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Best Car Rentals Venice

History Venice

The barbarian invasions firstly settled the island of the Venetian Logoon in the 5th and 6th centuries AD, when the people of the Veneto mainland sought refuge in the marshy region. Gradually The settlement become focused on the Rivoalto, and Venice slowly evolved in to the republic. The most Serene Republic Serenissima provided ships for Pope Urban II?s. The first crusade of 1095 degenerated in to rape and pillage of the Byzantine Empire and Jerusalem. This sad event was a tea party compared to the fourth crusade of the 1202, which the Venetians plunder and eventually rule Constantinople. Despite there were various inconclusive battles and peace treaties, Venice?s expansion had not gone unnoticed by its competitors, in particular maritime city of Genoa. The two navies pursued each other around the Mediterranean with growing fury but little definitive success until Venice?s Victory in the battle of the Chioggia in 1348.The Austrians never managed to develop harmony with Venetians, and in the 1848 the both city joined list of the rebels who rose up against the established order across the Europe. The 20th century become the period for the linkage of Venice with the solid land. Under the supervision of Mussolini, in parallel to the railway bridge a road bridge was made.

Coming to the recent history, the city was not immune from Italy?s wider political problems; A few hours before in august 2001, the Italy?s recent elected right-wing prime minister and tycoon Silvio Berlusconi visited the city, a bomb ripped through the court building of Rialto. The responsibility of a terrorist attached was claimed by the group of leftist.

Meanwhile, The Venice is continued to sink and the rate of restoration become gradually decreasing and there is no suitable answer for the city?s problem. After knowing the history of Venice, you will be really excited to visit the city.

When to go Venice

The Tour for Venice can be made throughout year. Its tourist season is an all-year affair. April and October are its peak season and it?s virtually impossible to get accommodation in hotels with a short notice. The July and August are the busiest time for the tourist and the crowed are at it is full during these months, so it?s advisable not to go there in these months. The other spells are the Carnevale (Leading up to Lent) and the weeks in the each side of the Christmas. Two three weeks before the Easter, is the best time of the year for the ideal combination of comparative peace and pleasant climate. The climate wise the months of the end of the high season are somewhat less reliable. The months of the October and March are the victim of common occurrence of the Venice?s seasonal flood, Acqua Alta .The quietest of the city can be seen at January when the plenty of warm clothes, though, as the winds of the Adriatic can be savage, and you should be prepared for some rain.

So, if you have decided to visit Venice in peace and pleasant climate then your trip can be very exciting for you.


Due to its geographical location the Adriatic coast, it is common that there are frequent thunderstorms and rain showers. The months of July and August are the peak hot season in Venice. In the month of October to January Venice suffers of Acqua Alta- High tide. Venetians are habitual of it, and do not complain, though "Acqua alta" causes big trouble to their schedules: boats follows the alternative canals, public boat transportation services undergo a "revolution" during peak days and hours.

The effects of Acqua alta doesn?t last whole day, the peaks are in early morning are in the evening. Moreover, to avoid the thunderstorms and rain showers in Venice, it is better for you to get a car rental in Venice. You can have a number of other transport options in front of you but for getting more entertainment and thrill, it is better to go for our car rentals in Italy.

Arrival Venice

Visitors flying to Venice Arrived at Marco Polo airport situated 12 km from Venice and in the east of Meastre. Some charter flights landed at Treviso?s tiny San Guiseppe Airport This is 35 km from the north of the Venice. Marco Polo Airport is connected to Venice by inexpensive bus (25 minutes), hydrofoil (a very scenic 60 minutes), somewhat expensive taxi (15 minutes) or super-expensive water taxi. Most of the direct trains coming from Padua, Verona, Milan, Bologna, Switzerland and France halt at Stazione di Santa Lucia. It is situated in the northwest of the town and in the end of the Ponte della Liberta . The legendary Orient Express runs between Venice and London via Verona, Zurich and Paris twice weekly from March to November.

You can at Venice by bus at the lower luxury spectrum. All of them deposit at Piazzale Roma.A4 is the quickest way of reaching Venice from east or west. This connects Turin with Trieste and passes through Milan and Mestre. Now after reaching Venice, your major concern is to decide how to move in the city. Although there are various modes of transportation to move in the city but the best option is to travel via a car.

Best location Venice

Venice is a city and attract tourist on behalf of the it’s culture, nightlife, water buses, galleries, churches, arts, it?s landmark and many more counts for , which makes the best of the Venice. The water buses makes tourist?s life full of fun and navigation of water refreshes the mind. The unlimited use of the water bus is possible only by ACTV travel card. The enormous crowds of the city are attracted by the cathedral Basilica di San Marco, which is among the most exotic cathedral of Europe. You can find the crash course in Venetian painting of fourteenth to the eighteenth centuries in the Gallerie dell'Accademia. The Venetian nightlife looks notoriously tepid, the liveliest point in town is Paradiso Perduto - a bar-cum-restaurant-cum-music venue. Once the ecclesiastical centre of Venice , The Island of San Pietro is nowadays a mere backwater district where the chief activity is the repairing of the boats. The fourteenth century prime and the home of the 20000 people, Torcello have population of only 100 people, but Venice?s first cathedral is still here, and the place is steeped in the charisma of the its past.

If you have the feeling of getting the full view of the city then San Giorgio Maggiore is the perfect Palladian church. In addition to the above mentioned locations, there are numerous other locations which you can visit in Venice. If you are planning a trip in Venice then obviously you will never want to search railway stations and bus stops in Venice.

Nightlife Venice

The Venice was famous for its nightlife as recently as one or two generation ago. The resident of the each parish set out tables on the street at the filmiest excuse. Nowadays, the social life of the Venetians has became indoor when the payments were overrun by the outsiders. Now the people might feature a restaurant meal or drink with friends in his diary. Venice has a very attractive calendar for the events, with the Carnevale, the film festival and the Biennale ranking among the continent?s hottest dates. Venice has a very indecent nightlife and relying mostly on the countable amount of the bars dotted around the city. The most buzzing area, particularly in winter, is along the Fondamenta della Misericordia, in Cannaregio, where Iguana, Le Notti d'Oriente and Paradiso Perduto (see listings under "Bars and snacks") stay open late and have occasional DJs or live music. The local press lists a tiny disco over on the Lido, Nuova Acropolis , Lungomare Marconi 22, and Mestre has several identikit clubs.

One of the major issues with the nightlife is the issue of transportation. The night clubs in Venice carry on the activities till very late in night and if you do not have your own car then you may always suffer from anxiety to g back.

City of destination Venice

The Venice, this is historical centre from a long time, is constituted from the 118 islands and most of the life began there as micro community, each with a Parish church or two and having a square for public meetings. Some 400 bridges now tie the islands together, forming an amalgamation and this is divided into six large administrative districts known as Sestieri, and three on each side of the Canal Grande. The most expensive and most crowed district of the city, Sestiere in San Marco is the zone where the majority of the essential sights are clustered. It is bordered at east by Castello and by Cannaregio in the north. The largest Sestieri on the other is Dorsoduro and this stretches from the fashionable quarter at the tip of the canal Grande, south of the Academia gallery, to the docs in the west.

Boundary of the Sestieri looks unlimited and seems utterly perplexing and counts of little use of structuring a guide. So, although in most instances this guide uses the name of a Sestiere to indicate broadly which zone of the city we're in, the boundaries of our sections have been chosen for their practicality and do not, except in the case of San Marco, follow the city's official divisions.

It is evident from the above information, that Venice is located very strategically. If you want to visit all of the major destinations which are linked with Venice, the best option for you is to hire a car in Venice.

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