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Best Car Rentals Zaragoza

Zaragoza History

The beautiful city of Zaragoza is one of the most developed cities of Spain today. However, it has seen many ups and downs in its history.

There are many remains found in Zaragoza and its vicinity that provide support to the fact that it was populated in the Bronze Age. The city was originally founded by Romans by the name of Caesaraugusta in honor of Cesar Augusto. The city was established in the year 24 a.d. After the establishment of Zaragoza, the Romans traveled and displaced to other locations of Iberian Peninsula and the city slowly and gradually begin to develop.

Following to the Romans, the Visigoths arrived in Zaragoza and rules the city for a short time period until their defeat by Muslims. Muslims rules the Zaragoza until 11th century and the city was developed greatly in these times. The city was made an independent kingdom during the times of the Muslims.

After the departure of Muslims, the city was conquered by Alfonso I the Batallador in the year 1120. The city of Zaragoza was restored as the capital of city of Aragon. The kind and queen of Aragon gave the city the importance that it deserved.

The city went through major developments and became a center for the activities that were conducted in the Aragon. However, they went through a terrible phase during the time of Napoleonic invasion. Napoleon invaded Zaragoza in the year of 1808 which caused an effect of depression and helplessness in the local public.

After the passage of the Napoleonic invasion, the city has been developing constantly and has today become of one the favorite tourist destinations of Spain. There are a number of museums and cultural monuments in Zaragoza that are signs of the times the city has been through in the past.

The transportation network of the city is remarkable. However, if you do not wish to use the local transports, you can rent a car.

History Zaragoza

The Roman Zaragoza dated back to 24 BC was founded by the legions that taken part in the Canadian wars during Augustus tomes. The name of the city was given by the emperor Caesaraugusta (Caesar Augustus), this important city with 30,000 inhabitants also have baths, sewers, a theatre(6,000 capacity), a market, temples, a port and a road network that connected it to the other cities in the empire. Under the domination of Visigothic over more than the three hundred years, like the rest of the country, Zaragoza fell under the Moorish influence in 714.

Saraqusta became the capital of an important Taifa Kingdom, which reached as far as Tortosa and had its utmost splendour in the 11th century, when it became an Internationaland cosmopolitan city for traders, and an important slave market. In 1118 the king of Aragon, Alfonso I, won Zaragoza back from the Moors and it became the new capital of the kingdom. The old main mosque of Saraqusta became a Romanesque cathedral, later Gothic and Mudajar. The city economically blossomed in the 16th century, with 25,000 inhabitants; it became the fourth largest city in Spain after Seville, Valencia and Barcelona. Basically it was the city of traders. The second half of the 18th century saw progress in the city, due to the Enlightenment.

A large number of public works were completed: the Royal House of Misericordia, the bullring, and above all the Imperial Canal, which traverses the city in the south. The beginning of the 19th century was with tragedy. In 1808 the French troops, alleging they were going to Portugal, took Spain. The first siege around Zaragoza took place during the summer of 1808. More destruction can be seen in the second half of the 19th century. All the vessel of respect was emptied for heritage and the Torre Nueva, a Mudéjar tower from the 16th century that was almost 70 metres high were destroyed. In addition to a part of the city wall, some gates and some palaces were destroyed.  Having with nearly 650,000 inhabitants, Zaragoza is currently the fifth largest city in Spain. It is the seat of the Government of Aragon and is a modern city, which since the Sixt ies has grown considerably.

When to go Zaragoza

The most crowded month of Zaragoza comes with the arrival of October. This is the best time for visitors, the city's most famous Pilar festival fall on the 12th October. The festival, which is the biggest in Zaragoza, includes offering flowers and harvest produce to the Virgin and live music and dancing in the city's squares.

Zaragoza is the place where the visitors want to come every time in the year, as it is not only a historical place but also a very lively and beautiful place to see.

Weather Zaragoza

The weather in Spain has the diversity in north and the south of the Cantabrian Mountains. The climate in Zaragoza de Compostela is cooler than the most of other regions of the Spain. The summer in Zaragoza de Compostela is cool when the other regions feel very hot. The cool winter makes the life full of comfort. Mostly the temperature is mild whole of the year round.

Zaragoza Weather

Zaragoza has a continental atmosphere. The climate is quite warm in the summer and the winters are cold. However, the weather of Zaragoza is not on extremes at any time of the year. The temperature rarely drops below 0?C in winters.

The spring season of Zaragoza is very pleasant. Winds blow from the nearby Erbo valley and cool off the environment further. The air is fresh and the flowers are blossoming. Zaragoza also receives plenty of rainfall in this season. However, the sky immediately clears up after rain making the rain look beautiful and the pure atmosphere enjoyable.

Zaragoza has summer season in the months of May to September. This is a season for enjoyment and festivities. A number of fiestas are held in the city and vicinity including Al fresco dining in many restaurants. The days of the summers are warm and get even higher in the peak months. However, the afternoon has a mild weather. The temperature drastically changes in the evening so you might want to carry a jacket of coat with yourself.

The season of autumn brings plenty of beauty of Zaragoza. The weather is very pleasant and appealing with breezing flowing and taking away the warmth of the weather every now and then. The days of autumn are warm and the afternoon and evenings are mild. Rainfall also occurs in this season so do carry an umbrella with yourself.

Winter is a pleasing season in the city on Zaragoza. The temperatures don?t drop below freezing point. However, you might see ground frost at several places. The winters are cold but you can certainly expect a clear sky with sun shining and providing warmth. Rainfalls are not very frequent in the season of winter therefore you don?t have to worry about keeping extra clothes to save yourself from rain while going out.

You can explore the city of Zaragoza in any of its beautiful and pleasant climates. To roam around the city at your own pace, you can hire a good quality car at affordable rates.

Arrival Zaragoza

There are direct flights to Zaragoza from Madrid and Barcelona. You can get a bus for the Plaza de San Francisco from the airport. There are nineteen trains arrive daily from Barcelona and 15 from Madrid. All the trains pull into Estacan Zaragoza Delcias, Calle Rioja 33. From Barcelona there is a single bus for Zaragoza every day and takes 3 and ½ hr. Zaragoza is easily reached on the E-90 (A-2) east from Madrid or west from Barcelona. For more details the tourist can consult with the tourism office at Plaza del Pilar

Vitoria Transport

Vitoria has excellent transportation network which is constantly getting better. The city has a number of beautiful monuments and attractions that can be reached easily by using these transport services.

These city transport services are very beneficial for the visitors and tourists that area visiting Vitoria. Basically Vitoria is linked to its neighbor cities by road, rail and air. If you are in Spain, you can easily reach Vitoria by rail or road. The fares of the bus and rails of Vitoria are very suitable and the transport services link to almost all of the important cities and destinations. The train services of Vitoria include EuskoTran and the Vitoria train. Many plans are being formulated by the authorities to connect more and more cities of Spain with this rail network so that people can easily travel inside the country.

Other methods to travel in the city are cycles and cars. You can also hire a cycle if you don?t wish to buy one. It is quite easy to roam around in the city on a cycle as a number of destinations in the city might not be easily accessible by a car. Cycles are easily available and the rates are negotiable. Car is undoubtedly a very convenient method for people that are traveling with a group. One can avail the convenient service of Vitoria car hire if they wish to travel around the city at ease. This service is very beneficial for families. You can also ask for a special seat if you are traveling with an infant. These services are also very comfortable for the disabled visitors of the city as they might have trouble while waiting for the bus or rail to arrive. The rates of the car hiring services in Vitoria are very affordable.

If you wish to hire a car right from the airport, you can contact Vitoria Airport Car Hire. This service can be booked prior to your arrival or also while on the airport. By choosing this transportation services you will not have to worry about the routes and the stop you need to get off at. You can get to your hotel at ease to start exploring the city right away.

Best locations Zaragoza

The museum of Museo Camon Aznar, contains a sketch of Maria Sarmiento done by the Velazquez for his masterpiece Las meninas (The Maids of Honour) hanging in the Prado in Madrid. It has occupied a renaissance palace, a block from E1 Pilar. Museo Pablo Gargallo, this museum honours sculptor Pablo Gargallo, born in Maella in 1881. It is installed in a beautiful Aragonese Renaissance-style palace (1659) that was declared a National monument in 1963.

The museum of Museo de Zaragoza is installed in a 1908 building with 10 ground-floor rooms, devoted to exhibit from the pre-historic to the Muslim period. The Roman legacy has sculptures (a bust of Augustus), mosaics, and ceramics. The fine-arts section includes paintings by Goya (no. 20). The 16th and 17th century monuments, Basaica de Nuestra Seoora del Pilar is situated at the bank of the Ebro river has an almost Asian style with its domes and towers.

Thousands of the faithful travel here annually to pay homage to the tiny statue of the Virgen del Pilar in the Holy Chapel. During the second week of October, the church is a backdrop for an important festival devoted to Our Lady of the Pillar, with parades, bullfights, fireworks, flower offerings, and street dancing. The Museo de Pilar houses the jewelry collection used to adorn the Pilar statue as well as sketches by Goya and other artists, including both bayeu brothers.

It has much of its collection ancient. The Gothic-Mujedar church, La Seo del Salvador, built between 1380 and 1550, is more impressive than E1Pilar. It has a rich baroque and Plateresque facade and is a particularly fine example of Aragonese Gothic architecture. Tourists from all over the world love to come to this place, in order to see the monuments, and museums, and that is the reason that these tourists used to hire a car in Zaragoza.

Zaragoza Attractions

The city of Zaragoza is one of the most prominent cities of Spain due to its rich cultural history. There are a number of top attractions that you must visit while you are in the city. Bas?lica de Nuestra Se?ora del Pilar was built in the 16th and 17th century and has an Asian style of architect with the beautifully constructed domes and towers. It is situated near Ebro River and is also a destination of devotees that come here annually to pay homage to the statue of Virgen del Pilar. The of Virgen del Pilar is located in the Holy Chapel and is believed to be the pillar where Virgin stood and asked Santiago to have the church made. You can also visit this place in the month of October. In the month of October an important festival is organized for Our Lady of the Pillar.

This festival includes parades, fireworks, bullfights, flower offerings and street dancing. La Seo del Salvador is a Gothic-Mud?jar church and is a fine example of the beauty and magnificence of Gothic Architecture. The church was built between 1380 and 1550. the church contains important features like its main altar and a collection of Flemish and French tapestries. The tapestries belong from 15th to 18th century and area located in an adjacent museum. Museo Pablo Gargallo is one of the must visit museums of Zaragoza. It was declared to be a National monument in the year of 1963.

The museum honors the artist Pablo Gargallo who has been a great influence in the world of art in 1920s. the museums houses about 100 of original work made by the artists including Great Prophet, Dr. Petti?s Fireplace and an 1933 bronze piece. It is located at a 5 minute walk from the El Pilar. Museo de Zaragoza is one of the major museums of Zaragoza and is located in a 1908 building. The rooms of the ground floor contain artworks from eras that the city has seen. It contains painting from prehistoric time up to the Muslim period.

Nightlife Zaragoza

The Zaragoza has a very sleepy and low-key night-life till around the 11pm. The things really perk up after that. Plaza Santa Cruz is a good place for an evening's bar and pub crawl. A particularly animated bar belongs to a restaurant, Club Nautico, Paseo Echegaray y Caballero, in front of Plaza Pilar, which overlooks the muddy waters of the Ebro River. The Casa Amadico, Jordan de Urries near the Plaza del Pilar is a popular hangout; here local government and business types congregate after work for tasty seafood tapas.

Temptations include oysters, smoked salmon, lobster, and Serrano ham. Another tapas bar worth a look is Casa Luis, Romea 8, whose array of shellfish tapas includes oysters, shrimp, and razor clams in little bundles. It's open most of the year. The disco Discoteca Kit at calle Fernando el catolico 70 begins its functions after most of the discos have been closed around 6 am. Cafe Hispano is the option for a bar where singers either from the crowd (who can sing) or the professional performs croon danceable and drinkable songs. It's open Tuesday through Saturday from 8pm to 3:30am. If you just want to barhop and try different tascas, most of which aren't even identified with signs, consider a promenade along Calle Dr. Cerrada (near Plaza Pamplona), nearby Calle Dr. Casas; or Calle La Paz, where neighbourhood residents duck inside at regular intervals for quick fixes of wine or sherry.

The nightlife of Zaragoza is very exciting but it's a matter of looking around the things, like mostly the tourist wants to enjoy the vacations and time, so for them our company is offering comfortable facility of car rental in Zaragoza so that the tourist can enjoy the life after 11 pm in bars and cafe.

Zaragoza Disabled Visitors

Every significant tourist destination of the world makes all the arrangements to keep their visitors and tourists in comfort. The authorities of Zaragoza have also made many efforts in this regard. Special efforts have been made to provide comfort to the disabled visitors of the city.

There area many facilities for the disabled visitors in the city of Zaragoza. The disabled visitors can inform the airline with which they are traveling beforehand about their condition. The airline will arrange all the required facilities which include a special chair in the plane and a wheelchair when the flight lands. The disabled visitors can also ask for assistance while they are on airport. The airport staff is very friendly and will be glad to provide them with assistance. The disabled visitors will also get a number of facilities in the airport which includes special bathrooms, steep ramps, special telephones and they will also get past the customs at ease.

Disabled visitors can also book a parking for themselves prior to their arrival or hire a car at the airport and the airport staff will make sure that they are comfortably transferred to their ride.

Other than the airport, all of the public attractions of the city of Zaragoza have conveniences for the disabled visitors. The museums and other historical monuments are easy accessible by the disabled visitors. The disabled visitors can ask the local people if they require their help. The local people of Zaragoza are very friendly towards all of the visitors of the city. Hotels of Zaragoza have facilities of special toilets and special elevators. The disabled visitors can also ask for a room at the ground floor and the hotel management will try their best to make their guest comfortable.

The public transportation network of the city is very good. However, it might be a troublesome task for the disabled visitors to wait for the train or the bus. To save themselves from this problem, they can hire a car at affordable rates.

City of destination Zaragoza

The city of Zaragoza lies at the 322km far from the north east of Madrid and 306km west of Barcelona. The city has all the attractions of the modern life. This provincial capital, the seat of the ancient kingdom of Aragon, is a bustling, prosperous, commercial city of wide boulevards and arcades. The Zaragoza's appeal lies in the fact that it has been left relatively untouched by tourism: most travellers know it only as a train station on the way from Barcelona to Madrid. Zaragoza has not one but two cathedrals and, like Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, was a major pilgrimage centre.

According to legend, the Virgin Mary appeared to St. James, patron saint of Spain, on the banks of the Ebro River and ordered him to build a church there. Other important sights are the old Cathedral, La Seo, and a magnificent 14th century church with its famous Museum of Tapestries. Especially interesting are the estate houses and magnificent palaces in the city. The 40,000 students at the University of Zaragoza have livened up this once-staid city. Cafes, theatres, restaurants, music bars, and tascas have boomed in recent years, and more monuments have been restored and opened to the public.

The most important Zaragoza museums are the Museum of Fine Arts, with paintings of early Aragonese artists and of El Greco, Ribera and Goya, and the Camon Aznar Museum, with paintings ranging from Rubens, Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Velazquez and Goya to Renoir, Manet and Sorolla. Zaragoza is at the centre of a rich plain. Its history dates from the time of the Romans, who called it Caesar Augusta. Today, Zaragoza is a city of more than three-quarters of a million people, just less than 75% of the entire population of Aragon.

The city of Zaragoza has been changed much in the recent years and this change is the attraction for the tourists from all around the world that is the reason car hire in Zaragoza is very popular among the tourists. Monuments are there which are worth to see and as to facilitate the tourists our company is offering comfortable Zaragoza car rental services.

Zaragoza Useful Contact

When one comes to a new country, for business or pleasure, one needs to have important contacts fed into their cell phones or their personal directories as they can come into use when least expected. Hence to help everyone out here is a list of useful contacts that are crucial for visitors as well as immigrants.

When you want to call Spain from the U.S. or Canada you must dial 011 (exit code), then 34 (country code for Spain), then the area code (two to three numbers which begin with the number 9), and then the phone number.

When you want to call a cell phone number to Spain from the U.S. or Canada you have to dial 011-34-area code (three digits beginning with the number 6)-then the phone number.

When you want to call the U.S. or Canada from Spain you have to dial 00-1-area code-phone number. Internet facilities are available all over Spain, in every major city and town. Good hotels also provide Broadband Internet Connection services.

34 is the InternationalCountry Calling Code of Spain.

00 is the InternationalAccess Code for dialing out of Spain

Police station?s National number is given as 091 where in everybody from Spain can contact in easiest possible respect. It helps you in all types of issues.

Emergency Contact Numbers

For All Emergencies 112

Multi-lingual Services (usually incurs a longer wait) 902 102 112

Officina de Turismo de Aragon 902 477 000

Marbella Health Centre 952 826 596

Sea Rescue 900 202 202

Airport Contacts

Airport +34 976 712 300.

Fax: +34 976 780 624.

Important contacts for Tourists

Information on drug dependence 900 161 515

Information about AIDS 900 111 000

Malaga Health Centre 952 604 266

Fuengirola Health Centre 952 468 945

Plaza de Pilar Tourist Office 976 393 537

Torre?n Tourist Office 976 201 200

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