Kuala Lumpur: Plane In the City Dining Experience

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    Dining in the city of Kuala Lumpur with this tour comes with a great experience and the peculiarity is one that can be seen rarely in the world at large. The tour is a 90 " minute dining at a restaurant embedded in an actual Boring 737 aircraft which is fixed on the ground. This tour provides you with a picturesque environment of the inside of a real aircraft designed and modified to be a restaurant. You will walk on the wings, explore the pilots cockpit and your camera will be needed at each area of the Aircraft visited to give you an awesome photo shot of activities done on " board. The dining experience comes with a feast on 3 " 4 course menu which will be expertly prepared and served by the famous Le Meridien Group. You will seat on a window seat meant for economy, business and first class travelers to crown your experience.

    Tour package is characterized with direct entry and skip " the " line ticket into the Skyland Lounge. Furthermore, there is a window seat for 1 person on PITC flight coupled with an exclusive 3 or 4 course set dinner, amazing right? Moreover, there are lots of activities on this awesome aircraft which includes a visit and exploration to the cockpit, a walk through the wings, awesome on " board photo shoot experience plus lots more. There is a cash voucher for All Elements Outlets but this depends on option chosen. You will not just dine but you will enjoy hit music (local and international) to make it a complete memorable experience. However, this tour is not suitable for children under the age of 6 years, pregnant women and people with health issues like back or heart problems.

    After having this awesome dining experience, traveler have always have one thing beautiful or the other to say which includes words like fantastic, awesome experience, extraordinary, fantabulous, recommendable and so on. The experience has even left many awestricken and they found it hard to find a world in the dictionary to describe the experience they had in the Aircraft designed interiorly to be a restaurant. This tour is available for everybody with no one left out in the family or age groups. If you visit Kuala Lumpur without embarking on this dine, your vacation to the city is not complete.

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