Update on COVID-19:
Coronavirus Travel Restrictions, Advice and Tips.
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Covid Travel Safe Kit

Looking at the world currently, an appreciable number of states and countries are beginning to rise up from the fall Coronavirus has put them in. It is very obvious now that travelers have resumed, if not fully, their old ways of going for vacation, business trips, tours and lots more in different countries of the world. However, travelers should note that things have to change when packing their loads for a trip or tour. You should learn about these COVID – 19 Safe Travel Kits as they are compiled on medical and health suggestions that they reduce the risk of coronavirus exposure. Wouldn’t you love to travel with no fear? If yes, add them to your travel bag.


One of the most important items that should be in your bag when traveling is a pack of face masks. As a traveler, you should wear a cloth face – covering whenever you are out in the public. Every member of your group (friends or family) should have their nose covered with face masks as it limits the risk of contracting the virus and to keep everyone safe during travel. Important places where you should wear your face masks includes: outside your home/accommodation, at the airport, inside the taxi, shopping centers, beaches, theme and water parks, boat tours and trips, and like places. Don’t forget to dispose of used face masks immediately. Get your health recommended face masks now


Apart from washing hands being hygienic, it is one of the best ways to keep yourself safe from Coronavirus. As a traveler, it might be hard for you to get water and soap in public spaces you aren’t familiar with. So, you must be prepared by getting hand sanitizer in your hand. It must have at least 60 percent alcohol before and after using public places or eating food. Hand Sanitizers have become so popular that even fake ones are becoming rampant. So we recommend these Amazon Hand Sanitizer products for you now.


Do you know you have to be 99.9% sure you’re free from all risks – posing environments? This is why a pack of disinfecting wipes should come in hand while you travel. They are useful to wipe down public surfaces before you touch them or use them, including airport check – in screen, armrests of plane seats, hotel room surfaces, private accommodation surfaces, theme park surfaces, cruise boat surfaces and every other public place you’ll touch or have contact with. Always dispose of wipes safely after use. To help you get the best pack of disinfecting wipes, we’ve recommended these products for you.


This is an including option to wipes. It even comes somehow handier than wipes, because you won’t have to touch the surface, just spray and you’re good to go. Disinfecting sprays are best used when it comes to public surfaces like restaurant tables, buttons, ATM buttons, or even when your item falls down. Undoubtedly, Disinfecting sprays are a must for every traveler to pack in their bags, travel kits or medical bag during trips, tours, excursions, flight, public transportation, boat cruise, and others. How do you get the most reliable disinfecting sprays, just get them on Amazon immediately. 



One of the things that must not be found wanting in your bag and travel kit is a pack of tissues. Tissues are a great thing to have in hand to safe travel this Coronavirus pandemic. You can use them to sneeze, cough or pick items to avoid your hands having contact with items that tend to be havens for bacteria. Some of the items you must use tissues to pick as a traveler is the Hotel Room TV Remotes. You should be very careful of what you pick as everything around is viable of harboring the virus. Don’t forget that tissues are to be disposed of immediately after use. So, to get your tissue packs ready for traveling, we’ve done all necessary research and found out that these products are the best for you.


When cleaning, disposable gloves are the best and most advisable to be used. Even though it is said that gloves aren’t necessary for everyday use (even when you’re out in public), it is recommended when you plan to sanitize your hotel room, wipe down your plane seat, interior of your car, and other related public spaces and surfaces. To travel safely during this coronavirus pandemic period, it is logical to pack some gloves to wear for these activities. As the name implies, these types of gloves should be disposed of immediately after use. We have indicated the best disposable gloves for you to buy and stay and travel safe during this pandemic.


During your travel, trip and tour, you will want to engage in activities like driving, flying or taking the train, note that the less public things you touch, the better. This includes cutting down the number of stops you make or shops you go into. So travelers have been suggested with the idea of having their own Reusable snack bags. Rather than going into a gas station store, or touching the buttons on a vending machine, all you have to do is to have your fresh snacks stored in your Snack bags once and for all. The bags are environmentally – friendly and will keep your food fresh for a longer period. We recommend getting the best Amazon Reusable Snack Bags here now.


Do you know during these Coronavirus pandemic, it is very risky to use public communication phones? Yes, even you will see people becoming hesitant to borrow you their phones or charger in case of your need. So to avoid unnecessary contact with public phones or not getting timely use of your phone, you should get a reliable and portable charger in your bag. How can you get it? The best option is here and has been inspected by TripIndicator to give you the best service ever. Follow this link to get it now!!!!!!


Many airports tend to get their water from the closest public drinking fountains. The buttons at a rest shop can be a hotspot for bacteria, which is why public drinking fountains should be avoided as a traveler. What can you now do? The answer is here, get your own bottled water. You can buy bottled water in bulk or pack in a cooler if you’re going on off – the – beaten paths trips, walking tours, boat tours, sightseeing, hop on hop off bus tours, shopping, and lots more. During flight, buy bottled water at one of the Airport’s convenience stores to avoid sipping from the cups provided during the in – flight service. Get your best bottled water that is safe, clean, reliable, low – priced, and includes other benefits on Amazon now.


Do you know that many airlines decided to stop offering blankets and pillows to passengers as a safety precaution to prevent the spread of Coronavirus? Now you know, so if you are expecting to be handed a pillow and blanket, don’t let it shock you when there is none available. A friendly advice, carry a lightweight travel pillow with you to stay comfortable during the flight. A lightweight travel pillow is soft and can be packed neatly into a case that even comes with a luggage clip and belt so you can carry it completely hands free during your tours and exploration. Get the best travel pillow now on Amazon (tested and trusted).


Your phone is at risk of bacteria looking at the places you’ve put it down. SO when you clean your hands regularly and try to avoid touching things in the public, always know that your phone can still be a bacteria hotspot. So what do you do? Keep your phone germ – free on the go with this PhoneSoap’s travel phone sanitizer. It has been reviewed by many scientists and considered safe for travelers to take along during travels, tours, trips, vacations, and visits. This portable phone sanitizer has been incredibly effective, it only takes at most six minutes and can be used for other items like: your keys, credit cards, and lots more. Get your portable phone sanitizer now on Amazon at the best price ever now.


Note that blankets will no longer be offered on many airlines again just like pillows to avoid the spread of the virus from an unknown infected person. Furthermore, it is strictly advisable to be careful not to use blankets/bedspreads provided by hotels or rental homes. All these are the reasons why you should choose a friendly blanket with you to make you a smart traveler over the spread of the virus. Amazon has gotten the best blanket for you that is super soft and can be packed up neatly in a case that even comes with a luggage clip and belt so that you can carry it completely hands – free.


It is not advisable drinking out of the cup provided for you at your hotel or rental accommodation including ones provided at a restaurant. To be 100% smart, just go along your own travel mug with you. This will give you the chance to monitor yourself what goes into your mouth because you’ll be the only one using it and you’ll surely keep it clean as you go. There are lots of travel mugs you can buy, but we’ve picked the best for you and at a less price, you can buy your own at Amazon now. They are durable, portable, and your coffee is kept hot for up to 24 hours once in them. Get one for yourself and each of your group now.


Why personal hand soap? Everything you must use during your traveling during this time must be of personal belongings. You can’t afford to use something that is being used frequently by the public. So immediately you touch something like a public doorknob or any other frequently used equipment, bring out your personal hand soap and wash your hand thoroughly, then keep your personal hand soap back into its pack for use by you alone again. However, not all soaps are hand soaps, and not all hand soaps are good. So get these personal hand soap now on Amazon, they’ve been tested and they are trusted.


Toiletries are undoubtedly one of the best items on this packing list because they are directly involved in your health and hygiene. One of the best ways to keep these things well – packed is to buy a clear plastic bag. It will make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for and also make it easy to find your bag at the airports in case your bag gets flagged. Some of these important toiletries to take along when you’re traveling during this time includes toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, hairbrush, hair tiers, pins, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, sunscreen, face wash, wipes/tissues, makeup remover, razors, travel towel, stain remover, nail clippers and other personal hygiene items. Get the best of toiletries at affordable prices on Amazon now.


Some announced and confirmed symptoms of Coronavirus includes shortness of breath, fever, coughing and a sore throat. As a traveler, it is advisable to travel with a travel thermometer to help you keep tabs on your temperature as you move from one place to another. Getting a thermometer for yourself makes you a smart traveler because once you notice a slight abnormality in your temperature, it will be easy for you to detect the real cause immediately. How do you get one for yourself? Amazon has provided the best for you and they are tested and trusted to deliver good results.


Are you a traveler and you’re in the risk category of Coronavirus, you should not forget to keep a digital pulse Oximeter in your bag when traveling. Know this, usually when your oxygen levels fall below 94%, you will be symptomatic but if the saturation is below 94%, then you need to immediately get yourself tested or visit the local health authorities of the city you are in. To get the best Digital Oximeter for you, we’ve divided into Amazon and this is what we’ve got for you.