Communism Tram and Walking Tour in Krakow

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    This is a journey through to Krakow’s communist era. It is a call to enjoy a walking tour of the Nowa Huta neighborhood- an area initially designed as a model soviet city. Taking this tour will give you insights into life under communism rule as you hear ancient stories from your guide and capture scenes of the olden areas.

    While on tour, you will catch sights of the ancient cold war- era buildings, the main square, as you hear stories about the resistance movement led by the Nowa Community. t is a child friendly tour and so can be taken by families with kids of varied age groups.

    Your journey from Krakow to the suburban model city of Nowa Huta will be completed via a tram. You will stop over at the famous Stylowa restaurant to enjoy a drink while soaking up its antique interior- the same one that was there since the communist era. Your tram ticket is covered by the payment and so is the complimentary drink you will enjoy at the Stylowa restaurant.

    The tour was fantastic. The guide had a genuine interest in the tour and his passion for the area and history was infectious. I learnt so much about the local area of Nowa Huta and the history of Poland in general”

    I had a really great tour of Nova Huta… An entertaining, well-founded and very personal tour of an extraordinary city, whose architecture and history are impressive and moving at the same time.”

    The reviews below suggest that tourists like this tour. Chances are, you will be no different. Notch up your knowledge of history in this engaging sightseeing tour.

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