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Copenhagen Self-Guided Audio Tour

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clock1 to 3 hours


    Pay a visit to the busy city of Copenhagen at your pace on a self-guided audio tour. This tour will only reveal to you what you're interested in. Travelers get to see action attractions such as the Rosenborg Castle, Tivoli Gardens, Christiansborg Palace and Marble Church. Get around the city at your own pace and making use of a personal device. Tour the trip at the tour pace and enjoy your leisure time. Avoid the restricted schedules that are caused by tourist groups and organized walking tours. The city is known for its castles, churches and beautiful houses. This means that there is a lot for each traveler to discover by themselves. Download a lively MP3 audio tour on your mobile device which will be used to get around the city. Go through the city center and learn about the history and lifestyle of the people there.

    There's a downloadable audio guide which will lead you through the city at your own pace. The audio guide contains all the necessary information about the city and will inform you about all the vital details that you want to know about. Travelers get the chance to see action attractions such as Rosenborg Castle, Tivoli Gardens, Christiansborg Palace and Marble Church. Learn about the historical significance of each action attraction visited. It's a self-paced tour and you're free to explore the tour in your leisure time. Now, you can beat all the restrictions that are caused by traveling in a tour group and being part of a walking tour.

    The tour is a great way for travelers to explore the city by themselves and without any restrictions. The audio guide was also impressive and provided interesting details as the whole trip proceeded.

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