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Ceramic Making Experience in Zakynthos

clock 2 hours
  • Have a great pottery experience! Get the chance to express yourself with clay in this 2-hour ceramic class - course. Come with your friends or with your kids and play with clay while learning the basic skills of ceramic art. Make your own ceramics under the directions of Dionysia Avouri, the owner of the Adamieion Ceramic Art Studio. Create...Read more

Lindos Private Tour & Rhodian Pottery Demonstration

clock 5 hours
  • With this private tour, you visit the most popular village on the island and you experience one of the must things to do in an easy and convenient way, at your own pace.
    - Air conditioned vehicle (private transfer)
    - Panoramic photo stop at viewpoint before arrival
    - Travel along scenic coastal roads, admiring views of beaches and...Read more

Pottery Classes

clock 2 hours
  • Creating each pot is a unique moment. The ability that clay gives you from a piece of amorphous matter to create objects that will make everyday life more beautiful give it invaluable value. The hours I go to the atelier are for me a source of energy and relaxation, and that’s what I’m looking for those who visit my atelier.
    The workshop is...Read more

Margarites Pottery Workshop

clock 6 hours
  • Pottery workshop tour highlights:
    • Melidoni cave visit
    • Olive oil factor mini tour
    • 15 minutes tour in the ceramic shop
    • 1 hour pottery workshop
    • Lunch break in a local taverna

    In this tour guests will have the chance to get in touch with the art of the Cretan pottery, to see how the pots are being...Read more

Percy Jackson Inspired Luxury Private Experience

clock 5 hours
  • This Experience is inspired by Percy Jackson’s books and is particularly designed for Youth and Family.

    It approaches the Cretan Labyrinth and its mysteries from a mythological and historical point of view and focuses on making the story interesting and engaging, but also clear and easy to understand for our little friends. During the...Read more

Corinthian Aryballos(6th B.C)

clock 366 days
  • The workshop entices the visitor to appreciate the art and craft of the ceramics and their ancient/traditional decoration. The visitor may browse a wide collection of ceramics, sculpture, and frescoes from all periods of ancient Greek art. Our staff is readily available to offer information regarding the exhibits, our rich history or the...Read more

Pottery class

clock 10 to 45 minutes
  • Like all the Cycladic residents, inhabitants of Kythnos are familiar with the use of clay since ancient years. Clay has been widely used from the construction of cooking vessels to beehives. The art of pottery was significantly developed in Kythnos in comparison with other Cycladic islands, due to clay’s sufficiency in Kythnos land. As a matter...Read more

Athens Pottery Workshop: Make Your Own Souvenir

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Complete your ultimate Greek experience and come to real contact with the most ancient form of art, pottery, by participating in this clay workshop. You will study images from the emblematic moments of ancient Greek art (prehistoric sculptures, Cycladic figurines, ceramics and pottery from the geometric and classical era).

    These images...Read more

Discover your talent in sculpture, in a country where golden section was born.

clock 2 hours
  • Bring your mercurial and your talent and discover ancient Greek sculpture. Make your own souvenir with the ancient Greek tools under the guidance by our famous...Read more

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