Accademia Gallery Private Morning Guided Tour

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    Admire a vast collection of Michelangelo's other masterpieces such as the four unfinished Prisoners. Explore the halls of the gallery which are full of Florentine paintings from the 15th-16th century.

    On the tour, you will receive much more than just fast-track access to the artistic gems that come with the tickets. The trip will allow you to discover and understand the motives and circumstances that led to their creation. You could find out these details with an audio guide or a guidebook, but the monotone voice or lengthy texts in the tiny font are not that fun. The expert guide will highlight the most interesting information while answering all your questions. The Accademia museum is a place of artistic splendors. Joining the Accademia Gallery tour will help you get the most out of your visit in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

    Travelers liked that the tour was well organized. A waiting room right across the Accademia entrance was available for them while waiting for the museum to open. The guide was very helpful, she gave her contact information so they can get a PDF explaining the other highlights of the museum.

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