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    Hagia Sophia is known to be arguably the most popular historical attraction in the city. Ordinarily, you can spend about one hour trying to purchase a ticket to the Hagia Sophia. Save your time with the skip-the-line admission into action attractions. Visit the museum at the time of your choice and be taken through its different parts by a qualified tour guide. Spend enough time as you would like in the museum. Learn different details about the Hagia Sophia including its history and the story behind every corner. Avoid the long queues and meet with a qualified tour guide that leads you through the walls of the museum. Find out about the importance of Hagia Sophia to the history of the Istanbul people. The massive structure was once used as a church, later a mosque but now it's a museum. Have a meet & greet with an official guide. Go to the museum when it works for you during your stay in Istanbul.

    This tour includes a meet and greets with a qualified tour guide. The tour guide will inform passengers about the stories behind the Hagia Sophia and its rich history. Prices paid for the tour include an entrance fee into the museum. Avoid waiting in long lines and queues and save your time in the city. Learn about the history of the place and the story behind every corner. Get a map of Hagia Sophia to take you through the massive building.

    The tour went on as expected. There was a queue at the entrance of the Hagia Sophia but we didn't have to wait and immediately went into the museum. The tour guide was excellent as he led us through the massive structure. He displayed impressive knowledge about the building. The tour offers great value for money and is highly recommended for anyone who wants to explore the Hagia Sophia.

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