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    This tour will expose you to an alternative side of London and take you away from the regular tourist paths. Listen to stories on how hippies transformed a military base in the 1970s. Travelers will learn how a working-class district is transformed into a cool neighborhood with the best entrepreneurs and artists. Listen to different stories about Copenhagen red and green light districts. Go further than the regular action attractions in the city and discover an alternative side to this beautiful city. The 3-hour tour will teach you a story of 2 different districts; with one of them being the red light district and green-light district. Each region has a unique story about it which is filled with a lot of diversity and interesting culture. The tour will give you a sense of freedom that you won't find just anywhere.

    Travelers get access to public transport tickets which allows them to board the S-train and metro. This is designed to make their movements go on smoothly throughout the city. There is a local guide that will lead you to the undiscovered parts of the city. This tour will take you away from popular tourist paths and provide you with priceless information about the city. The guide will provide travelers with information about the new parts of the city that will be visited. There'll be stories about the evolution of the city and how it became what it is known to be today.

    The whole tour was handled smoothly and organized properly. It takes you away from the popular parts of Copenhagen that you're used to. The tour is well worth its value for money.

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