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    Do you ever wonder how did the Irish come to have a strong, undeniable influence in the world? Newsflash, you one of many people who are asking. Anyway, this tour provides the answer to that question. It is an opportunity to understand why ‘Irishness’ is celebrated all over the world. Get opened up to the amazing stories of the Irish who have travelled the world from early times till modern day.

    This tour involves an exploration of the 1500 year old emigration history of Ireland at the world's first fully digital museum. You will learn how an estimated 10 million people left emigrated from the little island of Ireland. Follow this dramatic story as you see how the people of Ireland have left home to settle around the globe, and how they changed the world along the way.

    Discover the stories of enormous sacrifice, endurance and adventure our world has ever seen. The learning itself is useful. Combine that with the fact that the experience is at the digital museum, and you easily see that you are in for a treat. To ensure that you max out the delight of the experience, an electronic audio tour guide in form of a free mobile app is available. This electronic guide is available in English and a few other select languages.

    Here’s what a traveler had to say, “You learn so much about the Irish emigration and some fascinating stories from different characters that were all part of it. Very interactive and thought-provoking museum that makes you wonder if there could be a bit of Irish in yourself!”. Why not take this tour and learn about how a small island made tremendous impact on the world?

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