-built transportation network- traveling and visiting the city is quite convenient. There are economic and adequate flights, sufficient tram and bus network as well as renowned railway services. The Eurostar from Geneva to Milan is the best railway service to get to Turin. The city has an exciting past and a rich culture, which has made the city a piece of interest. There are ancient artifacts and architectures as well as modern theatres, art galleries and shopping malls. Italy has always been famous for its culinary excellence and exquisite cuisines. Turin is not derived of it. Dining culture of Turin offers excellent tongue-tucking dishes, where as the dazzling night lives are being powered by bars and cafes.

Eating drinking Turin

Every civilization has unique significance with their dining style and taste. The Italians however are extra careful about their foods- they love to hold the authentic and traditional soul of food, but they are welcoming to overseas tastes and cuisines. They are famous for wines and Turin boasts on its chocolates.

As the largest industrial city in Italy- the local taste of Turin has been blended with a cosmopolitan spice too. The city offers great varieties of typical Italian foods as well as foods over the borders. When asked, a local food critic expressed his opinion on the best restaurants available. This is what he stated:Situated near the Porta Susa station the La Gola is famous for its cozy environment coupled with a dining where the menus are always being improvised. The owner of the restaurant chooses the wine on his own from the vineyard- which may not have Internationalfame but boasts on its quality. La Prima dal 1979 Moreno: was the first to initiate a little off-beat dishes in the town. The foods are a little pricey, but judging the taste and quality you'll find your money worth spending.

With the creative collection of seafood dishes the Mare Nostrum remains the best stop for seafood. The restaurant is situated near the Mole Antoneillia; which gives it an edge to the tourists.Turin is most famous for chocolates and it was the pioneer of producing solid chocolate. Peyrano and Guido Gobino are the best chocolate makers in the town.So, are you crazy for tasting the delicious food of Turin? Most of the people just visit the place to have a wonderful meal.

However, if you are planning to visit the place then it is appropriate for you to go for a car hire in Turin.

Nightlife Turin

Hailed as the center of culture in Italy- the city of Turin is anticipated not only as a tourist stop, but also as an exquisite destination for enjoying exhilarating weekends. In the presence of broad day light- the city lures people with her beauty, her culture and rich collection of artifacts, eye-dazzling shops- but she has something more to offer for nights. She assimilates herself in vibrant colors of adrenaline rushing nightlife. The excitement of night life in Turin has been powered by numerous bars, cafes, pubs and discos. These places stay open at least till midnight, and also there are places to offer late night enjoyments. Turin provides options for those who tend to have rather a calmer night with bits of snacks and drinks assorted with some quality music, but it doesn't leave off the party creatures- it does offer exotic collection for them too.

Of the most famous nightclubs the Aeiou blends the historical retrospect with modern grooves. This place is especially famous for arranging thematic evenings. At the center of the city there is Vertigo- a nightclub situated inside the park of Valentino. There are certain places which offer live music as a part of the celebration of the dusk. Among such places- Check point, Piccolo Teatro Regio and Rollplay studio are mentionable. The nights of Europe are famous worldwide for their celebration of life with sophistic mood blended with blood rushing excitement- and Turin proves herself worthy of the exotic European night spices.

Therefore, if you want to get fun from the night clubs and the pubs in Turin, the hire a car in Italy.

Shopping Turin

Turin has lured the tourists with beauty and culture, the businessmen offering chances for flourishing, attracted the food lovers with rich chocolates and tasty dishes- but that's not done. Turin has something more to offer- it is a shopper's paradise in Italy with numerous brands, boutiques, malls and markets. The street of Via Roma is regarded as the classic shopping place in Turin. Under the porticoes of the heart of the city center the 40 kilometer long street offers numerous shops on both the sides of the street. This place is not only famous in Italy but also in whole Europe.

In the city of Turin there are shopping centers housed in ancient structures; shopping there in enjoyable in two ways- one can shop while s/he is enjoying the architectural beauty of the artifacts. In the streets of Via Roma, one will find the fashionable boutiques and brand chains as well as much, antique, crafts shop and jewelers shops. Turin is the best place to shop antiques. Selling funky jeans, shiny blings and Hi-Fi equipments- the Via Garibaldi, the longest pedestrian street in the city, is favorite among the youngsters. This place is also famous among them as an ideal meeting place. Hence, one will also find perfumes, furniture and household goods. The excellence of architecture is well blended in the fun of shopping in Turin. The mentioned places are not the only options- there are many other places and the city provides best pales to shop almost everything.

Moreover, the tourists who come there cannot live without visiting the shopping malls in Turin.

Disabled visitors

Visiting and traveling is fun. It nourishes body and mind, refreshes the soul and broadens our mentality. But what about the disabled people? Is it the same fun for them? The answer is a big NO- when the tourism venue doesn't care treating the disabled and physically challenged people. But one can be assured that- traveling to Turin doesn't mean that type of adversity. The city knows how to treat all of her guests. Special probation for the disabled people will be found almost all over the city. The public transportation stations provide special aids for them. Stuffs are appointed to help these people out at their adversities.

There are routes for wheel chairs. There are separate parking lots for them. The services in the hotels are also being customized to serve the disabled people. The toilets, sinks and also the tables in the restaurants are designed to help the disabled people. In many places there are signs for the hearing challenged people, some of the tourist spots provide induction loop for such people and audio commentary for the blinds. In many of the buildings there are stair lifts for the wheel chairs.

Since the city organized the Olympic 2006- it has ensured that in every part of the city all types of people get the best hospitality. This also included facilities for the disabled. So, today the city is enjoyable for all- even for the disabled. So, if you think that being a disabled person you cannot travel in the city then you are wrong because instead of going on public transport, why do not you hire a car in Italy? People, who come there to entertain from the warmth air of Italy, always opt for car rental in Turin.

Accommodation in Turin

Turin is the large city of Italy offer many things for visitors. Every year couples of people visits the city and enjoys its various attractive places. The people love to visit the city due to its cheap accommodation with great range of facilities. The city offers wide selection of properties, business, luxury, bed and breakfast and apartment’s accommodation according to customer’s Budget . Turin hotels offer relax, comfort, luxury and great value of money and ideal for leisure and business travelers.

The city offers variety of accommodation such as holiday Novitol is a modern hotel that combines Internationalcomfort with a friendly environment. Holiday inn Turin provides modern facilities for business travelers. Hotel residence Miramonti Turin is a welcoming place located in the outskirts of the city. Art hotel Olympic Turin has 147 rooms with over 8 floors. It offers lush green area, balconies and light décor. It provides spacious and clean rooms so that people can stay here freely. Hotel Burdigala is a lovely hotel with a great staff and healthy environment. It is a comfortable hotel with full facilities.

These hotels are specially designed to provide comfort, quality, luxury, service and quality. These hotels are ideal for leisure, families and for business travelers. Car hire Turin is an easiest way for people to get full enjoyment of their trip.

The City of Turin

Turin is located in northern Italy in the region of piedmont which is surrounded by Alpine arch. The city has a population of 910,188 and the area of 130.17 kilometer square. The city is the major cultural and business center therefore, Captures attention of thousands people. Turin is considered as modern and flourishing European city which enjoys architectural developments and art technology. The city is known for its art gallery, palaces, and churches and boasts a rich culture and history.

The city is used to be a largest modern political center whereas; much of its political significance and value was lost by World War II. Moreover, the city is still working on constructive sectors and currently it is the Italy’s main industrial center. Turin is also called the cradle of Italian liberty due to the birthplace of many politicians and government bodies. The city has a noteworthy and traditional cuisine mainly includes pizza, wine, olive oil and wheat..

The International Airport helps the city to become the major trade and commercial center for economic activities. Turin is also very well known due to its football team and also due to famous automobile manufacturers. The city is very attractive and busy commercial center and famous due to its various activities.

Useful Contact Numbers

Turin is a place to visit and explore the commercial complexes and beautiful  buildings in the city. Many people visits the city every year and enjoy great events in the city. To keep the essential contact numbers is necessary in order to plan to visit any place.

Tourism info and useful contact details
This provides the information regarding your trip to the city included basic guidance of residence and travel. The number can access any time and provides the relevant information.

24/7 emergencies are available of physicians. Doctors are available for uncertainties and for unexpected situations.
315) 336-4721

Bus service
Buses are available 24/7 according to their timings and routes. The number helps to get the information and bus facility in a short time period.

Taxis are available at different places in order to take the passengers to their destinations in cheap prices
+39 011 5730

Airport provides online service to customers in case of emergencies. Anyone can get the information bout plane arrivals and departures.

The railway operates in Turin provides reliable information of short route buses and for long route buses also.

The most important number is fire station’s number in case of uncertainties. Fire men are provided on one call in a very short time period.

Turin Festivals

Turin has many things to see and offer the city celebrates its many themes and traditional events of patron’s saints.the city offer a packed calendar of events throughout the year. Whereas, during summers its roads and malls are serve as outdoor concerts and events on daily basis. Turin serves seasonal events such as Internationalbook fair, feast of San Giovanni and the celebrations of St Johns. The city is full of many attractive places to explore and enjoy. The city celebrates many events and festivals and people enjoy these things and love to attend.

 The festival provide platform to people who have talent and wants to explore including those, love fun and have spirit to come in front. Events include Music, colors, dresses, themes and sports are the main contents of Turin’s festivals. Torino Anima Tango is a festival of dance which attracts some of the best tango dancers in the world. New Year’s Eve concert is an open air concert held in city’s main piazza.

Museums in Turin

Museums are city’s most precious and valuable assets which gives real insight in to the history of the city. Museums define every visitor about the culture, tradition, customs, norms, beliefs and history of the city. Turin is crammed with full of monuments and landmarks. Many whereas, Turin museums are filled with Egyptian mummies, to vintage Italian cars as well as offer a particular holiday highlight.

Museo Egizio is reputed to be the best collections of Egyptian art crafts to be found outside the town. It mainly attracts younger visitors which undeniably, enjoy the restricted burisl chambers. Muse Italian is mainly dedicated to the history of political unification of Italy. The museum was originally housed with mole Antonelliana and has a wide collection of weapons, paintings, flags and furnitures. Della Sindone is mainly dedicated to the history and science of shroud. Museo dell Automobile is a museum for car lovers where they find plenty of motor related information which relates to the evaluation of the motor car as well as restored vehicles.

Museums play an important role in town’s culture and history in order to tell predecessors about the previous belongings of their forefathers.

Kids Amusement in Turin

Turin is a thriving tourism industry as well as wealthy business center with variety of industries situated in the city. Many popular attractions dominate the beautiful sight seeing in Turin. Turin is an ideal place and for everyone that offers a friendly environment with lots of fun for adults and kids. The city has many fascinating things to offer due to its tourism industry to accommodate kids enjoy their vacations.

Turin is a tourist paradise with plenty of fun oriented activities for kids to enjoy. Kids can find museums, swimming pool, sports and gaming zone. Sandretto ReRebasudengo is situated in the heart of the city and well known as hub iof fun activities. The place organizes different events to explore the talent of young ones by involving children in creative activities such as writing, drawing, and space and body movement. Palazzo Bricherasio organizes workshops on character building of kids, offering the opportunity to enjoy an exciting place.
Turin has abundant activities for kids including different cinemas with fully equipped environment and provides a luxurious atmosphere to kids. Kids and adults can find lots of fun activities therefore, definitely worth a visit for family picnics with kids.

However, the above mentioned activities are very popular among children inside and outside the city. The city offers an array of fun activities for kids to explore their talent by availing these fun activities.

Turin Beaches

Turin is a place to explore as it is the capital of wines and very much famous for its beaches and due to its beautiful places. It is the first priority of tourist to visit and invest in the city. People love to visit the city and want to explore different beautiful views and beaches of the city. Beaches play an important role to relax people after such a long hectic. People visit beaches most of the time if they want to relax and free of problems.

Beaches help people to forget their problems and they visit with their families in order to enjoy their lives with full freedom. Lake otra is an Italian lake visited by thousands of people. It is nearest to Piedmont and undeniably, the most romantic place in whole Italy. Whereas, it has always been an inspiration to writers and poets for centuries. Moreover, it is good for sailing, diving and for swimming. It is considered as the busiest beach with life guards and with a healthy environment.

 Turin delights people with various romantic corners and withy evocative angles. People will find many unforgettable moments inside the city due to its lAvishing location.


Turin is famous for being one of the greenest cities in Europe. The city’s economy is based on tourism industry therefore, the government spends a lot of money to develop, organize and maintain the destinations of the city. Turin offers shady piazzas, tree lined boulevards, public parks and small gardens. Moreover, it has vast green places which are also well worth a visit. Many parks are designed to provide full fun oriented activities for everyone. Whereas, many of its parks are located along the banks of four rivers that run thorough the city. Parco del valebtino is a vast park on the bank and among one of the city, olden place. It is a perfect place for picnic, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the city. Moreover, a park is comprises of castle, medieval village and rode beds. Riservba Bosco Del Vaj shows an excellent variety of flaura and fauna located in the north east of Turin.

Real estate

Turin is situated in Italy and considered as the tourist destination whereas; its economy and real estate depend on its tourism industry. However, each year city experiences a flock of people in order to invest in property or to visit the city and fascinated by the way of life the people spend here.  The city is well-known due to its location and thinks to do in the city for visitors. Therefore, its real estate has a market worth and a high resale market value. In that way outsiders as well as citizens always seem interested to purchase or invest in the property. The property has a market value and can easily enjoy fruitful results. The city has a growing economy and faces no uncertainities therefore; it is not riskier to buy or sell property in the real estate. Whereas, the costs of running a property are relatively cheap and people seem very interested for the long term investments. Moreover, Turin market is strong and covers a large range of real-estate in terms of apartments, flats, houses, plots and commercial complexes.

However, the best method people think is to invest in hotels that people could further rent out to visitors and tourists in order to earn money. Moreover, Turin real estate offers buying and selling, renting contracts and the local government projects.

The city offer many opportunities to people to make money and to enjoy future gains and for that purpose people visits the city several times.

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