Polish Home Cooking Class in Krakow

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    Would you love to learn how to cook Polish meals? Because, that is largely what this tour is about. Imagine getting back to your home country and wowing your friends with skills you picked up during your vacation. Wouldn’t that be great? This tour is a 3.5 hour cooking class where you will learn how to cook homemade local Polish delicacies.

    First, you will be taken to the market to shop for ingredients, fresh vegetables and produce. Bartering for fresh ingredients at the local market promises to be much fun as you will be trying out Polish language skills. Afterwards, you will return to do the cooking in the house of a local cook. Now, is hands-on time: You will have a go at cooking local meals such as pierogies and while still under the guidance of the local, expert cook?

    Now, the table is set: Dine with a Polish family in their home and experience their meal time traditions after that, you call it a day. Is the actual experience as fun as this narrative claims? Other tourists seem to think it is

    Best tour/adventure I have experienced and I am an avid traveler. It was so much fun and by we learned so much more than just Pierogi preparation... A must do adventure if you visit Krakow”

    Such a fun tour! Olgierd was professional and a great cook. We had such fun going to the market and ordering our food to cook in Polish. I highly recommend this if you have time in beautiful Krakow”

    This tour is a must do for foodies and every one with a culinary curiosity even if you have a limited amount of time to spend in Krakow

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