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History Zurich

The life of Zurich started as the custom of Roman by the name Turicum. Expansion was thereafter slow but the trading from in textiles gradually increased the financial status of town. The city gains the status of free city under the Holy Roman Empire. The governing of the city was taken over in 1336 by the powerful merchant and artisans and formed the guild. After joining the Swiss confederation the Zurich gains its reputation of a cultural and intellectual centre. From 1519 onwards, the Huldrych Zwingli helped the city along with his teaching during the Reformation. He was the key figure for the city until the end of his life in 1531. The intellectual and artistic tradition of Zurich continued till the World War I, with the influx of a number of luminaries as Lenin, Tristan, Trotsky, Hans Arp and James Joyce.

The 1916 was the year when the Dada art movement was born and with Hugo Ball creates the artist tavern known as Cabaret Voltaire. Same was the period for the Carl Jung who honed his psychoanalytical theories in the city. Alfred Escher is known as the strong force of politics throughout his life. The Zurich's stock exchange was founded in the year 1877, and till then it the important centre for the city. The recent years were the time for the social democrats who dominated the municipal politics. The Zurich till then remains the countries financial and commercial hub and the canton is countries most affluent.

When to go Zurich

The continental climate of Zurich makes it a comfortable and visitors friendly place to visit. It predominantly enjoys the warm humid winds blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean and mostly the climate is mild. The temperature fluctuates between -10 °C (14?F) and +5?C (41?F) in January and +15?C (59?F) and +30?C (86?F) in July.

Weather of Zurich

The weather of Zurich is not very extreme but it has a moderate weather. The weather of the city remains pleasant throughout the year and makes Zurich a comfortable and tourists friendly place to visit. The climate of the city is mild and the humidity is present in atmosphere because of the Atlantic Ocean.

The winter season starts from November and comes to end in April. The winters are cold and temperature ranges from 14 degrees Fahrenheit to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. December and January are the coldest months of the year. The average temperature during December and January ranges from -5 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius. June to September is the official time for rain in Zurich.

The rainy season in Zurich starts from the end of April and remains till summer ends. The weather is hot and sunny during daytime in summer. July and August are the hottest months of the Year. In summer, humidity is less and temperature remains below 30 degrees Celsius. The average temperature during July ranges from +15 degrees Celsius (59 °F) and +30 degrees Celsius (86 °F). It is recommended to you to visit Zurich in spring because the temperature during this season is neither too hot nor too cold.

Arrival in Zurich

There are three major modes of transportation to get in the city including plane, train and road. A large percentage of Internationaltourists use plane to get in the city. The airport of the Zurich is considered as the busiest airport of the Switzerland.

The airport is very near to the Zurich centre and several bus services connect centre of the city to the airport. Train is also a convenient and safe mode of transportation to reach Zurich. Regular trains move daily from Zurich station to other National and Internationalcities.

The train services connect different cities of Switzerland with Zurich for example Berlin, Lecce, Beograd, Amsterdam, Rome, Budapest and Barcelona. The main station of the Zurich, known as Hauptbahnhof, is situated at the end of Bahnhofstrasse in the city centre. The local S-Bahn commuter trains, Germany's ICE, trains, Intercity (IC and ICN) connections throughout Switzerland and France's TGV serve for the Zurich Hauptbahnhof (HB).

You can make a rail pass which may make your trip cheaper. You can use boat to reach Zurich from lake villages because the city is situated at the end of Lake Zurich. Many tourists from other European cities and southern destinations like Spain or Yugoslavia use bus services to enter in Zurich. The main station of buses is present near to the main train station.

Arrival Zurich

All the domestic and Internationalflights of Zurich are handled by the Kloten airport at 10 km north of the city. The journey from the airport to the Hauptbahnhof station takes 10 minutes by train. There are trains at the regular interval of 10 to 12 minutes between 06:00b and 24:00. It is better to book your tickets before boarding. If not best, this is the cheaper option than a taxi into the city. There are direct trains from the busy Hauptbahnhof to the rest of Stuttgart, Munich, Innsbruck and Milan as well as the many other Internationaldestinations.

Also there is hourly departure for the most Swiss town. For driving into the city the N1 is the fastest route from the Basel and Bern to the Zurich. The N3 approaches Zurich from the south, along the shore of Lake Zurich. There is a very efficient and robust travelling network inside the city. The comprehensive and the unified bus, tram, and S-Bahn service of the city include the boats on the Limmat River. The unlimited travel pass for city are allowed for the whole of the canton Zurich. The taxis are expensive in comparison the Swiss standard so it is advisable to avoid them and use public transport to save some cash.

City transport

Zurich is famous for its highly efficient and reliable transportation system. The public transportation network in Zurich includes buses, trains and S-Bahn (local trains). Boats are used for lake and river which are also considered as clean and safe mode of transportation.

The most common mode of transportation in Zurich is buses. The network of these buses covers Zurich at street level. These buses are extremely punctual and follow a strict schedule. Several tram lines are also available in Zurich to move around the city. You have to purchase and validate tickets of trains and trams before boarding to avoid any risk.

The regional rail system in Zurich is known as S-Bahn. It is the best way to visit to many destinations outside the city centre. The S-Bahn network in Zurich offers fast and convenient services in the city. The two types of boat-based public transportation including lake steamers and river buses are operated in the city. Lake steamers are operated in winters and river boats are operated in summers only. If you travel all the places of the city then you should go for a city pass, known as ZurichCARD.

The Swiss Pass is valid for every mode of transportation and you can move for free within the limits of Zurich.

Best locations Zurich

The Zurich is city known for having the world's best liveability for tourist. It has the history of rich and has the reminders of the past. It has plentiful number of museums, art galleries, archives and one of them is devoted to the Thomas Mann. There are nearly 20 museums, 100 art galleries, and 24 archives. The historic buildings, religious monuments, and quays are worth discovering, as are the well-preserved homes of rich burghers, lovely parks, and gardens. You can't miss the quays of Zurich instead of having lack of time. You can also visit Uetliberg, south-west of Zurich, the northernmost peak in the Albis ridge.

The most popular attraction of the city includes the Quays of Zurich, Limmatquai, in the centre is the mo0st famous. It expansion starts from the Bhanhof Bridge to the east of the Rathaus or town hall and beyond. Uto Quai, running from the Badeanstalt Uto quai (swimming pool) to the Bellevueplatz and Quai Brucke is the major promenade of the Zurich. Strolling from the Mythen Quai, will follow the lake along its western shore and out into the countryside.

Top attractions in Zurich

Zurich is considered as one of the famous places of the world. Zurich is the largest and most important city of Switzerland. The Tourists from far and wide are attracted towards the city because of its museums, churches and other attractive places.

The churches of the city are considered as the landmark of Zurich. The most famous churches of Zurich are Grossmünster Fraumünster and St. Peter with the largest clock face. The pilgrims from the entire globe assemble here with much faith. Tourists have a great interest in the major cultural as well as historical artifacts of Zurich.

Zurich is well known for its museums which show the culture and traditions of the city. Museum Bärengasse is a historical museum of the city and exhibits the history of Zurich in the 18th century. Kunsthaus Zürich is the most popular museum of the world because it has the largest collection of Classical Modern Art. The other famous museums of the city include Museum Bellerive, Antique Asian Art and Museum Rietberg.

Swiss National Museum, Kunsthalle Zürich, Museum of Design Zürich and Migros Museum are some other well known museums of the city. The gardens and parks of Zurich enhance the beauty of the city. Botanical Garden of the University of Zürich, Chinese Garden and Zoological garden are the main attractions of the city. The other interesting places in the city are Uetlibergturm TV-tower and Üetliberg.

Nightlife Zurich

The city has the less conservative night-life but not wild. Most of the Zurich nightspots early close down. Everything including theatre, opera, restaurant and ballet, all flourish here. The Zurich news is the best for the each and everything available freely at the Zurich tourist office. Hotels also distribute information at the front desk. For operas and theatre go to Billetttzentrale, Bahnhofstrasse, even no discount tickets are granted, are open from Monday to Friday between 10am to 6:30 pm and in Saturday from 10 am to 2pm. The Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra enjoys an Internationalreputation, while the Zurich opera is the most outstanding local company.

Accommodation in Zurich

Finding reliable accommodations in Zurich is easier as compared to any city in Switzerland. The accommodation in the city is very reasonable and affordable for every tourist. There are many options for accommodation including hotels, hostels, private apartments and resorts in the city.

St Gotthard Hotel Zurich is a five star hotel in the city which is located in the heart of the city. It provides you a comfortable and convenient accommodation with many contemporary amenities including attach bath, air conditioner rooms and free car parking. Central Hotel Zurich is the top rated hotel in the city and located near the business and financial centre of Zurich Switzerland.

It is an ideal hotel for the people who travel Zurich for business meetings or purposes. Sorell Hotel Riitli provides top class accommodation in Zurich and located at the heart of Zurich’s old town. It is a three star hotel and present near the world-famous Bahnhofstrasse. There are two parking buildings in the hotel. The hotel has good public transportation connections.

The other famous hotels of the city include Opera hotel, Hotel Bristol Zurich, Etap hotel and Hotel Splendid. There are many hostels available in the city for example, City Backpacker and Mutschellenstrasse. There are many shops, restaurants and clubs are present near these hostels therefore, you can also go for a hostel.

City of destination Zurich

Zurich is the Switzerland's largest and the most beautiful among the cities of Europe. It is also called the New Berlin with no hesitation and no competition. This formerly staid banking capital have the experience of creative exposure in the recent years, and such a mushrooming of innovative bars, shops and restaurants that it resembles Berlin's salad days of the mid-eighties and early nineties.

The city situated at the northern shore of Lake Zurich in the heart of the country, the city is large enough with full of amenities and is the number one city in liveability and fulfils the requirement of visitors. Zurich is the capital of the canton of the same name that joined the Swiss confederation in 1351. The Zurich is highly industrialized city with a very clear and pollution free environment because the factories run on electricity. This is also the major centre for Internationalfinance, with in the heart of the city, headquarters of the five major banks. Zurich contributes one fifth of the total nation's income.

Emergency contact numbers

Zurich is the most famous city of the Switzerland among the tourists because of its less crime rate. Tourists from all over the world want to spend their vacations in the city. It is better for you to note down the emergency contact numbers of Zurich before traveling for the city. These numbers are very useful in the case of nay mishap. Some of the useful contact numbers are given below:

Emergency contact numbers:

Police service: 117

Fire emergency: 118

Ambulance services: 114

Poison emergency: 145

Helicopter rescue (Rega): 14 14

Other Rescue services: 00 41 33 33 33 333

Free services of on-duty doctors, vets, 24 hours/7 pharmacies: 111

Road driving conditions or weather forecast: 162

Services for car breakdown: 140

Dial 112 for medical, police and fire services from anywhere in Europe. You can dial this numbers from any pay phone, mobile cellular phone and landline telephone. Call on this number is free and can also be used for any life threatening situation.

Medical services:

SOS Doctors (home services): 04 42 60 44 44

Pharmacies services: 09 00 55 35 55

Accident and emergencies: 04 42 55 11 11

Dental services: 04 42 62 11 11

Hospitals in Zurich:

Bethesda Spital: 06 13 15 21 21

Felix Platter-Spital: 06 13 26 4

Universitätsspital Basel: 06 12 65 25 25

Zurich Festivals

Zurich is one of the beautiful destinations of the world and it attracts millions of tourists every year because of its beauty. However, Zurich festivals are also playing very major role in attracting the tourists. Some of the major festivals in Zurich have been discussed here.

One of them is Zuri Fascht, which is held in early week of July after every three years. This festival lasts for three days from Friday to Sunday. During this festival the banks of the Lake of Zurich are River Limmat are changed into large fairground. Spring festival is another major festival of Zurich which is held on the third month of April. During this festival a children parade takes place on Sundays.

There are many attractions of this event such as parade of the guilds, burning of Boogg, historical costumes and much more. You can also enjoy music, dance, performances etc. on this event. The third festival which you should not miss in Zurich is Knabenschiesssen which is the oldest festival of Zurich. This festival is held during the second week of September and if you are visiting Zurich in September then you must visit it.

Another festival is St. Nicholas’ Day which is celebrated on the 6th of December in some parts of Zurich with traditional parades. In the major festivals of Zurich, Fasnacht is also included which takes place in February and early March. You can enjoy music, public basket ball and grand processions in this event.

Museums & Monuments In Zurich

Zurich is one of the most preferable vacation destinations in the world. Have you ever heard of Zurich museums and monuments? You must have a lot of fun while visiting museums and monuments in Zurich. There are a great number of museums which are very appealing for the tourists.

If you visit Zurich, you should see Fine Arts Museum, Kunsthaus Zurich which has the impressive art collections of 19th and 20th century. These art collections include paintings, sculptures and work of Picasso, Chagall, Rodin, Toulouse-Lautrec, Giacometti and Monet. Swiss National Museum is another great museum and historical monument in Zurich.

This museum displays weapons and wooden sculptures which reveals the history of confederation from prehistoric times to the 21st century. Zurich Tram Museum is another famous museum in Zurich which exhibits the original cars exhibited in the historic depot of Burgwies. For knowing the evaluation of techniques over the years in the history of Zurich industries, you should visit Mill Museum which holds temporary and permanent exhibitions to revel the industrial development in Zurich.

You should also plan a visit to Focus Terra which is the displace center of modern discovered aspects of earth-science research. Furthermore, visiting Fondation Beyeler in Zurich will provide you an access to the collections of Internationalmodern and contemporary art.

Kid's Amusements In Zurich

There are many kids’ attractions in Zurich therefore; Zurich has become an ideal spot for the kids. On the top of the list, Zurich zoo comes which is located in Tobelhof district. The large zoo of the city is the house of snow feed sheep, pigs, ponies, leopards and red pandas.

Kids can also feed some animals such as sheep and goats. Animal lovers can find great other entertainments in Zurich zoo, therefore, a visit to Zurich zoo is must for all kids. Kids are always inspired from the natural beauty therefore, they like gardens, parks and open places.

Zurich is very popular because of its Botanical gardens which have more than one thousand plant species. There are many unique plants which are the major attractions for the kids such as snowball flowers and Christmas cacti. You should also take your kids to Fraumünster which is rising above Zurich's Altstadt and it can be seen when illuminated by first rays of sunlight.After visiting all the kids’ attractions in Zurich, you can take your kids to Burkliterrasse.

The view of Burkliterrasse looks amazing when the sun sets. Your kids will surely enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Zurich and the Alps. Moreover, all other tourists’ attractions also offer great entertainment to kids; therefore visiting Zurich can be a great fun for kids.

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