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Guided Walking Food Tour in Copenhagen

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clock2 hours 30 minutes


    This tour takes you on a short tour through Copenhagen where you get to enjoy some of the best food in the city. You'll be surprised at how delicious the food really is. Try out traditional fare and local foods on this food walking tour. This tour takes you through about 5 stops on this your journey. Travelers are free to try out as many as 3 dishes on this tour. Travelers are to savor the taste of about 2 local beers. Danish cuisine has grown more popular over the years. The meals are known for their flexibility and, creativity and quality. Copenhagen is home to some of the finest restaurants and best chefs from around the corners of the world. Most people find it hard to really describe what Danish food is like and this tour gives you the original Danish taste.

    There's a local guide to head you through the city and show you the best restaurants and places where you can enjoy the best meals in the region. The local guide will take you to all the best spots in the country where you can enjoy the tastiest food. They guide will also reveal something interesting about the restaurant or location where you are eating. Usually, these are stories about how the place has evolved over the years. Travelers get to enjoy one Danish hot dog, a danish fish ball, two beer tastings, Open-faced sandwiches. There promises to be fun and a lot of eating and drinking.

    The tour is a great way to learn about all the nice taste of food that we have in Copenhagen. The city is filled with some of the best restaurants in different corners of the world.

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