Krakow Street Food Walking Tour

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    This is an experience that takes you into the culinary delights of the local Poles. It is an invitation to get the true taste of Krakow through a 3 hour food tour. Take a ‘walk in the past’ as you learn about the roots of Polish cuisine and why the Poles consider their food the second best brand to promote Poland abroad.

    You will be led by a guide to discover mouthwatering traditional food through visits to authentic local food venues. You will learn about the local food culture of the Polish people. You will try foods and drinks like bagels, sausage, pickled cucumber and cucumber, dumplings, sour rye, cake with coffee and a shot of homemade liquor. You will know what it tastes like to be Polish

    That’s not all. You will be told stories about the poles in the venues that they frequent. Learn also about the customs of the Poles, like how they celebrate the Christmas season. To keep the memories lingering in your thought long after the experience is over; simply purchase some of the knick knacks or jewelry, home decoration that will conspicuously displayed along some of the streets you will walk.

    Listen to the comments of some tourist who took this tour;

    SOOO YUMMY!! What a great your and our guide was so knowledge to tell us about the history of Krakow and the food in the city. We had a ton of food and were fun by the end of the trip”

    This was a fantastic food tour! We have taken quite a few as we really enjoy eating and learning about different cultures/history.”

    This tour is a call out to all food lovers around the world. Take the tour to enjoy the most luscious Polish meals.

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