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Presentation of folk musical instruments

clock 3 hours
  • A unique place in the Cretan culture and the musical tradition of Crete, hold its traditional musical instruments. The roots of some musical instruments in Crete are lost in the depths of the ages. In the archaeological excavations of Knossos and Phaistos, representations of sculptures, ceramics and painting are depicted by musicians and dancers...Read more

Heraklion Archaeology Museum & Ancient Greek Music Lab - Luxury Small Group

clock 4 hours
  • You will start your experience visiting the biggest archaeological collection of artifacts on Crete. You will explore the Minoan Art and go deep into its significance and forms through unique artifacts, such as Minoan unique clay vessels, golden jewelery, impressive seal stones and seal rings, clay, ivory and faience figurines and figures, small...Read more

Learn an Ancient Frame-Drum: The Rhythm of Ancient Rituals

clock 1 hour
  • Nikos Varelas will be your guide and cast light on the mysteries of the ancient tympanon. With music experience for more than two decades, studies in Greece and Turkey, and focus on both Greek and Middle East frame drums, he is one of the few Greek percussionists who regularly participate in ancient music bands.
    Apart from being an amazing...Read more

Private: Acropolis - Dance as all the Greeks do - Wine Tasting

clock 4 hours
  • At SYMPOSIUM we will find ourselves at the perfectly recreated atmosphere of the throne chamber and the throne of King Minos itself, drink wine in the special glasses used by the Ancient Minoan Greeks eat Greek delicacies and learn everything about how wine was made in those times. You will enjoy the living excitement of the freedom of expression...Read more

Terrace Concert with songs from Minor Asia next to Stavros Niarchos Foundation

clock 2 hours
  • During our activity you will keep away from the touristic traps. You will have the chance to attend a terrace concert with rare songs from Minor Asia by two modern Athenian musicians. Our concert will be hosted in our place, where we play and work. There, we will have the opportunity to share with you the historical background of the area and era...Read more

Experience Ancient Greece: A Musical Journey

clock 1 hour
  • Theodore Koumartzis is an astounding musician of the ancient lyre and the visionary behind our award-winning tour. He is also a member of the luthier’s family and the niche music brand Luthieros, responsible for the construction of all these musical instruments!
    Theodore constantly travels around the world, giving lectures, live performances...Read more

How to Become a Wine-Tester (by tasting Award-Winning Greek Wines)

clock 2 hours
  • Embark on a wine-tasting journey with the help of Chloe Chatzivarity, an oenologist, winemaker, passionate wine lover and wine nerd. With studies and working experience at France, New Zealand, Argentina and Chile, Chloe currently run (with her family) an award-winning winery, where they produce high quality wines. According to her, wine is an art,...Read more

LIVE Virtual Greek Mythology and Traditional Music Tour

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Meet your host online and discuss about the Ancient Greek Gods of Music, the argument between them, the role of the mythical creatures, the traditional feasts and their connection with antiquity and mythology, the social background of the local communities.

    You will talk about the urban traditional music (rebetiko) and the traditional music...Read more

Learn an Ancient Music Instrument: The Lyre of Apollo

clock 1 hour
  • Lina Palera (your host in this experience) is a world-renowned lyricist, and she has performed at ancient Greek amphitheaters, museums and international music festivals (such as MusikMesse, Germany). Apart from being an amazing musician, Lina is an equally great tutor with studies and teaching experience in London and Athens. Living for half a...Read more

Ancient Greek Music Concert: The Call of the Muses (private event)

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • With the ancient lyre of Apollo as our main musical instrument, the ancient tympanon of Dionysus as our drums, along with enchanting voices, we will dive with you deep into the lesser-known details of ancient Greek mythology, where gods and goddesses fall in love, take revenge, feel ashame, become merciless or teach morality.
    SEIKILO music...Read more

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