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Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship and Famine Museum Tour in Dublin

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    Would you love to have a first-hand learning experience of how millions of Irish crossed the Atlantic seeking a new life and hope in the Americas? That’s what this tour is. It immerses you into a harrowing period in Irish history, taken aboard the Jeanie Johnson Tall ship in Dublin. The Jeanie Johnson tall ship is a replica vessel of the boat on which many emigrants made escape in the mid-19th century when widespread famine hit Ireland.

    Aboard the Jeanie Johnston you’ll retrace the steps of many emigrants who fled Ireland when Ireland was in the grips of catastrophic and wide spread famine. Too make the exploration easier, you’ll have a professional guide Together with your guide, you will go back in time and see the imageries of the grueling moments of these poverty stricken Irish emigrants.

    You’ll explore the inner chambers of this deck and learn about the despicable conditions the passengers endured during the original voyages across the Atlantic Ocean. To give tourists a more real experience of the pain and suffering of the emigrants, life-sized, non-living figures of actual passengers who sailed are built into the ship.

    This was by far our favorite activity in Dublin. Our guide was knowledgeable and we loved listening to the history of the ship, the history of Ireland and looking at all of the beautiful vignettes they have created with mannequins truly placed you back in history”.

    This very interesting tour about a sad time in Irish history and it is a fine vacationing tour for history buffs.

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