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Photoshoot in the Forbidden city

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • The Forbidden City, known as the magnificent architectural complex.
    The glowing yellow roofs of the stately buildings seem to levitate above the vermilion walls. This magnificent sight is amplified by the painted ridges and carved beams of the ancient structures. 
    Our photo experience will put you with the magnificent architect together in...Read more

Chinese Cheongsam (Qipao) Photo set

clock 2 hours
  • Travelers can experience the Chinese Cheongsam outfits, the Bund (Hema) Photo Studio will take photos for them and make the photos into pictorial photography. PLEASE CONTACT US AT FIRST TO MAKE APPOINTMENTS TO TAKE PHOTOS BECAUSE THE PRICES ARE DIFFERENT DEPENDS ON THE NUMBER OF DRESSES AND PICTURES.

    By fusing traditional Chinese elements...Read more

Private Chinese lessons with Becky

clock 1 to 1,000 hours
  • Why study with me-

    -Lessons based on your interest

    -Flexible lesson hours and locations

    -9 years of teaching experience

    What would you learn-

    -Conversational Chinese like ordering food.

    -HSK exam preparation

    Other tailor-made topics like Business and...Read more

Calligraphy and Dumpling Cooking Classes Half Day Private Tour

clock 4 hours
  • This private tour allows you to become acquainted with Chinese calligraphy and cooking with two classes. First take one hour calligraphy class in the Hutong area, and learn how to do the basic strokes for Chinese writing. Then, hit up the market for ingredients before popping into the home of a local family to cook up (and eat) delicious Chinese...Read more

Chinese Tea Tasting and Traditional Art Class

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • The travelers will sample different kinds of tea with professional tea experts that certificated of national senior tea artist. We want to show you the real Chinese tea culture. You'll find out how your tea is grown and processed in order to understand how to best bring out its flavor. The activity will be hosted in the Chinese traditional space...Read more

Life Awakening: Finding Your True Self

clock 5 hours
  • All phenomena are like a dream, an illusion, a bubble and a shadow, Like dew and lightning. Are you pursuing those intangible things-

    Join Master Lee for Spiritual Awakening, this will be a life time opportunity to unveil your true...Read more

Private Painting Lessons

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Communicate Chinese art with China National artist Master Dèng mèngjié .

    English speaking teachers or Experienced teachers with English translator.

    Take lessons in a home based...Read more

Sichuan Opera Facial makeup Experience&Face Changing Show

clock 1 day 4 hours
  • Put on the stage costume,

    experience the sichuan opera facial makeup,

    learn the sichuan opera...Read more

7*7 Chinese Painting workshops

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 7 days , 7 different subjects!

    Monday: Bamboo, which symbolizes for moral integrity in Chinese culture.

    Tuesday: Lotus flower, which stands for noble, unsullied and Zen.

    Wednesday: Orchid, which symbolizes for elegant.

    Thursdays: Chicken, which stands for propitious in Chinese painting.

    Friday-Peony, a sign of...Read more

1-Day Xi'an Mini Group Tour: Terracotta Army, Pagoda, Muslim Bazaar, 1-6 Guests

clock 10 hours
  • Accompanied by an expert guide, this mini group tour starts from the World's Eighth Wonder - Terracotta Warriors Museum. Explore Xian’s history and culture at the Small Wild Goose Pagoda and Xi’an Museum. At last, have an exciting food experience at the Muslim Bazaar. A perfect mini group size with maximum 6 travelers ensure you more...Read more

Traditional Chinese Dress Set

clock 2 hours
  • By fusing traditional Chinese elements into photography, the craft of picturesque photography inherits and carries forward the traditional Chinese culture, turning photography into painting-like art piece. -Carefully overlapping the photographs with elaborate Chinese realistic style painting and adjusting the tone, we converge dreams with reality....Read more

Beijing Ritan Park Night Walking Tour including Flower Arranging Class and Dinner

clock 4 hours
  • This 4 hours private night walking tour will let you experience the art of Chinese flower arrangement at a hands-on class in the personal studio. Be amazed by the lights of the CBD Area: the CCTV building, The Place Mall and the Embassy area, enjoy a delicious dinner in the local restaurant ,then check out the locals night life to Ritan...Read more

One Hour Chinese Calligraphy or Painting Lessons in Your Yangshuo Hotel

clock 1 hour
  • Calligraphy is an eye-catching brand in traditional Chinese art. In the world there is no any other character can be developed into a unique art like Chinese character. Learning Chinese calligraphy is to develop a skill, to appreciate a typical Chinese style beauty, and to cultivate one’s mind.Aside from Chinese characters you can also learn...Read more

Make your personal folding fan inside Ming Dynasty Wall

clock 1 hour
  • A folding fan, two frames. One side is history,the other side is reality. One side is painting and calligraphy, the other side may be blank, left for future generations to think and fill. Folding fan is the decoration of life beautification. If you come here, you can exprience ancient Chinese people hand-made...Read more

Traditional Chinese dress photo for Kids

clock 2 hours
  • By fusing traditional Chinese elements into photography, the craft of picturesque photography inherits and carries forward the traditional Chinese culture, turning photography into painting-like art piece. -Carefully overlapping the photographs with elaborate Chinese realistic style painting and adjusting the tone, we converge dreams with reality....Read more

2-Hour Private Chinese Calligraphy Workshop in Beijing

clock 2 hours
  • Spend two hours in Beijing learning the traditional art of Chinese calligraphy. Under the expert eye of a master calligrapher, you’ll practice using the tools of the trade: brushes, ink and paper. Settle into a quiet studio where the ambiance encourages a contemplative mindset. Then try your hand at writing Chinese characters in an artistic...Read more

Chinese Paper Folding Fan – Half-day Chinese Handicraft Workshop in Hangzhou

clock 5 hours
  • 1. Appreciate the depth of the art of the folding fan. Get a crash course in Chinese fan culture in the China Fan Museum.
    2. Watch pro craftspeople up close as they work in the 100-year-old Wang Xing Ji Fanmakers craft workshop. Learn the knowledge you need to craft a Chinese paper folding fan DIY.
    3. Hands-on workshop. Follow along with a...Read more

Private Chinese painting lessons

clock 1 hour
  • If you’re interested in some specific painting subjects or want a time flexible lesson, this Private Chinese painting lesson is just tailor-made for you. We’ll design this lesson based on your...Read more

Pingyao Art Tour - Opera Mask Painting

clock 2 hours
  • Go to painting the opera mask with 80 years old Pingyao local artist named Gong jiulun who have started the mask painting from 30 years ago. He was the art education teacher and want to dig the Pingyao art culture, so he choose the opera mask painting, but he combine the opera mask painting and local culture together, show both of this on each...Read more

China Retro Photoshoot

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • We welcome you to enjoy a Retro China Photo Shoot in our beautiful courtyard photo studio located next to the Forbidden City.
    Why do we offer this-
    Traditional Chinese costumes are gorgeous cultural artifacts, treasures from China's many dynasties. Although they are beloved by many, today we no longer wear this type of dress, let alone...Read more

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