Krakow Culinary Tasting Lunch & Fun

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    This culinary show is a call to feel the atmosphere and have a taste of traditional Krakow. This tour combinations entertainment and dining will give you a tasty, exciting and refreshing experience. You will sample several local meals such as stuffed dumplings, sausages, and soups and learn how to make some of them. It includes a traditional Polish meal for lunch. Summarily, it is an opportunity to learn more about Krakow and Poland’s culinary habits, customs and traditions.

    This tour gives you a fun introduction to polish cuisine as you will be sampling a wide variety of local Polish dishes. You will see how traditional pierogis are made and have the chance to learn to make them yourself. To further drive home your knowledge of Polish culinary habits and culture, you will be shown a film dedicated to the subject.

    Finally, you will try out 6 local dishes, including pretzels with lard, sour rye soup with sausage, cottage cheese and potato filled dumplings, traditional cabbage stew, and seasonal dessert. Keep in mind that the tour is not wheel chair accessible neither does it make provision for you hotel pick-up and drop off.

    This is a well worth it experience to sample traditional polish food. It is an excellent price, good portions and an easy way to have a go of different cuisine that you probably wouldn’t order normally.”

    We arrived in town and had a late lunch on this tour we booked. Perfect as it was a wonderful introduction to polish foods in a restaurant. Overall a great idea!”

    This is an unusual but fun way to discover the city. And as you can see, other tourists love it. After all, what’s not to love?

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