Istanbul Food Walking Tour of Beyoglu by Night

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    This is a 3.5-hour tour of Istanbul's Beyoaglu district. There are a lot of culinary delights to enjoy in the city of Istanbul. Enjoy traditional dishes on this walking tour around Istanbul through the Beyoaglu district. The Beyoaglu district is a maze of streets that is littered by grills, restaurants, and eateries just around every corner. As you walk through the streets, learn about what makes the district tick and its peculiarities. While you're on this tour, get ready to explore the hidden corners of these streets accompanied by a guide and open your senses to enjoy the variety of delicious food that you'll be treated to. Get treated to classics such as classic kebab and islak " burgers, tomato sauce-drenched rolls on either side of a burger. Sample some of the local food as you'll be advised by an expert guide. This tour basically has it all and there's enough food for you to try out. In fact, you also get to enjoy some cosmic fortunetelling and traditional Turkish coffee. Round it up with sips of anise liquor raki " that will introduce you to Turkey.

    There is a local guide to take you through the full experience of this trip. The guide is expected to be knowledgeable about the hidden facts and secrets of the region. He/she is also to take you through the food sampling session at different stops along the way. There are a variety of food samples to try out and enjoy the real tastes of Turkish delicacies. Prepare to try out original delicacies that give you a burst of taste that you've never witnessed before.

    This tour is a great idea for anyone who has never been to Istanbul. It immediately teaches you about some of the best food in the region. The tour went exactly as planned as is highly recommended. There were different food samples and drinks for you to try out. Walking through the streets will definitely offer you a first-hand experience of the city.

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